Camel Milk, Nature’s most wholesome dairy beverage is not easily available like cow’s milk in the dairy section of your local supermarket. This new milk variety is becoming quite popular because of its benefits for you and your child. It may help fight a number of diseases, such as diabetes, cancer, autism, food allergies, hepatitis B and other autoimmune diseases. It is also easier to digest than cow’s milk. In addition, the FDA has approved the consumption of camel milk in the United States.

There are a few camel dairy farms in the United States, such as Desert Farms and more which sells raw as well as pasteurized camel milk.

About Camel Milk From Desert Farms

For centuries, Middle Eastern, Asian, and North African cultures have used camel milk as a natural remedy. Nomads and Bedouins still rely on camel’s milk nutritional and medicinal properties. Desert Farms has now captured their prehistoric knowledge and packed camel milk in a bottle. Desert Farms’ camels live on small family farms in the USA where the average herd is about 6 camels. All Desert Farms camels are pasture-raised and eat a complex diet of hay, grass and alfalfa pellets.

Desert Farms’ Camel Milk contains milk only from USA-based camels and bottled entirely in America. It is 100% Natural contains no other ingredient but only camel milk. Nothing added or nothing removed. This camel milk is Non- GMO feed Wheat and grain free, additive, sweeteners, and preservative free. Plus, it contains no hormones and is Non-homogenized. Desert Farms’ Camels are Pasture raised and 100% grass fed.

It is available in various distinct varieties: Raw Camel Milk; Raw Camel Milk (Frozen); Raw Camel Milk Kefir; Pasteurized Camel Milk and Raw Camel Milk Colostrum. The health-giving properties of camel milk are abundant and each drop is well worth its costly price.

Desert Farms Camel Milk Nutritional Benefits

  • It contains nutrients like vitamin E, zinc, and selenium. A single cup of camel milk also contains – 10% (daily value) DV of protein, 11% DV of potassium, 15% DV of phosphorus, 30% DV of calcium and 70% DV of vitamin B1.
  • Camel milk is naturally 50% lower in fat and 50% lower in saturated fat than USDA cow’s milk.
  • It is a natural probiotic to assist healthy bacteria growth in the gut and is easy to digest.
  • It is an excellent source of calcium and vitamin for your daily value
  • All this delicious nutrition is only 110 calories per serving.
  • It is also a rich source of protein, with 5 grams per serving to offer 10% of your daily value.
  • It is also a good source of potassium and phosphorus

How Camel Milk From Desert Farms Can Benefit You And Your Child

Research has shown that camel milk might be helpful for people with autism, Type 1 diabetes, food allergies, and other autoimmune diseases. The United Nations hailed the nutritional value of camel milk in 2006 and predicted higher consumption once it becomes easily available for people to buy. Now you can easily buy camel milk from Desert Farms, produced entirely in the USA. Let’s see below how camel milk can benefit you and your child –

  • Nutritious Wholesome Beverage – Camel milk is high in calcium, thiamine, niacin, iron, potassium, copper, and manganese than cow milk. It also contains three times the vitamin C. It also has fewer calories, lesser saturated fat, and less sugar than the bovine variety.
  • Rich in Unique Proteins – Researchers Analyzing milk from the one-humped camel, discovered it contained more than 200 proteins (some of which are entirely unique to camel milk). Although more study on these is needed, the study’s authors note states; these bioactive compounds may have antioxidative, antimicrobial, antithrombotic, and antihypertensive properties.
  • Boosts the Immune System – Some protective enzymes in camel milk such as lysozymes, immunoglobulins, lactoferrin, lactoperoxidase, and more have antibacterial and antiviral properties which can promote the body’s natural defenses. Tests against several pathogens showed that camel milk can act as a bactericide against E. coli and Salmonella. It also works well to prevent further growth of Staphylococcus aureus. Researchers also found that camel milk contains antibodies that can help the body fight against rotavirus.
  • Beneficial to the Heart – If you enjoy eating fatty, cholesterol-rich foods, then add camel milk to your diet to help reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. Scientists fed lab rats with a high fat, high cholesterol diet, along with camel’s milk. After eight weeks, they notice a reduction of fat and inflammation in the liver, an increase of the antioxidants glutathione and catalase, the decrease of elements that cause oxidative stress, and improved HDL “good” cholesterol.
  • Lowers Blood Sugar Levels – People with type 1 diabetes may benefit from drinking camel milk. It offers a natural way to Lowers blood sugar levels while considerably decreasing the need to take a daily dose of insulin.

How Can Camel Milk Benefit Your Child?

  • May Help for Autism – There are dozens of anecdotal evidence and stories from people who have used camel dairy in cases of autism. Unfortunately, there aren’t any conclusive studies to support these claims. However, camel milk may be helpful for autism. One study found that camel milk could play an important role in reducing oxidative stress in children on the autism spectrum. Camel milk has exceptional antibacterial, antiviral, and immunological properties, so, researchers chose it to ease oxidative stress in autistic children. A study involving 60 autistic children who consumed 500 ml of camel milk daily for two weeks showed improvement in Childhood Autism Rating Scale (CARS) score.
  • Safe Substitute for Milk Allergies – Unlike cow and sheep milk, camel milk doesn’t contain beta-lactoglobulin or A1 casein. These two proteins are responsible for allergic reactions. A study in 2011, found that 80% of children given skin prick testing using camel milk had no negative reaction and were able to consume it safely. People with lactose intolerance may also benefit from drinking camel’s milk. A preliminary trial in 2010, showed of the 25 lactose intolerant patients, only two had a mild reaction while the rest had no adverse reaction from drinking camel milk.
  • Safe Substitute for Severe Food Allergies – Its unique inflammation-inhibiting proteins and hypoallergenic properties may possibly a cure for severe food allergies. A small Israeli study involving eight children with extreme food allergies showed better health and can digest foods easily after two weeks of the camel milk diet. They were previously unable to eat, endured vomiting, diarrhea, skin rashes, asthma symptoms and lactase deficiencies.
  • Promotes Relaxation – GABA (gamma-Aminobutyric acid), an amino acid that one can supplement while you can also source it naturally in camel milk. Both goat milk and camel milk have significantly more GABA than cow or human milk. However, camel milk is more efficient by activating GABA receptors than goat milk, which is easily absorbed by the body.
  • Helps Autoimmune Disease – Conventional treatments for the autoimmune disease often include immune-suppressing drugs that have substantial side effects. Whereas, camel milk contains those potent but tiny immunoglobulins that may penetrate cells and help improve the immune system while targeting only harmful antigens. Years of research by an Israeli doctor on patients with autoimmune disease showed camel milk can control or even reverse the disease.

Desert Farms Camel Milk Taste

This camel milk is light, sweet, and clean with a fresh taste. The taste may differ a little from farmer to farmer depending on the local camel diet and the stage of lactation. But, there is nothing added and nothing removed. In addition, before packaging, all their partner farms conduct regular lab testing for detecting bacteria or pathogens.

You can also add some chocolate or strawberry syrup to a glass of camel milk. Or can sprinkle some all-natural stevia, or make a smoothie with your favorite fruit. As your taste grows, you will be craving for camel milk when you feel tired, hungry or enhance that healthy feeling.

Camel Milk From Desert Farms Side Effects/ Risks

There are no known side effects or risks attached to these products. The users reported no cases of any allergic reactions or harmful side effects.

However, one of the risks of camel’s milk is with consumption in unpasteurized form. Camel milk has higher occurrence of pathogenic bacteria than in sheep and cattle milk. A study concluded that people drinking unpasteurized camel milk may expose themselves to a number of animal-based pathogens. Any variety of raw milk from a camel, cow, goat or any other animal is not preferable. A study also showed the virus that causes Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) is found in camel milk.

Camel Milk From Desert Farms Where to Buy?

You can buy Desert Farms’ camel milk and camel milk products online and few stores in certain locations in the USA. But the best place to buy Desert Farms’ camel milk is from their official website You can buy camel milk directly from here to avail the best product, best price and best quality camel milk delivered right to your door. You may also avail $20 off your first order, sign up to receive Desert Farms coupon code and claim free sample.

Camel Milk From Desert Farms Customer Reviews

There are impressive numbers of positive Desert Farms Camel Milk Reviews from its users. People say it is similar to cow or goat milk. They say it tastes wonderful and is easy to digest. Some children skin problem got better. People also mention that it is beneficial for kids with allergies. Most users even appreciated the efforts of the company, customer service, fast shipping and more. Only complaint from some customers is the price.

  • Rupal says it is the best milk ever for kids but a little expensive. However, it’s worth it.
  • Hossein’s son likes the taste. He doesn’t have any complaint about it but waiting for the desired result.
  • Erika was afraid to try raw camel milk that she says it tastes just like cow milk. The only setback is cost. But it is a fantastic product.


Camel Milk From Desert Farms is safe, 100% natural and can benefit you and your child in many ways. This unique milk is helpful for people with diabetes, autoimmunity, allergies, heart problems, and autism. It is high in protein, vitamins, mineral and low in fat and sugar, making a perfect daily healthy drink.