It is not convenient to carry a bulky wallet in your pocket or jacket. But using a Stylish, Slim and Functional Leather Wallet matches your needs. Hence, let me introduce you to perfectly designed Tyni Wallet. Read on to know about the Tyni Wallet Review, features and more.

Tyni Wallet Kickstarter

The Teng Supply Tyni Wallet began with a very successful campaign on Kickstarter. It is another campaigner in the fight against the George Costanza wallet. Kickstarter wanted to make a sleeve wallet that is slim, simple and elegant. Moreover, you can take it along to business dinners, outdoor trips or anywhere else.

Tyni Wallet

Tyni Wallet is a super slim leather wallet that adapts to all your needs, such as cash, cards, and more. A thin,
minimalist wallet that is both stylish and functional.

Tyni Wallet – About

Tyni Wallet is a super slim leather wallet that adapts to all your needs, such as cash, cards, and more. A thin,
minimalist wallet that is both stylish and functional. This is one convenient wallet that you can take to a business dinner or while going out and still hold all you need.

Kickstarter designed Tyni Wallet keeping function in the mind. It holds cash while keeping the wallet slim and everything in it secure. If you want to store receipts or cash, keys or cards, there is a slot for everything. It can comfortably hold 3-5 cards with plenty of spare space for cash in the center.

Tyni Wallet – Features

Tyni Wallet is build to adapt to all your needs. Its features are –

  • It features a slim design plus a storing space for everything you want.
  • This wallet features pockets to keep everyday needed things while maintaining the appearance and quality of a high-end wallet.
  • It comes in finest leather, design to meet daily necessities and quality for years of enjoyment.
  • Separate cash slot allows to easily assessing cash, receipts, notes, and more. It has both sides slot so that you can take cash out or put it in from either side.
  • Its cash slot keeps cash secure and neat. Just fold the cash once and also allow the wallet to stay thin.
  • The horizontal middle slot allows you to hold cash, receipts, notes, etc. This slot is open on both ends to let you easily deposits and withdraws cash. And you feel confident that cash won’t fall out, the wallet encloses the whole bill and firmly holds the cash.
  • It also features a slanted pocket to the quick access card. You can prefer this pocket to put a regularly used credit/debit card here.
  • It has 2 pockets, use the bottom one for a quick access card and the top pocket to store multiple cards. Both these pockets have an anti-slip liner to prevent cards from falling out.
  • It is so slim that you can put it in your front or back pocket without wallet bulge.
  • It has a sleek and elegant appearance.
  • Its measurement and weight are – 2.8″ x 3.8″ and 0.60oz, respectively.
  • It comes in a fine premium leather texture.
  • The Tyni wallet colors are black Nappa, brown, blue, gray, black saffiano
  • Its regular price is $50.00 but currently, buy this product at discount from

Tyni Wallet – Pros and Cons


  • It really holds a lot of cash very well
  • Super slim, simple and secure design
  • Looks modern and elegant
  • Includes Functional features
  • Made using premium leather


  • Prolong use stretches the pockets
  • Leather is comparatively thin
  • Vertical pocket slot blocks access to a pocket place behind it
  • Bit expensive compared to other quality wallets ($50)

Tyni Wallet – Customer Reviews

Kickstarter worked on Tyni Wallet design for months and the final product got manufacture only after seeking
feedback from Kickstarter community. After various samples, a finished product was out which almost all its users loved. People say it is an excellent wallet, thinnest ever, good quality and comes at a great price. Some real customer testimonies from are as under –

Michael loves this thinnest wallet ever as it features everything that he wanted in a wallet.

Mark carries this wallet every day. He says it holds more than you would have thought of. It fits nicely in a front pocket.

Gerry says this is his best wallet ever. It has excellent construction, high-quality leather, and is the slimmest wallet you will ever own.

Fara gifted this perfect little wallet to her husband. He loves the gift. It is small to fit in any pocket and is also large enough to hold $300. She says it holds all her husband’s cards perfectly.

John is not very happy with this product. He says it is too small and tiny to match his requirements. He has to swap cards depending on his destination. Moreover, it is also very difficult to carry cash in a slot. He will use it during travel when he needs only a few cards.

Tyni Wallet – Conclusion

If you are looking for a small, stylish and functional wallet than Tyni Wallet is the product for you.