Unlike traditional I.V. chelation procedure done in a doctor’s office, Medicardium EDTA Chelation Suppositories allow full body detoxification at the convenience of your home. Oral EDTA has many side effects, limitations and the body does not absorb it efficiently. Most of the times EDTA looses its purpose when it encounters the digestive juices and enzymes. Medicardium EDTA suppositories are one of the best detox supplements compared to oral chelation supplements. Want to read about Medicardium EDTA Chelation Suppositories then stay tuned.

Medicardium EDTA suppositories Benefits

Medicardium is a wellness supplement that offers a wide array of benefits. This chelation supplement offers benefits such as

  • Promotes healthy cardiovascular system
  • Remove toxins and free radicals
  • Detox the liver, kidneys, and lymphatic system
  • Detoxify the body from Heavy Metals such as Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, Uranium, Arsenic, Aluminum, Barium, and Nickel
  • Improve blood circulation and restore arterial health
  • Supplies Magnesium and Potassium which in turn helps to balance excess Calcium deposits
  • Medicardium EDTA Chelation Suppositories helps in healthy circulation

Medicardium EDTA chelation suppositories – Circulatory Problems

Medicardium EDTA Chelation Suppositories are of great help especially for people suffering from circulatory problems. If you wish to nourish and promote a healthy vascular system then Medicardium EDTA Chelation Suppositories is the right pick.

Our heart pumps 1900 gallons of blood through the circulatory system reaching to every nook and corner of the body. The heart works non-stop and pumps 2 billion times of 48 million gallons of blood through the circulatory system. The heart is such an important part of our body and this organ is susceptible to various diseases. To list, heart attacks are the number one cardiovascular problem faced by people across the globe. This issue pops up due to various factors. It may be due to environmental toxins, stress, infections, imbalanced diet, aging factors, blood pressure, excess calcium deposits, and high cholesterol. Medicardium EDTA Chelation Suppositories are of great help especially for people suffering from circulatory problems. If you wish to nourish and promote a healthy vascular system then Medicardium EDTA Chelation Suppositories is the right pick. You can ask a medical expert for further details before using this supplement.

Why use Medicardium EDTA Chelation Suppositories – Detoxification of heavy metals

Heavy metals accumulate in our bodies through the food we eat, products we use and the air we breathe and even through the water that we drink. It is almost inevitable to prevent the accumulation of these metals; however, we can detoxify our body and flush out all these unwanted metals for a better health.

  • Lead – nowadays lead is a common ingredient in most of the cosmetics. Women out there, use lipsticks and other face products almost on a daily basis. Imagine the amount of damage that you are doing to yourself unknowingly. It is not just the cosmetics, but also the plastic that we use, paints, batteries, gasoline etc also contain lead. These heavy metals when accumulating in the brain and other organs can cause devastating damage to our cognitive health. Medicardium EDTA Chelation Suppositories help to remove lead from the body by binding with this heavy metal.
  • Mercury – This heavy metal can cause damage to the brain, cardiovascular system, and endocrine glands. It can lead to depression, autoimmune disorders, cognitive impairment, anemia, and cardiac attacks.
  • Cadmium – exposure to cadmium happens at factories, cigarette smoke and foods stuff contaminated this metal. This heavy metal can cause severe damage to lungs, digestive tract, and kidneys.
  • Uranium – this is a highly radioactive element and eventually turns into lead. Nuclear detonations are quite common in our world and the evil elements use it for their own benefits. However, the use of nuclear power has led to many disasters. The levels of these highly radioactive elements are increasing and they able to cause severe health effects. Take the case of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, where the population still faces the brunt of the evil past. The major issues caused by this radioactive active element are tumors, cancers, birth defects, and skin diseases.
  • Arsenic – this element is a common ingredient in most of our daily life utilities. It is found in cigarette smoke, detergents, and alcoholic drinks such as beer, kinds of seafood, drinking water, and other household stuff. This element can cause severe headaches, confusion, and weakness and have the ability to damage most of our vital organs.
  • Aluminium – most of us are no stranger to the metal and it is a common ingredient in baking stuff (aluminum foil, baking powder), feminine products, baby formula, medications, pots, and vessels. Accumulation of aluminum can cause degenerative neurological disorders, reduced brain function, kidney and lung disease.
  • Barium – this metal shows its presence in most of the toilets soaps, ceramics, paper, plastics, fabrics, fuel additives, paints, and pesticides. The toxicity of this metal can cause stomach pain, loose stools, and vomiting.
  • Nickel – You do not have to search further; just reach out to your stainless steel kitchenware’s, pots, pan, coins, dental fillings, and even batteries. All these have the presence of nickel in them. The accumulation of this metal in our bones and major organs can cause severe genetic damage and lead to cancer.

All the above metals are commonly found around us and unknowingly we consume them and suffer from the after effects.


Medicardium EDTA suppositories include magnesium di-potassium EDTA( 365 mg) as the active ingredient. This patented ingredient supports the body by detoxifying and removing all the heavy metals as discussed in the above section.

Apart from Magnesium di-potassium EDTA, this supplement also includes cocoa butter and the purest form of white wax.

Directions / Usage – Medicardium EDTA suppositories

  • Medicardium EDTA suppositories are only for rectal use and not to be taken orally.
  • Start with emptying your bowels if necessary and wash your hands thoroughly
  • Remove the wrapper carefully so the suppository stays intact without any deformation
  • Using your dominant hand insert one chilled suppository about 1 to 2 inches inside your rectum. Hold your finger for a few seconds, so that the suppository does not slip away.
  • Lie down in the same position for 10 to 20 minutes and pull your sphincter muscles up
  • Stay put for at least for 30 minutes so that the suppository dissolves properly and let the body do the rest of the job.
  • After 20 to 30 minutes you can carry out with your normal routine
  • Wash your hands after the application and do not empty your bowels for some time

Recommended Use: how to take/ dosage

Medicardium EDTA suppositories help to increase circulation and detoxify the body from heavy metals. For dosage read the Medicardium Protocol Guide:

Medicardium Protocol Guidelines

The makers of this product have put three guidelines for consuming this product. You can choose from any of the below or if you have any queries have a word with your doctor.

  • Level 1: here the client has to make use of 15 packs of suppositories. Now that will amount to 15 IV chelation sessions as that performed by Dr. Blumer. The results obtained from Dr. Blumer’s trails were stunning as he saw 90% decrease in cancer and the 86% decrease in cardiac attacks. If you want to improve your blood circulation and prevent any of the above diseases, then you can follow this dosage protocol.
  • Level 2: this is quite confusing protocol, however, I have tried to explain it in simpler terms. The minimum packs that one should consume will be 15 no matter what your age is. However, for an aged person, calculate your age and subtract twenty from it. This is your exact pack requirement that you need to consume. If your age is 40 then subtract 20 from it and that equals to 20 packs for you. Now for a 28-year-old if you subtract 20 then it comes to eight packs. However since the minimum is 15, you will have to go with 15 and not 8. I hope am clear with that. This protocol is best for removing toxic metals and helps to keep a vibrant state of health. This protocol helps to repair enzyme pathways, improve blood flow, restore normal functions, and protect vital organs.
  • Level 3: In this last protocol, the dosage is simple and it involves taking one suppository every third day of their lifetime. This is one of the best protocols as it helps to flush out all unwanted toxins and heavy metals from the body on a regular basis. This will help to establish great health and improve overall wellness.

Therefore, these are the three protocols and one can choose any of these depending on their condition and needs.


If you are in a good state of health, then you can follow the last protocol, that is one suppository every third day and maintain a healthy body. One box will last for a whole month.

If you have some serious condition that needs to be managed on an immediate basis such as fibromyalgia or complication due to diabetes, then you can take the product every day. You can follow the dosage for a specified period until you figure out the positive changes. When the situations change and you bounce back to normal life, then you can follow the first protocol.

If you are suffering from any life-threatening disease, or chronic disease then you may wish to take the product twice or thrice a day for a few days. For highly complicated cases, this is the ideal protocol.

Medicardium side effects

This product does not cause any major side effects apart from offering a load of health benefits. However, individuals suffering from hemorrhoids may find mild discomforts while applying the suppository. In addition, this product has shown tendencies to lower blood sugar. Those who have low sugar levels have a word with your doctor. Most of these small issues fade away within a few hours and this product is highly safe for use.

Precautions – Medicardium EDTA suppositories

  • Maintain thorough hygiene
  • Use Vaseline jelly for lubrication while applying the suppository
  • Make sure to open the wrapper without deforming the suppository
  • Store in a refrigerator and keep it out of reach from children
  • Do not use if the pack is broken

Medicardium EDTA chelation suppositories reviews

Medicardium EDTA suppositories is definitely an innovative product in comparison with invasive chelation procedures. This product is easy and convenient to use. It does not take much time and comes at an affordable price. There are no product reviews available at their official site. However, I managed to pick a few medicardium reviews from various health forums where people discussed chelation therapies and related products.

  • “ I have used the Medicardium suppositories and the results are great. I guess 10 suppositories equal to the amount given through a single IV treatment. It does save a hell a lot of time and money.
  • “With Medicardium EDTA suppositories absorption is 100% and the results are pretty great. I use it every third day as I do not have any major issues. However, I have a family history that is not short of ailments, so I use it as a preventative measure. Moreover, I feel better when I detox the body from the harmful and unknown.”

Frequently asked questions

Where to Buy Medicardium EDTA suppositories? What about EDTA suppositories amazon?

This product is available only at the official website balancedhealthtoday.com. Medicardium EDTA suppositories are not available on Amazon and other outlets.

Do we need a prescription?

No, it does not need and it is an over-the-counter supplement.

Will it help to prevent all the disease and improve overall health?

Remember that following a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet is a key to good health. However, using such health friendly supplements will improve your chances of staying in a good state. This product detoxifies the body and it naturally helps to improve the overall wellness. Again, every individual is different and their living circumstances.

Conclusion: Medicardium EDTA suppositories are definitely worth buying as they help to improve the health and cleanse the body from heavy metals. I will not say that this supplement helps to be alive forever, but it does help to lead a quality life. This supplement helps the body to repair all the damages and start afresh.