Mens Skinny Sweat Belt

Skinny Sweat Belt helps you get more out of the exercises and keeps the body, especially the stomach area warmer to get through the fat burning.

People are ready to do anything and are eager to buy anything that can help them lose weight. More than losing weight the focus is more on attaining flat abs. Though the belly fat is the most stubborn fat to get rid off, there are a few tricks and keys that can help you lose them.

Even with the most balanced diet and hardcore exercises, you may not get the perfect shape that you are looking for. The Skinny23 Mens Skinny Sweat Belt is an add-on item to the daily workout program.

Skinny23 Mens Skinny Sweat Belt Benefits

The Skinny23 Mens Skinny Sweat Belt is a wider and stretchable belt that you can wear around the abdomen. It keeps the muscles tighter in this region and can make you feel the heat. The benefits of using this belt are

  • Maintain the body heat through the workouts and does not allow the body to cool off easily
  • It can extend the period of exercises that you may not generally be able to
  • It can be worn easily under the sweatshirt
  • It provides abdominal compression
  • Supports the lumbar and good for the back while doing exercises
  • The stretchy material can cling to the skin and keep it in place while you workout
  • It supports the alignment of the core muscles and ideal for those with loose core muscles

What Is Mens Skinny Sweat Belt Made Of?

The Mens Skinny Sweat Belt is a stretchable material that is comfortable on the skin. It is made of a mix of polyester and spandex. It contains 90% polyester and 10% Spandex.

It is safe on the skin and does not cause allergies. It makes the skin feel hotter and that is exactly what it is supposed to do.

How To Use Skinny23 Mens Skinny Sweat Belt

  • The Mens Skinny Sweat Belt is worn around the abdominal region. It should be worn directly over the skin and not over the clothes.
  • Open the belt and stretch it so that the mid-region of the belt is directly on your lower back.
  • Pull in the sides of the belt so that one side is over the other. The belt has attached Velcro for the closure.
  • Keep the correct side of the belt overlapping the other and fasten the Velcro.
  • Once the Velcro is secured, pull in the second layer of the closure that overlaps this closed belt and keeps the belt tighter and in place the whole time.
  • The material of the belt is stretchable so that you can fasten it tighter as needed
  • The sweat belt is suitable for both men and women.

When To Wear The Mens Skinny Sweat Belt?

You must put on the Mens Skinny Sweat Belt during the exercises, jogging, be running, be walking or while on any other physical activities. You must wear it throughout the exercises and after that until your body actually cools down.

Though this is meant as a belt that is to use while doing workouts, you can also wear it anytime. The belt can stay hidden under the clothes and makes the waistline seem slimmer.

If you are sitting most of the time while working, wearing this belt would be helpful for posture correction and for supporting the lower back.

Mens Skinny Sweat Belt Sizes And Colors


The Skinny23 Mens Skinny Sweat Belt is available in 5 sizes of Small, Medium, Large, XL and 2XL. The width of the belts is 8 inches. The length varies with the size and ranges from 41-46 inches in length. The same can stretch further for a few more inches as needed.


The Skinny23 Mens Skinny Sweat Belt is available in 3 color options of Black, Blue, and Pink.

How Does Mens Skinny Sweat Belt Work?

Wearing the Mens Skinny Sweat Belt supports the lower back while doing workouts. This is one way of prolonging the session if you often experience back pain.

Since the belt is tight around the abdomen, the muscles in this area are also kept tight. People with the loose muscles in this core area can have better control of their muscles and make them work to tighten naturally.

This belt keeps the belly from juggling back and forth during the workouts. It keeps them in place and makes them really sweat.

It increases the body temperature and keeps it warm for long. A warmer body can do more metabolic processes to bring in effective weight loss.

The Mens Skinny Sweat Belt makes you sweat in the stomach area. The sweat removes excess water from the body and enables to shed the water weight. Though you might take in the lost water while drinking in between the workouts, the effects of the belt cannot be neglected.

The support for the lower back helps you get into a better posture during the workouts and reduce chances of injuries.

Where To Buy Skinny23 Mens Skinny Sweat Belt

The Skinny23 Mens Skinny Sweat Belt is available online from Skinny 23 store. It is not seen in any of the other online stores.

Skinny23 Mens Skinny Sweat Belt price

The Skinny23 Mens Skinny Sweat Belt costs $89.95 for the all sizes from Small to 2XL. Currently, the product is at a discounted price that gets you at $79.95.

Skinny23 Mens Skinny Sweat Belt coupon codes and promos

You can get the discount at Skinny23. You will also find coupon codes on the site that you can apply for the next purchase from this store. Apart from the Sweat Belt there also are other products like weight loss supplements, cleansing and detoxing product etc. you could use the coupon codes to get additional discounts on these products.


Skinny23 Mens Skinny Sweat Belt is not the ultimate way to the slim waist. It can definitely help you trim the waistline and add more effects to the various abdominal workouts. It helps in tightening the stomach muscles and reduce fat deposition, water accumulation and bloating in this area.

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