Hairmax Laser Band Ultimate Laser Treatment For Hair Regrowth

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Established in 2000, HairMax series from Lexington International LLC integrates the science of hair growth in each product. This technologically advanced company dedicates itself to producing products that improve and enriches users’ lives. Their range of products includes laser devices to regrow hair, proprietary hair care products like shampoos, conditioners, etc., accessories and nutritional supplements. In addition, their total focus is to help Regrow Your Hair with HairMax series of hair care devices at the convenience of your home.

About HairMax Laser Comb & Band

With over 20 years of research and development, HairMax is successful in creating low-level laser therapy medical devices. From its large array of hair care products, they are most popular for laser comb and laser band devices. These devices use low-level laser therapy (LLLT) to deliver light energy to your hair follicles. These low-level laser therapy medical devices are safe, effective and easy hair loss treatment to regrow your hair.

The HairMax Laser devices are the First FDA Cleared and clinically studied home-use medical devices that effectively promote hair growth and treat hair loss in both men & women 18 years or older. These laser devices revitalize hair follicles, stimulate hair growth factors, and reverse the thinning process. This is a process known as photo-biostimulation, which is similar to photosynthesis which causes growth in plants. Over 90% of HairMax users experience noticeable benefits upon continuous use. Let’s find out the technology which is a breakthrough in hair growth and how it works?

HairMax Laser Band Technology – Hair Growth Device

  • Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) – HairMax laser treatments work through the process of photo-biostimulation which delivers low-level laser light to hair follicles to activate them for stronger hair growth. These Laser devices utilize Laser Phototherapy, to deliver visible light in the red spectrum. This beneficial light boosts as well as energizes hair follicles at a cellular level to stimulate growth factors and reverse hair thinning. It is also helpful to extend the growth phase of hair, restore hair’s natural growth cycle and help your hair to grow fuller, denser, and stronger.
  • Patented Hair Parting Teeth Technology – HairMax devices are the only Laser Hair Loss treatments that come with Patented Hair Parting Teeth technology. This technology is an integral part of treatment as they part the hair during treatment for optimal delivery of laser light energy to the hair follicles. This parting mechanism parts your hair to create a pathway for the laser light energy to reach your scalp and help achieve the optimal results.

How Does The HairMax Work To Regrow Your Hair?

HairMax laser devices utilize laser energy to increase growth factors for more oxygen and nutrients to hair follicles to grow healthy new hair. This device is also useful for people having androgenetic alopecia, commonly known as pattern baldness or thinning hair. These laser devices work directly on the hair follicle, to provide them the needed energy for healthy hair growth. It also works to increase blood flow to the follicle and remove waste products from stronger and vibrant hair.

Why Choose HairMax To Help Regrow Your Hair?

  • The HairMax conducted seven clinical studies with prestigious U.S. universities including 460 men and women with androgenetic alopecia (pattern baldness). Over 90 percent of participants experienced hair growth displaying reliable and consistent results.
  • No participants of its seven clinical studies experienced any harmful side effects of using HairMax laser devices.
  • The results from HairMax clinical studies and other studies were included in six peer-reviewed medical journal articles. As against, no other laser devices on the market for treating hair loss were part of peer-reviewed articles.
  • It has been granted seven FDA 510(k) clearances for men and women, more than any other device on the market.
  • There are over 1 million users of HairMax laser devices across the world
  • Offers two types of laser devices – lasercomb and laserband and affordable prices
  • Comfortable, portable and convenient for home use or while traveling
  • All laser devices come with 5-month money-back customer satisfaction guarantee (less 20% restocking fee of the purchase price).
  • Fast, Easy and Effective treatment for few minutes in a week to achieve desired results
  • All HairMax laser devices includes Rechargeable Battery, Power Cord, and User Manual – Quick Start Guide
  • All laser devices comes with 2 years warranty against defects in materials or workmanship
  • First and foremost company in the world to offer low-level laser therapy/ LLLT devices for home use
  • Since 2000, it has revolutionized the products for treating hair loss and continues to innovate and develop state of the art hair growth products.

HairMax Products

  • LaserBand 82 – It delivers therapeutic light energy directly to your hair follicles through 82 medical-grade lasers (No LEDs). Its unique curved design uses patented hair parting teeth to deliver optimal results. Its proprietary 3 part synergistic system – the hair parting teeth, the laser light intensity and the laser light density work in harmony to provide a very effective hair loss and hair thinning treatment. It takes as little as 90 seconds, 3 days a week to experience new hair growth with increased density and fullness.
  • LaserBand 41 – This newest model in HairMax series emphasis on speed, effectiveness, comfort, and ease of use with 41 medical-grade lasers (No LEDs). In addition, its innovative Flex-fit band design is comfortable for most head sizes. It is a lightweight and portable model which offers freedom to move while treatment or carry while traveling. Laserband 41 incorporates patented hair parting teeth technology to provide maximum laser light delivery to your follicles. It takes as little as 3 minutes, 3 days a week to help regrow your hair.
  • Ultima 12 LaserComb – This model looks similar to a comb which delivers light energy to your hair follicles through 12 medical-grade lasers (No LEDs). Its patented hair parting teeth parts your hair while treatment for a highly effective treatment. Use it for just 8 minutes, 3 days a week to notice a new healthy and denser hair growth.
  • Ultima 9 LaserComb – Like Ultima 12 LaserComb, this device also looks like a comb which stimulates hair growth easily and rapidly with 9 medical-grade lasers. This model delivers safe, nourishing light energy to your hair follicles to activate them for stronger growth. The treatment time with Ultima 9 LaserComb is 11 minutes, 3 days a week.
  • Prima 7 LaserComb – This state of the art laser light medical device features 7 medical grade laser modules. It targets hair follicles with nourishing laser energy to treat hair loss and regrow your hair. Use it for 15 minutes, 3 days a week for attractive results.

HairMax LaserComb and LaserBand – How To Use?

For optimal benefit, you should use HairMax laser devices every other day as per instructions below

  • HairMax LaserComb – Use this device 3 times a week. You should move the device very slowly over your head, and not like a brush. The device will produce an audible beep and/ or vibration every 4 seconds as an alert, to move the device ½ inch to the next location. Continue using the device this way until the area you wish to treat is covered, or your entire head with multiple passes as mentioned in the User Manual.
  • HairMax LaserBand – It is simple to use. Just place the device in the front of your head and gently move it to the top of your head, then the back. You can use either the 4 second or 30-second method described in the User Manual. Both methods require as little as 90 seconds treatment time, 3 times a week.

HairMax Side Effects

There are no reports of any harmful side effects occurring from using the HairMax laser devices. These devices are on the market for past 15 years and there are no users who reported any adverse side effects. Moreover, several clinical trials conducted on these devices prove its safety and effectiveness but no negative comments.

HairMax Laser Band Reviews

You will find mixed HairMax Reviews from its users. Some users are very happy to regrow Hair with HairMax Devices. They say these are quality products that are effective and efficient. They work as described and are available at great price. Some users say it is easy to use but complaints about its high price. Some unhappy customers returned the product as they notice no significant regrowth of hair. However, with medical grade laser devices for hair loss and hair thinning treatment, it is important to use them as directed, on a clean scalp consistently. The company also mentions that other factors like medications or underlying health conditions could contribute to hair loss and may make laser light therapy less effective.

HairMax Customer Reviews

Some actual users’ testimonials are

  • Janey bought a second HairMax LaserComb and says both works well. The first one lasted for 7 years and she used it 3 times a week. She adds with the product effectiveness its high price is worth it.
  • Leslie says her hair is still thinning and shedding, especially on one side. She is unsure if this LaserComb works, as she is using it for 1 month, as directed.
  • ChiBuyer is using laser light devices for years including the original HairMax. He just upgraded to HairMax LaserBand 82 as it only takes 90 seconds a day. After only about a month or so, he noted a bunch of new fuller and stronger hairs. He says you should follow the instructions strictly and continuously. If at all you stop using it the progress would reverse. He uses it once a week. He adds it works exactly as advertised, fits perfectly on his small head and the price is worth it.
  • Cindy says only after six weeks of use she noted improvement in hair growth and less hair loss. She says HairMax LaserBand 82 is easy to use and stays charged for multiple sessions.
  • An Amazon Customer is using LaserBand 82 for 6 months but hasn’t seen any improvement. The refund period of 5 months is already gone and now it is just a waste of money.


HairMax laser devices from Lexington International LLC are effective at energizing weakened hair follicles and reversing hair thinning process. They are also beneficial at restoring natural hair growth cycle and stimulating thicker and stronger hair. However, if you overlook its drawback like expensive, less effective on balding and doesn’t work for all users for its features such as 5-month money back guarantee, lesser treatment time for successful results and 2 years warranty you should try to regrow your hair with HairMax.

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