Revitin Dental Formula is natural toothpaste formulated with natural ingredients that actually supports your overall health and wellness. Do you know your mouth is a window into the health of your body? Whether you are 80 or 8, your oral health is vital. Today, most Americans enjoy excellent oral health and keep their natural teeth throughout their lives. However, cavities still remain the most prevalent chronic disease of childhood. You can practice good oral hygiene by always brushing your teeth twice a day with best natural toothpaste – Revitin.  Keep reading to know more about Revitin Dental Formula for Better Oral Health.

Revitin Prebiotic Toothpaste – Oral Therapy

People consider Revitin toothpaste as the Most Excellent Natural Whitening Toothpaste on the market. Made from natural and organic nutrients, it is also Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) Free Natural Toothpaste and Triclosan and Fluoride-free Natural Toothpaste too.

About Revitin Dental Formula

Revitin is safe, high-quality toothpaste that works with your own body’s immune response, improving the systemic connection between mouth and digestive system. Made using a patented formula based on natural ingredients, it contains key vitamins, important minerals, and essential enzymes. The result is a balanced, healthy oral ecology that provides strong white teeth and healthy clean gums.

Moreover, the formulators of Revitin natural toothpaste rejected the conventional antimicrobial approach and leveraged new oral microbiome science to create safe and effective natural toothpaste with premium ingredients. This toothpaste cleans as well as whitens teeth “naturally,” while supporting a balanced oral microbiome (the delicate ecosystem inside your mouth). Thus, this unique formula fosters a balanced, healthy oral microbiome. It tastes great and supports strong white teeth, healthy gums, and fresher breath.

Revitin Prebiotic Natural Toothpaste History

The research of two visionary dentists – Dr. Gerry Curatola and Dr. David Shuch, created Revitin Natural Toothpaste more than 20 years ago. The new science of the oral microbiome, into Revitin was a game-changer then.

This revolutionary breakthrough came from the thought that bio-effective natural toothpaste would maintain and rebalance the oral cavity’s natural defenses while providing clean white teeth with strong enamel, healthier gums, and mouth, as well as supporting the body’s overall health and wellness. Thus, A World’s First Prebiotic Natural Toothpaste Was Born.

Revitin Difference

Based on the new science, Revitin took a bold stand against mainstream labels by introducing oral microbiome into the toothpaste industry. The developers documented the fact about the connection between Oral health and overall wellness and defend against the ineffective “antimicrobial” approach and introduced a safe, effective alternative to pesticides and poisons.

The company discarded the usual practice of making toothpaste loaded with harsh chemicals, toxins, pesticides, and detergents. Instead, backed by revolutionary science they created toothpaste with a balanced and healthy Oral Microbiome. The end product is natural, safe and effective toothpaste than other prominent toothpaste brands.

Revitin Dental Formula Features

  • Cleans Teeth & Healthy Gums – This toothpaste reduces plaque (46%), gum bleeding (72.5%), and gingival inflammation (42%) over the leading regular toothpaste brands. It promotes a balanced, healthy oral ecology to support strong white teeth and healthy clean gums.
  • Whitens Teeth Naturally – This toothpaste is the natural way to whiten teeth. Many other commercial teeth whitening products can damage your teeth and gums.
  • Freshens Breath – Clean teeth and a healthy microbiome is the base for fresh breath. This toothpaste is the natural way to achieve long-lasting fresh breath.
  • Natural Toothpaste Nutrients – With NuPath Bioactives, it contains a replenishing, patented formulation of natural ingredients which include Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Cranberry Extract, and CoQ-10.
  • Prebiotic Formulation – It is the first and only prebiotic formulation that effectively balances the oral microbiome to its naturally healthy state. The oral microbiome is essential for overall health and well-being. The patented formulation of vitamins, enzymes, and minerals cleans your teeth and promotes the growth of beneficial flora. This helps support enamel strength, better protection against inflammation, fresh breath, immune function, as well as digestion.
  • Chemical Free Toothpaste – The traditional approaches to cleaning and disinfecting the mouth interrupts the good bacteria needed to stay healthy. It contains a healthy microbiome and is the chemical-free alternative without fluoride, SLS, SLES, parabens, alcohol, artificial colors, and dyes. Moreover, it is safe to swallow as well.

Revitin Dental Formula Ingredients

Revitin toothpaste for Better Oral Health contains essential vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that are necessary for oral health. In addition, it contains only the highest-quality natural ingredients. Also, there is no fluoride, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) and antibacterial ingredient in it. It is also free of parabens, artificial colors, alcohol, or any other insane additive. Additionally, it is a chemical free, detergent free, and antibacterial free toothpaste.

  • Vitamins – For healthy teeth and gums you need all the key nutritional building blocks, including vitamins. The fact is that your mouth cannot survive or thrive without key vitamins. For example, Vitamin C is helpful to strengthen gums and the soft tissue of the mouth, while protecting against gingivitis, periodontal disease, and tooth loss.
  • Enzymes – The fact is enzymes are the secret weapon to have long-lasting fresh breath. Plus, they are absolutely important for your existence. Enzymes are basic elements of respiration and cellular metabolism. They play a Key role in hundreds of important functions that allow you to live and breathe and overall help enjoy a healthy, balanced oral microbiome. For example, Coenzyme Q10 and other enzymes work to break down food compounds such as starches and proteins. Without them, the teeth would rot and gums would become infested with disease.
  • Minerals – Do you know that the teeth are composed mostly of calcium, and there are some phosphorus and other minerals too? But, teeth are calcium deposits which need to be replenished all the time or they may crack, crumble, and fall out. Revitin contains calcium which helps keep tooth strong and healthy. Too little of calcium intake may get you acquire gum disease, tooth decay, and even toothless.

The list of Revitin Toothpaste Ingredients are

  • Purified Water
  • Dental Silica
  • Xanthan Gum
  • Vitamin C
  • Quillaja Saponaria Extract
  • Calcium Carbonate
  • Tangerine Oil
  • Cranberry Seed Oil
  • MSM (methylsulfonylmethane)
  • Chondrus Crispus (Seaweed)
  • Non-GMO Vegetable Glycerin
  • Lemon Oil
  • Vitamin E
  • CoQ10 (Coenzyme Q10)
  • Non-GMO Stevia Leaf Extract

Revitin Dental Formula for Better Oral Health Pricing

At the time of writing this review, the following is the product price on their official website

  • Revitin Natural Toothpaste SINGLE TUBE price is $15
  • Natural Toothpaste FAMILY PACK (Save $10) – Includes Free Shipping – Pack of three toothpaste costs $40.50
  • Natural Toothpaste SUBSCRIPTION (SAVE $12) Whitening Toothpaste – Pack of 3 tubes of toothpaste delivered every 3 months (4 shipments in a year and total of 12 tubes per year) price is $36.00
  • Premium Natural Toothpaste in the Case (25 Tubes per case) costs $240.00

Where To Buy Revitin Dental Formula?

The best place to buy this natural toothpaste is online through the manufacturer’s official website only. This is because of several reasons such as

  • Best prices
  • Free shipping
  • Easy returns
  • Money back Guarantee – 30 days

However, you can search for Revitin coupon codes and discounts on other retail online sites as well. But unfortunately, it is not available on Amazon.

Revitin Dental Formula For Better Oral Health Customer Reviews

The users are happy with this toothpaste performance and admire it a lot. They say it is incredibly helpful for people with sensitive gums and cleans teethes carefully. Moreover, people say it is easy to order online from their official website and the best is the auto-ship (Subscription) option wherein you get 3 tubes every 3 months at a huge discount. The users are happy to have such high-quality natural toothpaste at an affordable price. Below I have summarized few real customer feedbacks for the product

  • Sabina1981 says it’s very subtle CitrusClean flavor really makes one feel the difference. She adds the taste is pleasant and soft and is best for people with sensitive gums which leave no unpleasant burning sensations on gums. Plus she noted gradual teeth whitening after few days of use.
  • Trevor is using Revitin for a few weeks now and is happy to have whitened teeth and healthier gums. He simply loves the way how clean his mouth feels after brushing.
  • Bonnie loves the toothpaste amazing taste and how his teeth feel so clean for most of the day.
  • Shilo family loves this natural toothpaste. She is happy to know that her kids love its taste and their teeth seem whiter, and mouth feels cleaner.

Revitin Dental Formula FAQs

How much does a single tube of Revitin weigh?

One single tube weight is 6.5 oz

What if I don’t like this product?

There is no reason for one to dislike this product. However, if you don’t love Revitin, then you may return your product within 30 days of receipt for a full refund.

Is Revitin helpful to keep white teeth?

Yes. You have clean and white teeth without the use of chemical and hydrogen peroxide.

How often should I use this toothpaste?

The company recommends brushing your teeth twice a day with Revitin. In other words, replace your current oral care toothpaste with this natural one for better oral health.


Revitin Dental Formula is one of the best whitening toothpaste, SLS free and fluoride-free toothpaste, world’s first prebiotic natural toothpaste plus has positive customer reviews are many reasons for you to buy it today.