With the retro styles making a re-appearance these days, let’s go back to the dookie chains that are currently a hit. From Fat Joe to Jay Z, rarely are they seen without extravagant dookie rope chains and accessories. Massive, thick and undoubtedly possessing a good weight, the fake dookie rope chain from The Bling Factory is a must-have for those who idolize rappers and wanna recreate their style.

The Bling Factory The Company

If you can afford, there is no doubt that you can go for an actual gold chain. But for those who prefer the fake dookie rope chains, we have got you some fantastic products that will give the gold jewels a good run.

Started in 2002, The Bling Factory specializes in offering silver, gold plated and rhodium plated fashion jewelry for men and women as well. You can find chains, rings, earrings, bracelets, watches and so much more.

The company chooses selective products from suppliers and manufacturers to deliver quality products thus maintaining a steady and positive interaction with their customers. From the products to the packaging, all the process undergo strict quality control and scrutiny so as to deliver utmost satisfaction to the end user.

Fake (Gold Plated) Dookie Rope Chains

Resembling just like the real deal, the gold plated dookie rope chains are heavy and look exactly like gold. You just can’t tell the difference which is real. This humongous jewelry comes with lobster clasp mechanism to secure it in place.

Choose from

  • Jumbo 30mm 14k Gold Plated Hip Hop Dookie Rope Chain Necklace and
  • 14mm 14k Gold Plate Rope Chain Necklace

Jumbo 30mm 14k Gold Plated Hip Hop Dookie Rope Chain Necklace

Incorporating both style and strength, The Bling Factory brings you bold choice for those who love heavy duty accessories. Woven based on the rope design of French men, it gleams while you blend with black.

The base is made out of strong brass that can withstand an excellent amount of punishment. You will also find a chemically treated microfiber cloth & instructions on how to take care of your jewelry.

NOTE that this microfiber cloth should not be used on gemstones such as emerald, pearl, amber, coral, ivory, opal, 24k gold, and so on.

14mm 14k Gold Plate Rope Chain Necklace

Made out of solid brass core, it is coated with gold electroplating. This means a thin layer of gold is deposited on the surface of the brass core. The design is basically derived from French rope design. Oval-shaped links are entwined together making it a fantastic work of art. These hollow links give the rope chain a big look without making it too weird.

They are of unisex type making it a perfect hit for both men and women. It comes with a classic spring-ring clasp.

Shipping & Returns

Fake Dookie Rope Chain from The Bling Factory comes with a 30-day return policy. In case you are not happy with the product, simply return. The company will accept it, no questions asked, no restocking fees. Gold plated items come with a 90-day warranty period.

The company ships anywhere in the world. So no matter where you are, order your dookie rope chain and get it delivered right at your doorstep.

Fake Dookie Rope Chain Consumer Reviews

The dookie rope chain has received good reviews from users. People claim that the product is simply amazing. It not only looks good but even the quality of gold is excellent and lasts a good while.

Both men and women wear it to concert and love how it makes the perfect accessory for any rocking party or occasion.

The price is affordable and fits right in the budget.

There are several testimonials to prove that the company is excellent and delivers promising products. Here is what people have to say about The Bling Factory.

Clement H – Love everything

“Everything on this site is amazing. The quality of the products is simply awesome. I can buy them blindfolded with confidence.

Michael A – Great purchase

“I had got a necklace which was too small. I returned the product immediately. The company refunded me promptly without any questions. A problem free company, the customer support is amazing. I later ordered two necklaces for my wife. It was a perfect fit.”

Jewels 27 – Good piece of jewelry

“I got this for my son’s birthday. He is quite fussy but loves the chain and keeps it secure and shiny all the time.”

Fake Dookie Rope Chain Conclusion

To sum it up, fake dookie rope chain (gold-plated rope chains) is certainly a trend among users. It is the company that needs to be reliable. The Bling Factory is a genuine website that offers excellent products and not just chains. They have received excellent testimonials not only on their official website but also on sites such as amazon. The reviews are majorly positive with many users loving the product, company and the impeccable customer service it offers. If you take good care of your jewelry, chances are it will last long. Nevertheless, you always have the 90-day warranty and 30-day return policy as a backup, in case the color begins to fade.