When we hear the sound of a helicopter or an airplane, no matter how old we are we, we always have the tendency to look up to the sky. Similarly, being glamorous is all about making heads turn. Now, this can happen in two ways – by being a glamorous queen or a fashion disaster. Our aim is the former of course. A few simple steps will help you showcase your beauty in a better way. The key to being glamorous is to choose the best clothing and pair with it the right accessories, topping it off with the makeup you need.

Choosing the best clothing comprises three important elements. Check what’s in trend, see what you’re comfortable with and finally buy the clothes that you think best suits you for making a fashion statement. Always remember to reflect your personality in whatever you wear. If you take my wardrobe, for example, you will find very bright colors and complementing clothes. Rather than going with a matching shawl and pants with a different color top, I prefer complementing a same color top and pants with a different color shawl or if I feel wild enough, try different colors for all. Buying the right clothes is also important. Guys usually prefer buying branded clothes and having them for years whereas girls tend to buy cheaper ones and update their wardrobe occasionally. Now you know the reason why the chances of seeing a guy bargain in a shop are very less.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t be prejudiced about the quality of the dresses from any particular place. Most of my clothing and accessories that I own now, is bought from Sarojini Market in Delhi (on a Monday haul-that’s when you get the cheapest rates). There, clothes are just piled up on the roadside and you can pick whichever piece of clothing you like. Prices in such cases would be something like 3 or 4 pieces for just hundred rupees (that is 25 rupees for a top that is worth 250). Looking at the place or the price of the clothes there, it is quite obvious that you think there is some problem with the dresses, but trust me, a good wash is all that is needed. Picking the clothes to wear also has a lot to do with the climate in your area. You cannot just wear a sweater on a very sunny day just because it looks good on you.

Once you’ve picked up the right clothes, then it’s time for the accessories and makeup. The only thing that you should keep in mind is that “Less is more”. Perfectly set hair and a good watch with cologne would be great for any guy. One big accessory would do the job of all, for girls. That is, a long earring would mean you just need a thin bangle or charm bracelet to complete the look. If you are wearing a signature necklace then don’t go for earrings. If you have a huge ring, then don’t populate your hand more. Play it simple but elegant. Also, girls have the option to play around a lot with accessories. You can get different looks with the same dress if you change the accessories. If you feel like being a little wild and stepping away from the conventional, one anklet, different ear studs, clip-on nose rings, middle ring for fingers or clip-on piercings are always in trend.

Wearing your hair plays an important part in a whole look. You can either elevate the look or completely destroy the look with your hairstyling. Always try not to have greasy hair. If you do, then use baby powder and a hairbrush to solve that problem. I personally, don’t like clipping my hair because I feel it chains up the free spirit in me. I like to have my hair flow in the wind. Yet if I feel the need to show off my earrings with long tassels, I put it up in a ponytail.

When it comes to make up, again try not be extra. Try not to become a person you’re not. I know I don’t have that complexion to pull off a smoky eye, so I don’t attempt it. A winged eyeliner with dark lips would be the maximum I would do. Similarly, know your limits and do your makeup accordingly. Remember, all your effort so far would be pointless if you look like a clown after makeup. If you are confident enough and don’t prefer having any makeup on, that is okay too. Nothing is definitely better than overdoing it.

Most importantly, I think fashion is all about worshiping your inner goddess. The more you feel confident, the more people will look up to you. The more you find yourself beautiful, the more others will appreciate you too. So do your best today and make a few heads turn.