Croc Tears Crocodile Tears Eye Drops is one of the best remedies for dry eyes. Crocodile Tears are exceptional eye lubricant drops that are safe and gentle on your eyes. If you are looking for great dry eye lubrication, then you are at the right page. Read on for the complete Croc Tears Crocodile Tears Eye Drops Review, ingredients and more.

Why To Use Eye Lubricant Drops?

Eye Lubricant drops like Crocodile Tears can help you in several ways – dry eyes and a need to re-wet them with artificial lubricant tears and also remove redness of the whites of your eyes. While over-the-counter and medicinal drops are good at work if you don’t wear contacts. But having contacts in your eye means you need to choose the right product. Also, for elderly people who wear contact lenses, natural tears aren’t sufficient and evaporate quickly — or over production of these tears actually exacerbates the underlying condition, leading to continuous cycle of dryness and irritation. Hence, use Croc Tears Crocodile Tears Eye Lubricant Drops to help dryness, irritation and other eye discomfort.

About Croc Tears Crocodile Tears Eye Drops

This eye drops are safe, gentle and approved for daily use. They not only moisturize and soothe your eyes but also protect them from dryness and irritation. Crocodile Tears are a product developed by a talented eye surgeon having more than four decades of experience. This dry eye lubrication provides real, soothing relief from dryness, irritation and discomfort.

Unlike other Artificial Tears available at the drugstore, Crocodile Tears are different. They are made with a combination of visoelastic material and balanced salt solution, mostly used to moisten and protect the cornea during cataract surgery. It is a tried and tested formula that delivers gentle lubrication to your eyes.

This product is perfect use for people wearing contact lens and those with chronic dry eye. Moreover, they are even safe for Pets.

Croc Tears Crocodile Tears Eye Drops Features

  • Safe, gentle and approved for daily use
  • Moisturize, soothe and protect dry, irritated eyes
  • Suitable for people with contact lens and those with chronic dry eye
  • It is a natural Tear Formula.
  • Safe for use in Pets
  • Offers temporary relief to help improve comfort and clarity of vision
  • Help break the cycle of dryness and irritation caused by chronic conditions and contact lens use.
  • Box Dimensions: 3.65 x 1.125 x 2.125
  • Product Dimensions: 3.5 x .65 x 1.5
  • Weight: 0.5 oz

Croc Tears Crocodile Tears Eye Drops Ingredients

  • Active ingredients: Glycerin, Hypromellose and Polyethylene Glycol 400.
  • Inactive ingredients: dextrose, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, sodium phosphate monobasic, sodium phosphate dibasic, sodium bicarbonate, sodium citrate, edetate disodium, benzalkonium chloride and purified water.

Croc Tears Crocodile Tears Eye Drops How Does It Work?

This product contains a combination of visoelastic material and balanced salt solution to provide quick, gentle and soothing relief from dryness and irritation.

Croc Tears Crocodile Tears Eye Drops Directions

As needed, you should instill 1 or 2 drops in the affected eye(s).

For children under the age of 6 years of age, please ask for the suggested use from the doctor.

Croc Tears Crocodile Tears Eye Drops How to Use?

It is important to keep the sterile substance in the container away from contamination. So, wash hands before use and do not touch the tip of the container with hands or to eyes or any other surface. Remove your contact lens before use. To administer, tilt your head back and release one drop into eye at a time. Tilt head down and close eye for 1-2 minutes. You can use it as and when needed to protect, moisturize and soothe occasional dryness, burning or irritation. But use it only up to 4 times in a day (plus at bed time) for severe dry eye.

Croc Tears Crocodile Tears Eye Drops Where To Buy?

You can buy this artificial eye drops from Amazon or its official website It is best to buy from to get the benefit of current sale. Plus, this product has reasonable price and comes with free shipping and simple return policy. The three product options are

  • The ultimate remedy for severe dry eyes, one container Crocodile Tears Regular price $9.99 and Sale Price is $7.99
  • Upon Subscription of Lubricant Eye Drops, it costs -$6.99 / month
  • The wholesale option for wholesale buyers is also available. Lubricant Eye Drops (2,000 units) – $5,980

Croc Tears Crocodile Tears Eye Drops Return Policy

The company offers a very simple return policy. The purchases have only 7 calendar days to return an item from the date received. Moreover, to be eligible for a return, the product must be unused, in its original packaging and in the same condition that you received. Also, your returned item must have the receipt or proof of purchase.
After fulfilling all the above criteria if the returned item is eligible for refund, you will receive the refund amount after deducting the return shipping charges.

Croc Tears Crocodile Tears Eye Drops Customer Reviews

People say it is a very good product and best artificial tears available on the market. It is useful for adults kids and even pets, hence must have in your first aid kit. One customer bought it on the recommendation of her doctor and she is glad to use it. It works exactly as expected and is a lifesaver. It has received 3.9 out of 5 stars from nearly 20 customers.

  • Riverdog64 says it is as good as any other product which charges twice the price of croc tears.
  • Baby Bubs have very sensitive eyes and have tried many brands of eye drops with no success. Her doctor recommended trying Crocodile Artificial Tears and it worked wonderfully. She can use them as often as needed with no discomfort to eyes. Finally she received a product that works.
  • J Beverly says it is an excellent product and best of any OTC eye drops that he tried and the most inexpensive. It provides rapid and painless relief.
  • Harold has used it for twenty years and has tried others too. But others did not do as advertised as Crocodile Tears do.
  • Matilda’s says it does not burn like drugstore drops, but does not last all day long. She often need more than one drop. Hence, she switched to a drop with a lipid layer which blurs her eyes but lasts long.
  • KarBec was hoping for the product to help but it did not get the red out or make eyes even feel better.
  • Travis says this eye drop did very little to cure dry tears. It is similar to other OTC dry eye drops and provides minimal comfort and solution.

Croc Tears Crocodile Tears Eye Drops FAQs

Why are Crocodile Tears different from other eye drops?

This artificial tears eye drops is developed to address the cycle of dryness and irritation caused by chronic dry eye and contact lens use. It will help end the continuous cycle of dryness and irritation in eyes.

Can I use this eye tears drops daily?

Yes. You can use them as needed for the temporary relief of dryness, burning and irritation. It is safe for daily use as directed.

I have chronic dry eye, is Crocodile Tears useful for me?

Yes. It provides soothing, temporary relief and help break the cycle of irritation caused by chronic dry eye. Please make a note that this product is not for the permanent treatment of chronic dry eye.

I wear contact lenses, is Crocodile Tears useful for me?

Yes. These eye lubricant drops are specifically formulated to address irritation, inflammation and dryness caused by or exacerbated by contact lens use. These drops are gentle and will not damage your delicate contact lenses.

Can I have a Free Sample before I place my order?

Crocodile Tears, LLC. provides a free sample pack of artificial tears eye drops to only any qualified organization. Only Wholesale vendors may request for a free sample box by submitting a form on their website. The company strictly mentions that no consumer sample will be provided with this form submission.

Crocodile Tears Eye Drops Conclusion

If you are suffering from irritation, inflammation and dryness in your eyes, if you are an elderly person, kid or an adult with contact lens and suffering from dryness in eyes or if your pet has eye irritation problem. The only solution to all these eye discomfort is Crocodile Tears Artificial tears eye lubricant drops. They are gentle, affordable and safe for daily use. Order one today.