Choose between single or double Starfive Watch Winder to keep your watches ticking thus saving your investment. This article is all about Starfive watch winders that claim to give your watches a good healthy run. is an online website that offers you excellent accessories such as anklets, chains, watches, bails, pendants, gemstones and much more. Starfive watch winder is one of the best sellers of

If you a collector but do not flaunt if often, then Starfive Watch Winders are the best for you. It keeps automatic watches running when they are not worn.

Starfive Watch Winder is an online website that offers you excellent accessories such as anklets, chains, watches, bails, pendants, gemstones and much more. Starfive watch winder is one of the best sellers of

It holds the watch and moves it in a circular pattern thus emulating the main functionalities of human motion to operate the self-winding mechanism. However, note that it cannot over wind the watch due to a protective mechanism that hinders the winding process once the mainspring has been fully wound.

Starfive single watch winder

A single and compact watch winder, if you have a compact range of collection, then you can use this single watch winder. It features four modes of rotation – clockwise, counter-clockwise and bi-directional winding.

  • Mode A – auto-rotates for 33 seconds
  • Mode B – auto-rotates for 10 minutes and then rests for 90 minutes
  • Mode C – auto-rotates for 30 minutes, then rests for 3 hours
  • Mode D – auto-rotates for 1 hour, rests for 3 hours

You will also find an AC adapter for charging.

Shipping and Returns by

The company offers FREE SHIPPING on all orders anywhere in the USA. also offers 30 days return policy on Starfive Watch Winder and other products. If you are returning the product, the company will give you fully reimbursement without deducting any restocking fees. This means you have a good amount of time to check the time. However, the company will not refund you the shipping fees. But if you have received a damaged/defective item and claiming a refund, the company will provide you with full reimbursement.

Just make sure you obtain an RMA via email. You need to affix the RMA while re-shipping the product.

Starfive Watch Winder Review

Starfive Watch Winder reviews from users are contradictory. One group claims that the product is excellent. You get the combo of best price and excellent quality at a sole product. It is user-friendly and people have been using it for more than a year without facing any problems.

On the downside, a minor group of users claim that the product is not worthy. One user had received the product with exposed screw in the back. Another user said it didn’t even last a year and died pathetically. The fact that there is no vital info about the company makes it even more challenging for users to trust the product.

There are only a handful of reviews available online that makes it difficult to get a better perspective of the product in question.

Doesn’t last long – Jimmy Rock

“I got this and it didn’t even work for a year. This brand is not much reputable. I am unable to find any information about the company as I wanted to contact the company to check if they can still repair them. But, no hope.”

Good design – Anonymous (

“Unlike other winders, starfive watch winder doesn’t look like a speaker. Good price and you know you can’t go wrong.”

100% satisfaction – Serge

“Great combo of price and quality. I immediately ordered a second product and planning to buy two more for Christmas. I wind 4 watches every day.”


Discretion advised. There are people who have had luck with the product and is still going strong. In fact, there are websites that promote this company. Personally, I don’t want to indulge in such a complicated product that has some major drawbacks such as no proper info about the original company, no warranty info, minimal & poor reviews etc. However, if you feel this product will work you, let luck prevail!!!