Pedinol Ureacin-20

Pedinol Ureacin-20 is a moisturizing cream for the hardened skin that is dry, cracked, and calloused.

Pedinol Ureacin-20 or the Urea cream is a deep moisturizing cream for the dry and cracked skin. It makes the skin absorb more moisture and make it look healthy and youthful. It can penetrate the thicker skin that makes it suitable for the calluses. Ureacin-20 carries urea, the natural moisturizer that can moisturize and revitalize the skin.

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Its deep penetrating ability will break down the tough callus and make the skin in the area soft and supple. It is one cream that can be used anywhere in the body, right from head to toe. It is especially useful for the bottom of the feet where the calluses are mostly seen.

Benefits of Pedinol Ureacin-20

  • Pedinol Ureacin-20 is a moisturizing cream for the hardened skin that is dry, cracked, and calloused.
  • The urea used here is the hydroxyethyl urea has higher water content and can absorb more water. This helps keep the skin that is applied with. It makes a barrier to keep the skin protected and healthy.
  • Urea removes the dead skin cells that improve the epidermis health. The healthier skin will be able to bind with water better.
  • The deep penetrating ability of Ureacin-20 comes from the urea which also increases the permeability of the skin. This improved permeability allows other ingredients in the skin care products to reach deeper.
  • The dry skin often lacks enough urea in the tissues and by having it applied on the skin will improve its presence.
  • Regular use of Ureacin-20 can improve the skin texture by making it absorb more water, retain this water, exfoliate the dead cells, and prevent callus formation.

Ureacin-20 ingredients

Urea-20% is the main ingredient here. The other ingredients are water, TEA-stearate, PEG-2 stearate, glycerin, mineral oil, methylparaben, propylparaben, EDTA, lactic acid, and diazolidinyl urea.

Directions for using Ureacin-20

Ureacin-20 cream should be applied on the clean and dry skin only. Clean and pat dry the areas you intended to apply the cream. Take a small amount of the cream and apply it over the affected area.

Massage the cream gently onto the skin, in a circular motion. Apply only twice a day. Using more amount of urea can have other negative effects.

Side effects of Ureacin-20

Urea is useful for skin but prolonged and higher amount of urea can be irritating to the skin. it causes dermatitis with constant exposure to urea. The prolonged exposure could also cause negative reproductive effects. Accidental ingestion can lead to blood electrolyte imbalance.

Overdose or exposure to the diazolidinyl urea can lead to cancer and other allergic reactions. People with extremely sensitive skin, oily skin and with infections should not use topical creams such as Ureacin-20 that contain urea.

Ureacin-20 reviews

The majority of the customers have used Ureacin-20 to get rid of the cracked heels and callus in the elbows. Users feel that the cream is not that thick and is easy to apply. There is also no oily feel and gets absorbed faster than other creams. It has been used by the young and old and has found the success rate steady, regardless of the age or gender.

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