Varicose Veins Serum
Varicose veins serum is a cosmetic cream that brings long-term solution to the varicose veins issue. Being natural, it causes no side effects and without any chemicals used, it causes no irritations as well.

DermalMD Varicose veins serum reduces the veins that are bulged, widened, and twisted under the skin. Sometimes the varicose veins can be painful with swellings around the affected areas. This serum reduces the visibility of such veins and strengthens them to prevent their formation.

Varicose vein is a common problem among people who get the reverse flow of blood in their veins with pressure in the area. It is often caused by, long term standing and the poor performance of the valves that control the blood flow through the veins. DermalMD Varicose veins serum brings the perfect solution that not only reduces the symptoms but can also prevent the further formations of such veins.

What is Varicose veins serum?

Most people have the varicose veins problem in the same area because of the strength problem in the walls of these veins. The weak vein walls, when succumbed to the pressure from the reverse flowing blood, would swell up causing the veins to be visible under the skin.

Varicose vein serum uses herbal extracts that helps in the strengthening of the walls of the veins as well as the valves to prevent such situations. It would also help the skin to be less visible and stops the blood from being seeped through the weak vein walls.

Varicose veins serum does not cover up the visible veins but works at the ground level to completely erase the problem. This brings a permanent stop to the problem.

Benefits of using Varicose veins serum

  • Varicose veins serum strengthens the capillaries that are connected to the veins and reduce the stress on the affected veins.
  • It reduces inflammation of the veins and brings down the swellings and pain.
  • Varicose veins serum also has the antioxidants that protect the cells and initiate the tissue repair of both the veins and the skin tissues.
  • It strengthens the vein walls and prevents the valves from malfunctioning.
  • It helps in improving the elasticity of the veins and tones it down. This will help prevent the swelling of the veins.
  • The collagen in the skin around the veins is increased so that the skin does not be transparent and can help to mask the veins under. It would also reduce the fluid seepage from the tissues that are under pressure from the swelled up veins.

In short, Varicose veins serum works on all aspects regarding the varicose veins to get relief. It helps restore the heath of the veins, surrounding tissues and the skin of the affected areas. This serum completely gets rid of the ugly veins on all parts of the body. It can be used on the face, neck, arms, and legs.

Varicose veins serum ingredients

  • Horse chestnut extract has the power to close the small gaps in the veins through which the fluid is seeping out. It strengthens the vein structure and regulates the flow in capillaries and veins. It relaxes them and reduces inflammations. This extract lowers the blood pressure and improves blood flow to the lower leg area.
  • Vitamin C strengthens the vein walls. It has healing powers to repair the damaged tissues. It is also a powerful antioxidant that protects the cells and tissues. Vitamin C fights inflammation and relieves the pain.
  • Rosemary leaf extract contains antioxidants that reduce the inflammation in the veins. It purifies the blood and improves the blood flow. It strengthens the blood vessel walls and makes them resistant to the pressure and bulging.
  • Grape seed extract is a blood purifier that would also improve the blood flow through the capillaries and veins. It has antioxidants that improve their functions. It can reduce the swelling as well.
  • Pine bark extract contains the flavonoids that improve the collagen formation that strengthens the veins and the skin tissues. It prevents the capillary seepage and reduces and prevents inflammations.
  • Aloe vera extract has several medicinal properties. It reduces the inflammation and pain. It soothes the affected skin. Aloe vera contains antioxidants that can protect the tissues. It can initiate tissue repair process also. It is also hydrating to the skin. it can increase the blood circulation and help in removing clots and toxins.

Using Varicose veins serum

You may use DermalMD Varicose vein serum like any other cream. Just make sure that you wipe clean the affected area thoroughly before applying the serum. Take a very small quantity of the serum and massage it onto the affected area. You may take more serum to cover a larger area. Let it dry or absorb into the skin well before you put on any clothes. You are done!

You can apply it on the face, nose, neck, hands, and legs.

The results

Do not expect an overnight result with the serum. The serum must be used for about a week or 2 to see the real results. You may use it twice a day for best results.

Gradually, you can see that these veins start disappearing. As the veins are strengthened, increased blood flow, sealing the gaps and more collagen in the skin, the affected area would soon look normal and healthy. The recovery period may vary from person to person depending on the severity. But one thing is assured; you will finally get rid of these ugly looking veins from the visible skin.

Varicose Veins serum reviews

The customer reviews show that the serum works perfectly and effectively. Many have managed to eliminate their years old varicose vein. They no longer have the painful legs and can stand for longer than before.

The recovery period was from 2 weeks to 2 months in several cases. Most of the reviews vouch that there are NO side effects of this serum and is safe for one and all.

Many commented about their skin being hydrated and not dried as anticipated. The serum in unscented and suits one and all. This makes it convenient to use on the nose as there is no irritating smell to it.

The main concern for many is the fact that the Varicose veins serum comes in a small bottle that does not last long. The single bottle causes $62, each time. For the long term users, it is not an economical option but has to spend more money each time. Otherwise, DermalMD Varicose veins serum is one of the most effective alternative remedies for varicose veins.

Buying Varicose veins serum

Varicose vein serum is only available online. You may go, to the DermlaMD online store or to many of the third-party online stores to get this product. You can apply the DermalMD coupon codes and discount coupons, available online, to get it at a better price. This is the best way to get more supply of the product.


If you have varicose veins you might already have looked for the alternative remedy for the problem. As you have seen, there are several herbal extracts that bring relief from the problem. The advantage of DermalMD varicose vein serum is that it contains more than one herbal extract to counter the issue.