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Here is Hipknoties Seamless Dress, a convertible that delivers a chic look without you even trying hard. The one-size-fits-all seamless dress from Hipknoties is versatile and goes in sync with the trending style. Read on to know more about this multiway dress.

  • About Hipknoties
  • Hipknoties Seamless Dress – Products Available
  • Hipknoties Seamless Dress Consumer Reviews
  • Discount Coupon Codes
  • Shipping and Returns
  • Why buy from Hipknoties – Features & Benefits
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Hipknoties Seamless Dress – Convertible Multi Way Dress

For those who need an extra coverage, the Hipknoties Seamless Mini Tube is the best suggested. It is ideal layering fabric to top it over a pair of leggings and a convertible.

About Hipknoties – Multi Purpose Dress

How often have we rummaged the closet only to find that “there is just nothing to wear!!!”? Meet Hipknoties that offers you wide range of craze, be it for a professional or a personal look.

Here is the inside story. A three week trip to the Hamptons was what caused Sarah Yonover to trigger a spark on how to plan styles for a three week trip. Having a refined sense of style can deliver an innovation at times. When Sarah was left with the challenge of choosing styles, she grabbed her infinity scarf and started twisting and tying using plain rubber bands.

This gave her the idea to begin with one shoulder dress, vest, maxi skirt, haiter top and so on. And so began the journey of Hipknoties in the year 2011.

A patent pending product, the Hipknoties seamless dress (multipurpose garment) makes you look chic and bold at any given occasion. With headquarters in Chino, CA, Hipknoties is one of the topmost brand for seamless dress and fashion accessories.

Hipknoties Seamless Dress – Products Available

There are many convertible dress available at Hipknoties. Here are few of them.

Sleevy Wonders

Many people who are overweight often conscious to wear sleeveless or strapless tops and dresses. This is because of the unnecessary fat that dangles in the bare arm. Covering it with a sweat or jacket can be challenging as it would ruin the look of the dress or delivered a hot flash.

Keeping this in mind, Sleevy wonders were created. This inter-changeable sleeve easily glides over the arms without ruining the look of the dress. On the contrary, it would also make the person look sleek in body shape. Apart from this, it also blends easily with the dress thus creating an illusion of being part of the dress.

Choose between 3/4th sleeve, full sleeve or bell sleeve at your discretion. The product is also available in different colors and sizes.

Seamless Mini Tube

For those who need an extra coverage, the Hipknoties Seamless Mini Tube is the best suggested. It is ideal layering fabric to top it over a pair of leggings and a convertible. It hides the hips and assets so efficiently that it feels part of your body.

Available in white, black, nude and charcoal, choose your size and color as per your taste.

Plus Size Seamless Leggings

Get soft, smooth and a secure covering with Seamless leggings from Hipknoties. It aptly hides the waist to ankle area giving you utmost comfort at all times.

This is a perfect accessory to wear with a MINI or MIDI Hipknoties. What’s best! It easily fits pregnant women and ladies with little extra curves.

Hipknoties Seamless Bike Shorts

This is a must-have for women who loves to kickstart their mornings with cycling bikes. The Hipknoties bike shorts look great on you and speak comfort at all times.

It also assists those who are afraid of revealing bit too much of themselves. If you need an extra support over your multi-convertible dress, then you can wear these shorts for guarded assistance.

Absolutely soft to touch, it feels like you are wearing nothing at all. It is currently available in black and nude colors.

Hipknoties Seamless Capri Leggings (Plus and Regular Size)

An essential item in wardrobe is the Capri legging. A breeze to wear, it can be really time saving when you are travelling. It also works as an excellent support if you want an extra layer of coverage for your seamless dress.

It is available in two sizes – regular and plus size. Colors available include – Black, Charcoal, Navy and White.

Note these are only few of the seamless apparel I have mentioned. Check out the website to find more in this section.

Hipknoties Seamless Dress Consumer Reviews

Pinning down reviews are hard because people on review websites to get an honest opinion. Hence, it is my duty to present you the reviews “as it is” without any bias. So without any judgement, whatsoever, here is what consumers say about Hipknoties reviews.

Hipknoties Seamless Dresses has received mixed response from users. Nevertheless, majority of the reviews are positive leaving only few to complain about the product.

Starting with the positive ones, consumers claim that the product is definitely a versatile addition to woman’s wardrobe. To be honest, it can be challenging to work the ideas on how to wear this piece of cloth in myriad ways. But once you get a trick, you are in for a world of surprises.

Few people found it difficult but after watching videos and guide available online, it is a breeze to get creative.

Many consumers loved the Hipknoties seamless style and have worn it on anniversary, Christmas party, travel dress and so on. Coming to the quality of material, the fabric is thin yet soft and silky. Bunch of customers use it as an extra coverage material.

The price too is affordable since you get whole load of dresses in a single convertible dress.

There are only two negative reviews seen when looked up. One user claims that the fabric when used in washing machine gets creased making it look like a dust cloth. Another con side seen is basically the lack of patience to try out the seamless dress. That’s right. A general consensus has agreed to the fact that they are not patient enough to try out how exactly it works. A minor amount of women with small stature also claim that seamless dress is just not for them.

Hipknoties Coupon Discount Codes

As a woman myself, I love discounts. Who wouldn’t love a great bargain on the product they love? So when you are planning to become a regular customer of Hipknoties, make sure to subscribe to the newsletters. The company will keep you posted on excellent offers and promotional deals via discount coupon codes.

Simply sign up and you never have to miss out any great deals. The current Hipknoties gift coupons include –

  • Spend $200 and get $50 GC
  • Spend $500 and get $125 GC
  • Get $250 on spending 1000
  • Spend $2000 and get $500

The coupon code is GC4YOU. So, celebrate Christmas by gifting someone special with Hipknoties seamless dress and accessories.

Shipping & Returns

The company offers FREE SHIPPING anywhere in USA. For international orders above $120, you are eligible for FREE SHIPPING as well. For orders below $120, a small shipping fee is charged.

All Hipknoties products come with money back guarantee or return policy. The company gives you 20 days from the date of delivery. If at all for any reasons you find the product not meeting your expectations, simply give it back in original condition (tags and receipt intact).

Damaged or worn out items will be sent back to the customer. Hence, make sure to keep the tag and receipt secure in case of refund. Also, fill out the return merchandise form to claim for exchange or refund. The company will refund you the purchase amount minus the shipping charges.

Why buy from Hipknoties – Features & Benefits

There are many reasons why you can purchase Hipknoties seamless dress and accessories. Here are few of them.

  • A patent pending versatile product that offers you multiple costume style with single clothing
  • Each and every style will look flattering on you
  • Such an easy to use fabric that there is really no wrong way to wear it
  • Works on any body types
  • A real space saver when it comes to travelling
  • Goes great on maternity women as well
  • Fun and affordable style that makes up as bridesmaid dresses too
  • Can be used as a protective shield for extra coverage
  • Absolutely manufactured in USA
  • Free Mobile application available with many videos, step-by-step guides, tips and tricks
  • Available worldwide
  • FREE shipping anywhere in USA and FREE International shipping on orders over $120

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Hipknoties products available in amazon?

Yes, you can purchase Hipknoties product at amazon online.

Can I use Hipknoties seamless on my washing machine?

Yes, you can use seamless fabric on washing machine but do not put it on spin program,

Do products of Hipknoties come with returns?

Yes, the company offers a 20 day return policy. Check the shipping and returns section to know more.

I live in Australia. Can I purchase Hipknoties seamless dress?

Yes, the company ships worldwide. This means no matter where you are, you are order Hipknoties products online at a budget friendly rate.


To sum it up, Hipknoties is one of the fastest growing iconic brands of fashion. The products are amazing and seem to be loved by many consumers. Yes, there are reviews that prove it true. Price, quality of product and customer support etc. are few of the factors that count to make a company successful. Hipknoties seems to have taken into account all the factors that make this brand a credible and reliable one. For those who are willing to explore into fashion, Hipknoties offers you seamless dress and many more trend setting accessories to style yourself anywhere, anytime.

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