Created by Dr. Gerry Curatola and Dr. David Shuch, Revitin is first Fluoride-free prebiotic toothpaste. The motive was to create a bio-effective oral cleanser that delivers healthy dental hygiene. The company brags about being the first toothpaste that boosts the friendly bacteria in the mouth while giving you clean, white teeth naturally. Check out Revitin Prebiotic Toothpaste reviews here.

Revitin Prebiotic Toothpaste – Natural Cure

Revitin is one such natural remedy that contains holistic ingredients such as vitamins, enzymes, minerals etc. These essential nutrients protect you from dental conditions while delivering numerous benefits.

About Revitin Oral Care Toothpaste

Almost all the conventional toothpaste brands available today come with a statutory warning – “should not be ingested”. Mainly because, they contain harmful chemicals, fluoride, harsh detergents that can be detrimental to your body.

But what if there is a toothpaste that is effective not only for your oral health but also safe on the digestive system (even if ingested)? That’s Revitin for you!!!

Revitin is a fluoride-free toothpaste of Life Sciences that comes with a prebiotic formula to balance the good oral bacteria naturally. With regular use, you will notice stronger enamel, fresh breath, healthy immune function, and digestion. Got that right! The nutrients and the minerals actually fix any digestive problems that can also be a cause of bad breath. In fact, poor dental hygiene can also mess up your digestive tract.

As people are getting more aware of what they are feeding themselves, they are seeking for natural remedies everywhere.

The company has been on the field for more than 15 years and has built a strong foundation for itself. People love the product because they can actually see the difference in many ways which we will be looking into within a while.

So, how does Revitin really work?

Revitin works with the natural defenses of your mouth. This toothpaste works in sync with the natural ecology of your mouth without rinsing away the good bacteria (unlike other brands in the market).

Revitin Oral Therapy works with NuPath BioActives which is basically a proprietary blend of antioxidants, herbal extracts, micronutrients and homeopathic salts that support the ecosystem of your mouth.

It protects the oral biofilm (that contains not only bad but good bacteria) as well. This oral biofilm has the ability to protect the tissues of the mouth and is quite a critical factor in oral health. The protective benefits include abrasion resistance, enamel demineralization from food acids etc.

The NuPath BioActives of Revitin balances the ecological structure of the biofilm and creates a protective layer so that you flush out the bad bacteria while retaining the good ones.

The product is safe not just for humans but for pets too. The ingredient Xylitol can be harmful to pets. Revitin does NOT contain Xylitol and hence can be used for maintaining animal dental health too.

Revitin Toothpaste Ingredients

Active Revitin Ingredients include

  • Chondrus Crispus Seaweed – is a prebiotic that balances the oral ecology
  • Vitamin C – fights bacteria that when neglected can lead to gingivitis.
  • Co-10 – Coenzyme Q10 is a powerful antioxidant that can heal any inflammation and protect the gums.
  • Vitamin E – contains fat-soluble compounds that have antioxidant properties. Vitamin E is also easily absorbed by the gums and probiotics lurking in your mouth.
  • Cranberry Seed Oil – features a chain of essential fatty acids that can soothe any inflamed gums and promote healthy oral microbiome.
  • Non-GMO Stevia leaf extract – has prebiotic properties that can prevent tooth decay, mouth sores, cavities etc. Stevia is also vital to inhibit the growth of plague and tartar.
  • Other Revitin toothpaste ingredients include Dental Silica, Xanthan Gum, MSM, Lemon Oil, Quillaja Saponaria Extract etc.

Revitin Prebiotic Toothpaste Side effects

So far there have not been any side effects reported. Revitin all-natural toothpaste is void of any harmful ingredients. In fact, it is ideal for even pregnant or nursing women and is highly recommended by pediatricians for toddlers.

Revitin Prebiotic Toothpaste Reviews

Not all toothpaste is meant for children. Imagine buying three different toothpaste (Toddler, Regular and for those with Sensitive Teeth). The Revitin toothpaste price can definitely be compromised when the choice of people varies.

Revitin toothpaste is the one-product-for-all that works just for everyone. From growing infants to adults to those with sensitive teeth, Revitin is a natural toothpaste that works easily on maintaining oral health with greater benefits.

There are many blogs, reviews, and testimonials dedicated to Revitin. Consumers are happy to buy a product that doesn’t need any “poison warning” basically because it just doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients or fluoride content. Suitable for all ages, only a pea-sized amount is needed to maintain the perfect oral health.

Children too can come to realize that you don’t need fancy flavors or harsh foaming contents to have a “clean, healthy teeth”.

The only downside seen is that the price is bit expensive. But then, if you are looking for a safe and effective product with no toxic ingredients, Revitin toothpaste is the obvious choice.

Here are few of the Revitin Prebiotic Toothpaste reviews.

  • Soccermom – “I got this Revitin toothpaste for my husband who has to deal with canker sores. He loved the results. He feels so clean and fresh in the morning without bad breath. We are making Revitin our permanent brand.”
  • Shana – “My grandchildren hate their toothpaste. It’s always YUCK, why this toothbrush which becomes a daily battle to make them brush twice a day. I just asked them to try Revitin. In the morning, they were lined up to brush. I know it’s quite expensive but then think of what your dentist charges and you will choose Revitin, a permanent solution for dental health.”
  • Dr. Lowe – “My wife got this toothpaste from her dentist. I just love it. I am a very conscious guy who rigorously brushes his teeth for 20 minutes and still has to deal with gum problems. Oddly, the color is brown but then it’s natural, so it’s all good. The citrus taste is fantastic. But what I loved about the product is that my dentist said that my gums were healing and in much better health than before.”

Shipping and Returns

Revitin prebiotic toothpaste is available for FREE SHIPPING!!! anywhere in the USA. The price is a bit expensive as compared to other brands. But then, there are many Revitin discount coupon codes through which you can buy the product at best cut-off rate.

Revitin comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not happy with the product, simply return them and your money will be reimbursed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy Revitin for sale?

Revitin natural toothpaste is available only at the official website at best price.

Are there any Revitin complaints?

No, so far there have been no Revitin complaints. Being an organic product, people are happy and satisfied with the results.

Is Revitin organic toothpaste available in Australia or UK?

Yes, you can order this Gerry Curatola toothpaste via online at Australia, UK etc.

Is Revitin toothpaste available on Amazon?

No, currently Revitin can be purchased online from official website only.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Revitin Toothpaste

Here are the few benefits/advantages & disadvantages of Revitin oral care.


  • Whitens your teeth naturally
  • Freshens your breath by boosting the healthy microbes in your body
  • Contains all-natural replenishing ingredients
  • Auto-ship program offers you Revitin at much lesser price
  • Free from any chemicals such as SLS, SLES, parabens, artificial colors/flavors etc.
  • Carefully-formulated and well-researched upon
  • Free from Xylitol
  • Safe for animals too
  • 30-day return policy
  • FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the USA
  • Excellent Revitin Prebiotic Toothpaste reviews/testimonials


  • Expensive than other brands


If you are looking for a healthy alternative to your conventional toothpaste, then Revitin prebiotic toothpaste is definitely recommended. Happy Smiling!!!