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An hour before midnight is worth three afterward. That’s an old saying. But does it really matter especially in today’s busy lives where people have only a few moments to spare for themselves?

As years pass, people tend to care less about themselves and focus on the major “goals” of life. If at all you take a look at the mirror and feel a little worn out, chances are life is just passing you by. The bitter truth is the body has a hard time reproducing the skin cells. But then it’s never too late! Here is one secret that will help you look younger in just a day – SLEEP!!!

That’s right! One of the proven facts to stay young and healthy is a good night’s sleep. Celebrities such as Penelope Cruz, Catherine Zeta, and Renee Zelwegger get up to 14 hours of good sleep. In fact, they literally swear that hitting the sack is the secret to keep them youthful. Here are a few reasons why beauty sleep is crucial to stay young.

Why do you need your beauty sleep?

As per Geoff Wright, director of The Hair and Beauty Partnership in London, there are preset times in the body that when the body clock dictates the various processes that take place in hair and skin. The timing between 8 pm to 11 pm is set for hydration and stimulation while 11 pm to 3 am is necessary for nutrition and regeneration. 3 am to 5 am is the time set for resting. But then only a few people go to bed at 8pm.

The ideal sleep time is 7-8 hours and more sleep can make us look puffy and sluggish. Lack of proper sleep has a great impact on the way we look and feel. That’s because it is when we are asleep, the cells tend to rejuvenate. The growth hormone works only at night. Even if you drink your 8 glasses of water a day, keep your skin moisturized, things can still go wrong if the skin cells are unable to repair and regenerate. If you don’t get proper sleep, such functions tend to get impaired. Poor quality sleep can make you stressed by tightening the capillaries, affecting the flow of nutrients to the skin, scalp area and causing the skin and hair to look pale and dull. Hence, it is very much essential to get a shut-eye that will prevent wrinkles, dark circles naturally. A proper sleep system also helps in keeping the immune system strong to fight any skin rash or irritation.

So instead of relying on eye concealer to hide those eye bags, get a good night’s sleep that will reduce discoloring and swelling in the eyes.

Choosing the right mattress

One of the overlooked factors is how a good mattress affects your skin. Believe it or not, a person’s mattress too has an impact on restoring the vitality and youthfulness. As per WebMD, sleeping on the wrong mattress can impact the blood vessels that run underneath the skin. Michael Decker, Ph.D., RN, associate professor at Georgia State University and spokesman for the American Academy of Sleep Medicine says that a mattress has a direct impact on the person’s sleep. If you lie in any position for a long time, the body weight reduces the blood flow thus depriving the skin of essential nutrients and oxygen.

It is always ideal to buy a mattress that can reduce the pressure points on the body. This assists in improved quality of sleep says Decker. But then no two bodies are the same. Therefore, it is crucial that you choose a mattress that suits your body the best.

Is there a connection between aging and mattress?

There are many anti-aging medications over-the-counter and you might also be wary of the claims that mattress has the ability to affect your age. While we are unsure of the former, the latter, however, is true. Better the quality of sleep, more rest your body cells and the mind gets. The result is younger and fresher look.

If you are in an age bracket where you feel that the bones have begun to ache when it’s cold outside, have difficulty sleeping because of numbness in hands, feet, and pain in hips, shoulders etc., they are symptoms that the mattress you use is wrong for you.

Characteristics of a mattress that prevents aging include

  • its ability to deliver quality and peaceful sleep
  • can reduce pressure on certain vital points and inhibit tossing and turning
  • striking the right balance between firm and soft by keeping the body properly supported
  • improving blood and oxygen flow in the body
  • enhancing the hormone levels and cell repair system

Which mattress is right for you?

Spending on an expensive and branded mattress does not mean it’s necessarily better. A high price tag always does not mean comfort. It is basically a product of both the materials that go into making the mattress and the marketing that is necessary to sell it.

Instead of focusing on the brand name, think what you want. Choosing a mattress is a very personal choice. Based on one’s own comfort and the body necessities, some prefer soft while others need a firmer end mattress.

For instance, if you are having neck pain or spine pain, use the Goldilocks approach and go with medium-firm mattress i.e. neither too soft nor too firm.

There are many manufacturers such as Wink beds that offer you the choice of choosing a medium-firm, firm, or soft mattress. Wink beds carry best-quality mattress that suits your sleep style. In fact, Wink beds are pioneers of first luxury mattress that are specifically designed for heavier sleepers. The hybrid design comes with strong coil support, contouring comfort layers including a latex layer that is known for its instant responsiveness and bouncy nature.

The triple-zone pocketed coil system provides optimum support in the middle and the bed’s edge. This prevents sinking in the middle that is one of the commonly seen faults in cheap mattresses. All the Wink beds are tested by third-parties to ensure durability and comfort. The company also offers cooling gel layers, 101-night risk-free trial, free shipping & much more beneficial features.

Visit the official website of Wink beds to know more about how it can help you to stay younger by delivering quality sleep and overall better health.