Wallets are usually made of leather. It is sturdy material and elegant in looks. What about the process behind getting this elegant looking material? It is downright cruelty. As you know leather is made from animal skin. It is taken, in most cases, by killing them. Although we know this fact, we tend to forget where this came from. Although there are other synthetic materials for wallets, they have their drawbacks. Here is a naturally made wallet that is sturdy enough and coming with many benefits. It is the cork material taken from cork oak, the very same material of wine cork. Corature cork wallets are some signature collection in wallets that are eco friendly and durable.

Corature Cork Wallets

Corature cork wallets are some signature collection in wallets that are eco friendly and durable. It is soft material but very sturdy and durable.

Corature cork items

Corature makes the wallets, purses, and handbags using the Oak cork. The cork is taken by stripping the trees. The trees have a longer lifespan of over 300 years. By taking the cork, no tree is harmed, no one is killed, and no harm is done to the nature as well. It is a safe and eco-friendly option of using natural products and having a durable material for something that stores the important personal belongings.

Why choose cork over leather?

The cork oak trees grow in the cork forests that are home to many of the endangered animal species and offers home to vast varieties of lives. The greatest advantage of them is that these trees can purify the air by taking in a large amount of carbon dioxide.

This ability of the cork oak trees to absorb carbon dioxide is increased when they are stripped. In such conditions these trees absorb almost 5 times more carbon dioxide from the environment than when in unstrapped condition. It is also to be noted that the trees stay intact even after the cork is taken, the trees need not be cut to take it.

Other benefits of using cork for wallets and other items

  • Cork can retain its ability to absorb carbon dioxide even after it is used in any form. It can still serve as an air cleaner in that case.
  • Cork is not used just for the purse or wallet making but also for flooring and other items as well.
  • It is soft material but very sturdy and durable.
  • Cork has buoyancy that makes it float in water and does not sink. This is a safe feature to use for purses and wallets since it contain currency and other important documents and cards. Thos items could stay safe from getting wet.
  • Cork is water resistant and fire resistant. It can still get wet but not that easily. The fire resistance is as much that it does not burn easily. It is not fire proof.
  • Cork is anti microbial and does not let microbes to grow on it. It neither allows the dust particles to settle on them.
  • It is a completely renewable and recyclable material that does not make a burden on earth, should you be tired of using the old cork wallet, you can simply through it away or donate to the recycling plants.
  • The final benefit is that as the popularity for cork increases it makes a huge demand for such trees and they can be preserved for this purpose, if not for others.

Corature cork wallets

Cork Minimalist wallet

This is a small wallet for the front pocket use. You can keep a few cards and some cash in this. You can also add an ID in it or a few extra cards, up to 8 in this small wallet. One side of the wallet has a clear window that shows the ID or cash in it. The wallet is completely made of cork material and comes in beige color- the natural color of cork. This wallet is also available in black color with the same features. This type of wallet is ideal for a small trip to the stores.

Cork minimalist wallet with RFID protection

This is another version of the minimalist wallet for the front pocket use. It can hold 3 access cards, extra 8 cards, cash, and an ID. The specialty of this wallet is that it is completely protected from RFID. No one can scan the details of your ID and credit or debit cards through the radio frequency identification method. That is a serious ID threat these days and one must stay ahead of such thieves. Make use of this wallet and keep your ID safe and secure with only you. This wallet is available in natural color.

Cork black bifold wallet

This is the traditionally designed wallet with bifold facility. The wallet is light weighted with dual compartments for the bills. The compartments are large enough to hold multiple currencies. There is also room for the credit or debit cards, ID cards. It can hold 1 ID card and 2 access cards. The size of the wallet is 4.3 x 3.5 inches when folded. The fabric is cork fabric which is smooth and easily slides into the pocket.

Cork bifold wallet slim and lightweight

This type of wallet is slim and is more suitable for the front pockets. It has dual compartments for the bills. It is more useful to store receipts and for only the bills.

Slim 6 slot cork bifold wallet

This is one of the large wallets that hold up to 6 cards at the same time. 3 cards can be kept on either side of the fold. There is still space for the bills in 2 compartments. The total size of the wallet is 11.4 x 8.6 cms or 4.5 x 3.4 inches when folded.

Shipment of Corature cork wallets

All the cork wallets that are in stock are shipped within 1 business day. It is shipped through USPA. The customer will receive the tracking and other details regarding the shipment once it is sent.

Corature cork wallets reviews

This Corature cork wallet have excellent customer reviews. More than 90% of customers are saying – It’s an excellent wallet which is durable and quality made.

Review 1 says “This is a real great wallet. I just love their collections.”

Review 2 says “Best wallet I ever had and will never going back to anything else.”

Review 3 says “Well made! I would be suggesting this to everyone.”

The Bottom Line

Bottom line is that the cork wallets are highly eco-friendly material. There are eco-friendly items and there are eco-friendly items. But these cork wallets are something that is beyond this usual term. It is not only safe for the environment and for us, but can also be beneficial for all. The Corature cork wallets make a pure vegan wallet for someone who is extremely vegan. There also are other items like purses and handbags to go through.