DermalMD Lightening Serum is for all those who want to have a brighter skin. It does not make your fairer but removes the dark spots, freckles, age spots, tan etc. It removes the invisible black mask over the face and brings out the inner glow. This Lightening serum uses no bleaching agent but only natural ingredients to remove these problems and make the skin look lighter.

DermalMD Lightening Serum
DermalMD Lightening Serum is effective for repairing any damage to the skin by sun exposure and aging. It helps maintain the youthful, healthy skin. It also helps you age gracefully, without having to look dull, darker.

DermalMD Lightening Serum Ingredients, Benefits & Uses


  • Licorice extract is a popular remedy for dark circles, blemishes, tanning, dark spots etc on the skin. It has skin lightening property. Glabridin- the active compound, in this extract can inhibit the production of melanin. It is melanin that is causing darkening of the skin. Licorice extract is also able to control the oil production. It has the antioxidant property that can slow down the aging process. It can also act as a screen against the UV rays and protect the skin.
  • Vitamin A is an essential nutrient for skin cell reproduction. It can promote the tissue regeneration and keeps the skin firm and bright. It has sunscreen protection features and can fight any skin infections. Vitamin A prevents wrinkles and helps in smooth skin.
  • Vitamin C is another of the ingredient that inhibits the melanin production. The antioxidant property fights against darkening and aging of the skin. It can promote skin healing and also be a natural exfoliator. Vitamin C can increase the collagen formation and make the skin firmer and young. It helps remove the blotches caused by acne and prevent acne as well.
  • Cucumber fruit extract contains vitamin A that can help in the tissue regeneration and heal the skin. It also has the vitamin C for protection and exfoliation of dead skin cells. Cucumber fruit extract can act as a toner and guards the skin against any infections. It has astringent properties that lighten the skin tone.
  • Alpha-arbutin is an active compound in berries. It has skin lightening property. Alpha-arbutin prevents the melanin production by inhibiting the action of the enzyme tyrosinase. It removes dark spots, freckles, age spots etc.
  • Organic Aloe extract contains enough nutrients that protect the skin naturally from the sun rays. It can control the oil production, moisturizes the skin, soothe the irritated skin tissues and most importantly promote collagen formation. The various vitamins in this extract help with reducing the melanin production. This adds to the moisturizing part of the DermalMD Lightening Serum.


  • DermalMD Lightening Serum removes all kinds of dark pigmentation on the skin. It eliminates larger spots, age spots, sun spots etc.
  • It can lighten the freckles and protect the skin against sun damage
  • Lightening Serum can help with the acne scars and scars from other injuries
  • It smoothens out the skin to reduce the occurrence of leathery texture due to overexposure to sun
  • It can lighten the various birthmarks and make them less noticeable
  • This serum promotes the even tone of the skin by removing any blotches or patches
  • It reduces the melanin production on the skin to lighten it by a tone or 2

DermalMD Lightening Serum Dosage & Drug interaction Symptoms

The exact way of usage is not available for this product. You could apply a small amount of the lightening serum and evenly spread it over the face and neck. Gentle massage assures that it is absorbed into the skin. It comes in a small bottle. Depending on the use and where it is used, it could last from 15-30 days.

DermalMD Lightening Serum is a topical cream that does not have interference with the drugs and medications to cause any kind of interactions or problems.

DermalMD Lightening Serum Risks, Side effects & Adverse Reactions

Lightening Serum causes no side effects. It uses only the natural extracts and ingredients that are known to be safe for the skin. Moreover, it contains soothing agents like aloe that can prevent any kind of skin irritations that could possibly happen.

DermalMD Lightening Serum Reviews & Complaints

The DermalMD Lightening Serum reviews show that it is highly effective. It showed results quick and reduced the dark spots on the skin. It found to do all that it claimed. The lightening serum has refreshed the damaged skin and has managed to improve the skin tone. It worked a lot better than the bleaching agents and showed no skin irritations or side effects.

The DermalMD Lightening Serum is available in a small bottle. People complain that the quantity is not enough for its purpose and are demanding to have a larger bottle. Other than that there are no major complaints against this lightening serum.

DermalMD Lightening Serum Testimonials

  • Tami-“I started having a radiant skin within 2 months of using DermalMD Lightening Serum. The spots took longer to fade away and I am happy with the improvements it brought.”
  • Christine-“I use this lightening serum along with other skin lightening products. I use it as the last step in my skincare routine. Applying it twice a day and it has brought good improvement in the skin tone.”
  • Deane-“This serum has kept my skin hydrated. It removed the dark spots and helped shrunk the puffiness around my eyes.”
  • Cassandra-“This lightening serum is refreshing for the skin. It is non-greasy and easy to apply. I love this.”
  • Julieta cautions- “use it only as the on-the-spot serum if you have darker skin. Applying I all over could make your face lighten and odd.”

Does DermalMD Lightening Serum Work?

The DermalMD Lightening Serum not only ensures the lightening of the skin but a healthy blood flow as well. The frequent exposure to the sun without any skin protection could increase the melanin production and do other damages. This serum helps rejuvenate the skin from the base level and counter all the troubles on the way. It reaches the root cause and provides a longer effect than the bleaches.

DermalMD Lightening Serum Results

The DermalMD Lightening Serum results are quicker. It does not mean that your spots would all disappear overnight. You can see the difference within a few hours. You can feel the brightness and radiance. The dull looking skin would seem healthier and fresh.

It takes about a month or two to see the spots completely erased. It also depends on the severity of the spots and pigmentation. Overall, the average time you need to wait to see the results would be a week at the maximum.

Where To Buy DermalMD Lightening Serum

DermalMD Lightening Serum is available for purchase only from the makers. You need to go to DermalMD online store to purchase this. You can add as many bottles as you want for the current billing. There are no discounts or auto-ship program for this product.

As of now, the DermalMD Lightening Serum is not available on Amazon or any other online stores.
Neither is it available at the shops or pharmacies. It is not even available at Costco, WalMart, and CVS etc.

DermalMD Lightening Serum Price

A bottle of DermalMD Lightening Serum costs $67. It is definitely in the higher price range.

DermalMD Lightening Serum Discount, Coupon Codes, And Promos

You can find discount coupons and codes for DermalMD Lightening Serum. Look for the DermalMD coupon codes and promos. It will give you handsome discounts up to 75% on the DermalMD products. The coupons are applicable for the current month.

DermalMD Lightening Serum FAQ

Is DermalMD Lightening Serum safe for acne prone skin?

Yes, DermalMD Lightening Serum uses the natural ingredients that are soothing to the skin. It is suitable for all skin types and is safe for allergy and acne prone skin as well. It has acne controlling agents in the formulation.

Is DermalMD Lightening Serum FDA Approved?

Yes, it is.

How often should I use DermalMD Lightening Serum?

You can apply the DermalMD Lightening Serum twice every day. Use it on the clean skin in the morning as well in the night. Once you have got the results, you can keep the application to minimal and only during the nights.

How does DermalMD Lightening Serum differ from the bleaching creams?

The bleaching creams lighten only the upper layer of the skin. The effects of it would last only for about a month. On the other hand, the DermalMD Lightening Serum penetrates deeper into the skin and prevent the melanin production. It is the melanin that causes the dark color and pigmentation. Bleaches cannot remove these pigments; they can only mask its effects. Moreover, DermalMD Lightening Serum uses only natural ingredients while the bleaching agents are all chemicals.


The skin type is different from person to person. Each skin responds in a different manner to all the products. DermalMD Lightening Serum is no different. DermalMD Lightening Serum can definitely work on reducing the melanin production and keep the skin glowing and radiant. You can easily make it a part of the daily skincare routine.