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Different styles like waist high, thigh high, knee high, maternity, plus size and others are also available here. The compression’s stockings at Support Hose store are available for men, women, and some are unisex products.

Support Hose is an online store where you get all kinds of compression stockings, hosiery, and socks. The products are available from different brands and of different compression’s ranging from 15-20mmHg to as high as 50-60mmHg or more. Different styles like waist high, thigh high, knee high, maternity, plus size and others are also available here. The compression’s stockings at Support Hose store are available for men, women, and some are unisex products.

Table of Contents

  • JOBST stockings- UltraSheer Maternity pantyhose
  • Juzo Support stockings– OTC Silver sole with X-static closed toe socks
  • CEP Ortho Compression ankle sleeve
  • Therafirm SmartKnit seamless diabetic socks
  • Mediven Assure knee high open toe compression stockings
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Here we will see the top 5 rated variety of compression products at Support Hose store. They belong to different category and styles, meant for both men and women. Let’s see what all they are.

CEP Ortho Compression Ankle Sleeve

CEP Ortho Compression ankle sleeve is for those who are recovering from any ankle injury. The compression rate is higher to keep the ankle from moving excessively. You may be able to walk properly but may not be able to run or move faster than usual. It provides ample support and allows enough space to heal the injury without causing any more mishaps.

Features of CEP Ortho Compression ankle sleeve

  • CEP Ortho Compression ankle sleeve is easy to pull on
  • It has higher elasticity and can contour to the leg anatomy quite comfortably.
  • The ankle sleeve is light weighted and low profile design. It is comfortable to wear with shoes.
  • The make of the sleeve is seamless knitting.
  • It retains the excessive body heat it provides relief from pain and prevents swelling as well.
  • The compression level it provides is 20-30mmHg with graduated compression. It improves the blood circulation, and promotes muscle joint stabilization.
  • It stretches both ways for comfortable fit.
  • It is made of polyamide and spandex in the ratio 66 and 34 respectively.
  • There are 6 available sizes from 1-6.
  • To get the right size, measure the circumference of the smallest region of your ankle and check it with the size chart available while you purchase.
  • The only color it is available is in black with a green color CEO logo.
  • You get only one ankle sleeve per pack and can be used in either the left or right leg, whichever is injured. If you need a pair of sleeves you are going to have to order for 2.
  • People with degenerative ankle can benefit from this ankle sleeve as it is also preventive functional.
  • CEP Ortho Compression ankle sleeve is not an athlete’s product but can be used by anyone with an ankle injury.

CEP Ortho Compression Ankle Sleeve Customer Reviews

Steve suffers from tendonitis on one toe has found success with this CEP Ortho Compression ankle sleeve. He also found relief from his Achilles. According to him, the sleeves are tight but not too tight.

Florine, aged 69, on the other hand is not happy with the difficulty in outing it on and off, but is happy that it keeps the swelling in her ankle down.

MPZ suffering from degenerative ankle joint and spends time mostly on his legs now suffers less swellings and lesser pain, thanks to this CEP Ortho Compression ankle sleeve.

Smith, is another person commented on the difficulty in getting the sleeve on and off. But he too is happy with the comfort it provides.

JOBST Stockings- UltraSheer Maternity Pantyhose

The glory of pregnancy can be affected by swellings in the legs and discomfort in the ankles etc. All these are due to improper blood flow to the legs. Having maternity compression stockings helps improve the blood circulation to the lower part of the body. JOBST offers this UltraSheer maternity pantyhose that is durable and can give comfort for a long time.

JOBST Ultrasheer provides thin but stylish support to the legs. The satin touch of the fabric and compression range will not make you feel squeezed. It is rather comfortable fit. The sizes can be chosen from small to plus size.

Features of JOBST Ultrasheer maternity pantyhose

These JOBST UltraSheer maternity pantyhose is made for the comfort of the pregnant women who have the varicose vein complaint, tired legs and discomfort in the legs or ankle. Having these pantyhose will ease much of their worries. The fabric is comfortable and has some tricky technology to boast of.

The major features are the SoftFit technology it is made with, JOBST silicone band for comfort and the JOBST advanced comfort.

  • SoftFit technology: The SoftFit technology is to use silicone yarn to keep the stocking in its place. Usually the stockings use a higher pressure at the top to help it keep in place. This can affect many as it can be too tight for many. With this silicone yarn used for knitting will help keep it in place without using pressure. This silicone yarn can adhere to the skin and keep firm. Thus the pressure is relieved at the top for some extra comfort. This firmness in the Jobst UltraSheer maternity hose also allows the gradient of the compression’s work well and natural.
  • Silcone band: The use of silicone yarn to make the pantyhose makes it easier to adhere to the skin like a second skin. The snug but comfortable fit can provide a slight and comfortable pressure on to the legs. There is also no red skin due to tightness.
  • Advanced comfort is offered by the same silicone yarn that has higher moisture absorption. This is great relief for women who are going through pregnancy woes in the summer. They can still wear the pantyhose and need to sweat too much. Do note that these pantyhose are not cooling but can be greater comfort in comparison. It also has double covered yarn for a reinforced heel zone. The fabric is highly elastic and provides good support to the tummy area.

JOBST Ultrasheer maternity pantyhose are not a medical compression but only a support hose to ease the pressure on the legs. It has the least amount of pressure at 8-15mmHg. This is a waist high support with closed toe. It is available only in beige color with a standard band. The size choices are small to plus size.

JOBST Ultrasheer maternity pantyhose customer reviews

Brittany from GA wore this pantyhose for her third pregnancy and for her it worked like a charm. She admits it is sheer, comfortable, and effective in dealing with the swellings in the legs. She is happy with the price and quality.

Kelbel, a nurse who works on 12 hr shifts is much more relaxed while using JOBST Ultrasheer maternity pantyhose.

Anonymous: Another woman who has used t during her pregnancy vouch that this is a necessity during the varicose veins in pregnancy.

Juzo Support Stockings – OTC Silver Sole With X-static Closed Toe Socks

Juzo OTC silver sole with x-static closed toe socks is for regular use with some compression feel this socks can provide a compression feel of low-mid range, 12-16mmHg.

  • This sock is made for the sensitive skin that can easily wear off. People who have to walk for longer with a sensitive skin may find this sock refreshing.
  • The sock has cushion effect on the sole for comfort.
  • The silver sole uses silver fibers that have antimicrobial effects. it reduces odor by killing the odor causing bacteria
  • It also protects the garment from wearing off due to bacterial activity
  • The pillowed soles reduce blister formation or callus buildup.
  • There is also a mid-foot compression that prevents the bunching up of the sock.
  • The sock is unisex with a color option of white, black, or pink to choose from.
  • It is no medical compression’s sock, but only support. It is available without a doctor’s prescription.
  • Juzo OTC silver sole with x-static closed toe socks is machine washable. You don’t have to spend time in hand washing the garment. Just toss it with other clothes.
  • As much as the garment is durable, when used daily, it is recommended to replace it every 6 months. Replace the garment if it has become looser or tighter than it used to be.

Therafirm SmartKnit seamless diabetic socks

Diabetic socks are a special kind of socks with no seam, to be used by diabetic patients. Diabetes is often associated with foot ulcers and diabetic patients are more vulnerable to this condition than others. Having this no-binding diabetic socks will reduce the risk of developing foot ulcers. These kinds of socks are also able to absorb moisture in the foot that reduces the chances of fungal infection as well.

Features of Therafirm SmartKnit Diabetic Socks

  • The Therafirm SmartKnit diabetic sock is non-binding with a halo top. It fits for all without any indentations on the skin. It also does not slip down on the leg.
  • The sock is made in Lycra yarns that can hug to the legs and feet comfortably without causing pressure. It almost can be a second skin over the legs.
  • No bunching up the socks mean there are no chances of blood circulation restrictions. Blood flows smooth and fine.
  • The moisture control ability of this sock keeps the feet dry and prevents fungal growth. The use of coolmax polyester (97%) and spandex (3%) makes wicking effect that can remove the moisture away from the skin.
  • The sock is machine washable with a tumble dry in low. Do not use any bleach on the socks.
  • Therafirm SmartKnit diabetic sock is unisex to fit both men and women. The style is to stay over the calf. It comes in white color, with a size option of small and medium only.
  • The complete absence of the seam eliminates the pressure points on the toes and all other risk factors.

Therafirm SmartKnit Diabetic Sock Customer Reviews

Ronal got it for her grandma is happy with the fitting and comfort it provided. The small size is real small for the small person her grandma is.

On the other hand, Gizzy found the socks to be too big, even at the small size. It is not even staying up, is what the review says.

It’s kind of mixed reactions this product has from the customers. Some say it fits well while others find it either loose or tight. May be its just them!

Mediven Assure Knee High Open Toe Compression Stockings

Mediven Assure knee high open toe compression stockings are a unisex stocking. It has a compressions of 20-30mmHg. The fabric is soft and easy to put on or take off. It can wear comfortably for all day long. It has an appearance that can hide blemishes on the skin.

Who is it meant for?

  • People who has mild to moderate spider veins on legs
  • Varicose vein that is mild or severe can be comforted with this Mediven Assure knee high open toe stockings.
  • People suffers from edema of mild to moderate range
  • People who get their legs too tired, achy of have heavy feel at the end of the day.
  • It is also an excellent way to help prevent DVT- Deep vein thrombosis.

Mediven Assure knee high open toe stockings come as a pair. The material is machine washable. It is available in only one color- beige and comes up to knee high. It is unisex in use. The size available ranges from small to XXL.

Mediven Assure Knee High Open Toe Compression Stockings Customer Reviews

Bauer loves the light weight feature of Mediven Assure knee high open toe compression stockings. It is more to the comfort in the summer when it is not easy to wear the heavy socks.

Angela, a nurse, is someone who is more than happy to have these stockings. Whereas, Steven ha the opinion has that they (manufacturers) better check the sizing given and it needs better explanation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do compression stockings work for varicose veins?

Compression stockings are made in such a way that it applies enough pressure to improve the blood circulation through the legs. Unlike other tighter garments, it does not block the blood circulation but improves it. Having these stockings will help prevent the varicose veins.

Do I need a doctor’s prescription to buy stockings from Support Hose Store?

Not for all products. Only the compression’s stockings that have a compression level of over 20mmHg needs a doctor’s prescription. Anything under this pressure level can only provide support to the legs or the part intended. Pressure over 20mmHg is therapeutic or healing which definitely requires a doctor’s advice to proceed with.

Here, you will need doctor’s prescription for CEP Ortho Compression ankle sleeve and Mediven Assure knee high open toe compression stockings.

How are compression stockings different from support stockings?

Basically both compressions stockings and support stockings are the same with similar purpose, to apply pressure on the veins to have better blood circulation. It is the difference in pressure that is applied that makes them different from each other. Support hose is just for support with less pressure and compression stockings can apply higher pressure ranging from 20-60 millimeters of mercury- mmHg.

What measurements should I take for my leg that is swelled, for compression stockings?

The measurements for compression stockings should be taken when the swelling is nil. You need to measure your legs and not that of swellings.

Do I need to get a pair of stockings or sleeves to cure an injury in one leg or ankle?

Usually no. the injury is for one leg/ankle so you need only one. If you are using a support hose, stockings, socks or sleeves you may try it on both legs for better comfort. If it is for healing or therapeutic concentrate only on the injured side.

How long should I wear my support or compression garments?

It is better to be worn for the longest time. The best time to put them on would be the morning time when the swellings are the least. This helps in curbing the pain as well as the swelling. There is no time period to wear these garments. It is for your comfort so wear them for as long as you are comfortable in.

There is one exception that certain compression sleeves are better taken off while traveling in flight. Compression socks are rather safer but the sleeves are better be taken off during the flight hours.

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