Rx Skin Therapy

Rx Skin Therapy

All the products from this brand have stepped into the market after clinical trials and are a paramount success. RX skin therapy offers a complete solution to all skin problems no matter what your skin type is. Rx skin products help to correct, hydrate and protect your skin from aging.

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Skin problems are like never ending. I wish there was any permanent solution to this problem. Eating healthy and drinking loads of water isn’t just enough to keep your skin healthy. This is because they offer protection from the inside. How to protect the skin from the outside? Well many cosmetics and creams are available that claim to offer protection from the sun and external factors. But actually do they work? Is there any such product that actually works and shows results that can be quantified? I wasn’t sure to name a product until I found Rx skin therapy products. They “really work and are the best “is all what I can say in a single line.

RX Skin therapy was developed by Kristen riddle a renowned pharmacist and founder of U.S Cosemeceutical. She developed a line of products after extensive research along with patients and physicians side by side. Now her company manufactures a series of products that are not only effective but also well liked by customers around the world. You can go through the below sections to know more about this exciting product line.

Table of Contents

  • About Rx skin therapy
  • What makes them different from others?
  • How to choose the right product?
  • Skin therapy at home made easy by rx skin therapy
  • Products from rx skin therapy
  • RX skin therapy for aging signs
  • Customer Reviews
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Conclusion

About Rx skin therapy

All the products from this brand have stepped into the market after clinical trials and are a paramount success. RX skin therapy offers a complete solution to all skin problems no matter what your skin type is. Rx skin products help to correct, hydrate and protect your skin from aging. If you want to improve your skin tone and prevent aging signs then you have 18 different options to choose from this brand. Whether you are looking for a great facial mask, exfoliants or stunning moisturizers you have everything and the best you can get.

Have your tried their anti-aging cream? I have heard that they really work and do stuffs like magic with your skin. I haven’t tried but my friends use them and I must say their skin looks supple and free from wrinkles. Well anyways I guess MR. Riddle has done pretty good hard work and home work before designing and conceptualizing her products.

What makes skin RX therapy different from other brands and cosmetics that are already flooding the markets?

Unlike other products skin Rx therapy products are formulations which are science based and contain cosemeceutical compounds with medical percentages and botanicals. Moreover most of the brands available contain only trace amounts of such ingredients because of their expensive nature. Rx skin therapy has included all these ingredients in apt quantities that are required to treat skin problems without compromising with the quality.

How to choose the right product for my skin?

To make things easier for you, skin RX therapy has made a user-friendly portal online where you can easily find the right picks to single out.

You can choose a product by the skin types listed below

  • normal skin
  • dry skin
  • oily skin
  • blemishes
  • anti-aging

And the type of product you want from the from the below categories

  • cleansers
  • moisturizers
  • masques & exfoliants
  • serums

Or if you are sitting confused what to buy and how to choose the best for your skin type here is link that you can click where you will get a simple questionnaire.

It is a simple questionnaire that helps you out in the process of selecting product choices by analyzing your skin type.

The questionnaire covers various topics like nature of the skin, allergies, medical conditions, your requirements and finally after careful assessment it lists out a variety of products that is fit for you.

Here is what I tried and the list of products that was advised for me. I am using these products and they are simply great as a whole package. Everything is done at home with the help of professional Rx skin care stuffs and stunning results to offer.

Basically I have a normal skin type but I have patches of dryness here and there which I hate to the core. But that’s history and now my skin looks lively and refreshing with the recommended products that I have used.

Skin Therapy At Home Made Easy By Skin RX

These are the list of products that were recommended to me and I have been using these since few months. I love these products and I would to share the same with you. Your skin type may be different but whatever be the case rx skin therapy is the best.

Skin RX products

I’ll tell what is in each of the products in detailed and how well they worked for me!!

Arnica facial cleanser

This creamy cleanser is just awesome and I love using it for one main reason. Want to know why? Well unlike other cleansers it doesn’t remove natural oils from the skin and leave it dry with patches that can be easily found. I use this with full confidence and it is simply easy to use.

It has a great smell and contains arnica, marigold and green tea extracts that help to nourish and keep the moisture content intact.

After coming from a party or from outdoors this is the best cleanser you can go for as it helps to remove make ups and all the residues from the face with a quick wash.

Whether it is a HD makeup or whatever stuff you had done with your face everything goes off shoo in one wash. It is easy to use and just 2 pumps are enough.

Directions to use it: Use this product twice daily in the morning and evening for better results. Take two pumps and use the cream in circular motions and massage onto your face and neck. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and use a soft towel to pat dry.


  • Anti-inflammatory with wound healing power – arnica
  • Soothing and relaxing -aloe Vera
  • Antioxidant and detoxifier- green tea
  • Antiseptic and fast healing -marigold

Skin Firming Serum

If you are looking for immediate results from a serum then this the right pick you should go for. It keeps the skin supple and gives an even tone to the skin. I am in my 30’s and I have fine lines on my forehead. After using this product I feel that it has become less visible and is fading away with the use of this serum.

It really does the work of removing fine lines and wrinkles from the face. It contains peptide and niacinamide science with the hydration of hyaluronic acid. Do you know that niancinamide is great for aging skin? This compound is used in many creams especially anti-aging creams due to its positive effects. Skin firming serum from rx skin therapy contains 5% nianciamide which helps to improve blood circulation and battles against anti-aging effects and acne postules.

How to use: Use 2 to 3 drops and gently massage your face and neck for better absorption. Use this product twice daily.


  • Niacinamide a form of vitamin B3 which helps to protect the skin against aging.
  • Sodium hyaluronate for moisturizing and preventing wrinkles along the face
  • Acetyl Hexapeptide that helps to fix fine lines and offers protection to the collagen.

Firming Eye Serum

This firming eye serum is one of the best products that I have ever tried. It comes up with instant results and I can easily go for a makeup on top of that without the fear of smudging. It helps to reduce the creepy look and puffiness around my eyes.

It tightens and smoothens the upper and lower areas of the eye giving a clean look. It contains caffeine and other natural extracts that makes this revitalizing serum a great pick.

Directions: Use twice a day in the morning and evening without fail for better and long lasting results. Avoid contact with the eyes as it may cause irritation. If by chance it comes in contact with the eyes then flush with water immediately.


  • Caffeine to decrease puffiness and giver a firm look to the eye area
  • Oil extracted from the seeds of an Amazon plant called as pentaclethra macroloba
  • Oil extracts from the seed of sacha inchi a plant that is native to Amazon forest. It provides essential omega oils and is super healing natural remedy for all skin types.
  • Safflower seed extract which contains linoleic acid ( a great moisturizer for the skin)
  • Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5 and Hexapeptide-9 to increase and protect the collagen
  • Acetyl-Dipeptide-1 Cetyl Ester that helps to decrease appearance of the wrinkles
  • Niacinamide a form of vitamin B3 that helps to brighten and given an even tone to the skin by removing blemishes and dark spots
  • Lipoderm-Core Technology which is a proprietary patented skin permeation enhancer

Rebuilding Day Cream Normal

This cream does a great job by maintaining the natural feel of the skin. It stands apart from the normal day creams that are available in the markets. It contains powerful antioxidants that protect the skin from harmful chemicals and toxins. If you are looking for a cream that helps to soften and hydrate your skin then it has “take me” written all over it. I use this as a moisturizing cream prior to my makeup or before applying the foundation cream. It gives an even finish to my skin and protects the skin at the same time.

Directions to use: Take a thin layer of cream and gently apply on to your face and neck. This cream is available for all skin types.

Restoring Night Cream Normal

This restoring night cream actually helps to heal the skin and protects from anti-aging. It contains powerful antioxidants and compounds like superoxide dismutase that helps to maintain the skin healthy. As a topping to the cake this cream is fortified with vitamin E which helps to rejuvenate the skin overnight. The next morning when you wake up you can feel the difference yourself.

Take a thin layer and gently massage into your face and neck before hitting the bed. Using this on a daily basis will help to keep your skin supple and young.


  • Contains ferulic acid which is a plant extract which has powerful antioxidant properties
  • Vitamin E for nourishing the skin
  • Superoxide dismutase for healing and protection against free radicals that damage the skin
  • Natural aloe extracts for soothing and relaxing effect
  • Glycine soya protein for hydrating the skin and cleansing with its mild antioxidant qualities

Hydrating Facial Masque

This is not some regular facial masque but something that delivers a promise to keep the skin healthy. It just leaves your skin making it soft and supple with full of moisture. You will fall in love with this facial masque as it helps to keep the skin elastic and full of natural freshness. I just love using this masque especially for removing dry patches and feeling fresh. It contains omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins that help to keep the natural feel of the skin intact.

Directions to use: Take a thin layer and apply it to your skin and dry it off. Later massage with a damp washcloth or sponge to remove the masque. You can use it twice or thrice on a weekly basis for best results.


  • Sodium hyaluronate for keeping the skin moisturized, flexible and firm
  • Plant extracts and sea water for protecting the skin and maintain the water balance of the skin
  • Cupuacu butter to keep the skin hydrated and supple
  • Caviar extract which is rich is antioxidants, omega fatty acids and vitamins
  • Natapres for preventing acnes and dark spots

Invigorating Facial Scrub

This facial scrub gently exfoliates the skin and tightens the gaps so that the skin looks young and firm. It helps to remove dead cells and gives a glowing complexion. It contains peach yogurt extracts which gives a probiotic effects to the skin and is one of its kind.

Directions for use: Use a generous amount of scrub and apply on your face and neck. Make use of your fingers and move around in circular motions upwards to scrub your face. Later wash with warm water and dry with a soft towel. You can use this scrub twice or thrice weekly.


  • Peach extracts that contains fruit enzymes for exfoliation of the skin
  • Apricot seed extract for mechanical exfoliation
  • Yogurt extract for probiotic effects and cellular repair.

So these were the seven products that were recommended for my skin type and it really works. I mean I loved using all of them especially the masque which is perfect while going outdoors. It just gives a natural glow and I even feel like going out without a makeup. It is simply superb and I guess you should also try these products once to know their benefits.

Rx Skin Therapy For Aging Signs

Rx skin therapy products are the best bet if you are dealing with wrinkles, dark spots and fine lines. I have used many products but still my fine lines kept being visible until I started using rx skin therapy products. Wrinkles and fine lines start appearing due to skin damage and reduction in the collagen. Rx skin therapy products contain antioxidants and collagen increasing compounds that penetrate deep inside the skin. They protect the skin from damage and prevent future damages by repairing the skin from cellular level. They also help to get rid of hyper pigmentation that is a common sign of aging. These products offer protection from sun’s harmful rays and keep your skin young.

Women tend to lose the beauty of the skin along with aging due to hormonal imbalances, pregnancy and other factors. It is quite common to have such skin problems and is treatable by using the right products. Now you can get rid of wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots and other aging skin problems by using Rx skin therapy products. Whether you have an oily skin, normal skin or dry skin there is a sure solution to your problem. You will love the results that you get after trying these products.

Customer reviews

I am pretty sure that whoever used this product will surely go and paint the town red by telling about rx skin therapy. I noticed that majority of the forums; facebook page and reviews about rx skin therapy products are highly positive and full of praises. In particular I dint get to see any negative reviews about these products. The best feature which everyone loves about these products is their affordable price range and effectiveness. Many women who were battling with anti-aging signs are now relaxed as they have found a better solution. Now they feel full of confidence and love going outdoors to flaunt their super healthy skin. I love these products a lot and I am wholeheartedly recommending the same to you all. You will love to use it again and again!!

Frequently asked questions

What if I want to talk to an expert to know what is suitable for me?

You can send a message over their official website and ask expert opinion from DR. Kristen Riddle herself. You can send in your number, email and query in the form listed in this link (http://rxskintherapy.com/faq/). Once you get a reply for your query you can go ahead and make a purchase that is best suited for your skin type.

How do these products work?

These products are made of pure ingredients and levels that are needed for the skin. Unlike other cosmetic products these products stand apart for the quality and the instant results they offer. They really help to deal with wrinkles and fine lines that start showing its face after 30’s.

These products work on the cellular level and release their molecules which help to cleanse and remove dead cells from the inside. Using these over a long term will leave your skin bright and young without any side effects. No matter what your skin type is you will get your fair share of happiness from these products so use it regularly and follow the instructions and directions.

Where to buy rx skin products?

Rx skin therapy products can be purchased from the official website http://rxskintherapy.com. If you have an idea of your skin type then you can easily navigate through the site and pick your product. But if you are not sure then you can try the questionnaire part which will give you product recommendations. Happy shopping for a healthy skin and you will not regret it.

How to order?

Just pick your products and add to the cart. You can pay using PayPal or other credit and debit cards. All the orders are processed on weekdays and are shipped to all U.S states via FedEx. Sales tax and shipping charges are based on the zip code and weight of the package. You can expect to receive the product within a week for the date of purchase.

What if I don’t like the product and want to return it?

If you are not happy with any product you can return the same and receive a full refund. Just place a call to the customer service department at 1-888-548-1088 on weekdays and get a return authorization number. Remember to return the product within 30 days of the purchase and note down the RETURN AUTHORIZATION NUMBER on the packaging that you wish to return. If you fail to do so then you will not receive any refunds. Also refunds are available only on products purchased from the online site. If you purchase these products from skin care professional’s office then refund option is not available.

If you have any doubts regarding order placing and returns then you can contact the concerned officials at: 800.331.2498 Address: Rx SKIN THERAPY, 9901 S. Wilcrest, Houston, TX 77099

Conclusion: Your skin is a reflection of your inside. Remember to eat healthy and use genuine products like Rx skin therapy products to maintain your skin healthy and young. I love this brand because it’s not just like anything that you find on the market. But it is something that really works deep inside the skin and shows results that are tangible. You will feel that you have made a difference in the way you have been taking care of your skin and will never regret it. The effects are long lasting, instant and give natural glow to your skin. In short I wish you try these products yourself to know about it and have a lively skin.


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