Blackbeard for Men

Blackbeard for Men

Blackbeard for Men is a patented product, created by Cap’n Jim an his crew of scurvy sea dogs in the year 2012. It’s an easy to use, every day natural color. You can have 100% natural, good looking beard just in one brush!!!

Grey beard?? Its time to color it…

Most of the men are worried to color their beards. Because they think its application is complicated, time-consuming and has to breathe acrid chemical fetor…

But, no worries!!! Blackbeard for Men is here to help you. This is not a dye! It has many advantages over other dyes. Read on to know more about Blackbeard for Men.


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Think different, Think Blackbeard For Men

Blackbeard for Men is a patented product, created by Cap’n Jim an his crew of scurvy sea dogs in the year 2012. It’s an easy to use, every day natural color. You can have 100% natural, good looking beard just in one brush!!!

Blackbeard For Men Features

  • Blackbeard effectively works on beard, eyebrows, mustache and sideburns.
  • Eliminates grey facial hair instantly.
  • Non-irritating and won’t cause any rashes on sensitive skin.
  • Makes you look years younger instantly.
  • Easy to apply in seconds and lasts all day long.
  • Its not a dye- purely hypoallergenic.

Oh!!! what should I do? How to choose the right dye for my beard………

Hypoallergenic Beard Dye

Beard dye allergies are common for people with sensitive skin. Most of the dyes contain harmful chemicals, which are dangerous to your health. Usually they are loaded with certain skin irritating chemicals like PPD, Resorcinol, Sulfates, EDTA, Parabens, Ammonia, Propylene Glycol, PPD and DMDM hudantoin. But this is not the case with Rich Lustrous Matte Black. It is absolutely safe and does not cause any allergic reaction when used.

Rich Lustrous Matte Black, what else?


  • Hypoallergenic- causes no itching, burning or rash.
  • No usage of harsh chemicals fumes.
  • Amazing!! works on eyebrows and sideburns too.
  • Fast and easy to apply – goes on in seconds!!
  • Purely water-resistant.
  • Fills all the gaps.
  • Use according to your wish: You can apply as much or as little color as you want.
  • Leave some gray if required.
  • Use only on the areas that need it.
  • For spot and root touch-ups.
  • Very easily removable.
  • Swab away color with a tissue to lighten as needed.
    Economical: Normally a tube lasts about a month on average.
  • Subtle reshape your beard as desired.

Beard Dye For Sensitive Skin

Everyone Loves Blackbeard For Men – Darkest Brown (brown/black)

Do you know Cap’n Blackbeard himself wears the same dye!!


  • Perfect for sensitive skin.
  • 100% guarantee, this product will do what it’s supposed to do.
  • Extremely simple application.
  • No itching, rash or burning sensation.
  • Zero irritation.
  • Free from all harsh chemical fumes.
  • Perfect for eyebrows and sideburns too!
  • Good for daily blending.
  • Easy to do quick root and spot touch ups.
  • Fills gaps.
  • Easy to remove.
  • Apply according to your wish. No restrictions. Also, you can leave some gray hairs if you wish.
  • Economical.
  • After application wipe away all the color with a tissue to lighten as needed.

Beard Coloring Products For Sensitive Skin

Blackbeard For Men – Dark Brown And Blackbeard For Man – Brown/Auburn (Medium Brown With A Reddish Overtone)

Become attractive with this topical colorants! You can apply Black beard for men – Dark brown lightly for Medium brown and heavily for darker shade. While Black beard for man – Brown/Auburn is a special creation of Cap’n Jim, loaded with improved color.


  • These is no risk of any adverse reaction.
  • Safe to use.
  • Not at all, time consuming. Dries quickly after application.
  • Contains no harsh chemical odor.
  • Can be used both on sideburns and eyebrows too.
  • Besides coloring the hair, it can color your skin too. This will be beneficial for men’s with spotty facial growth. Application of these dyes can give them full beard or mustache look!!!
  • Water resistant.
  • Economical, as each bottle of these dyes lasts about a month.

Blackbeard for men – ingredients

Isododecane/Ethylene/Propylene Copolymer 13475-82-6/9010-79-1


Isododocane 13475-82-6 22.2
Trimethylsiloxysilicate/Isododecane 56275-01-5/


Paraffin 8002-74-2 5.2
Carnauba Wax 8015-86-9 3.8
Isononyl Isononanonate 59219-17-5 3.5
Isohexadecane 93685-80-4 3.0
Phenoxyethanol/Ethylhexyl Glycerin 122-99-6/


Tocopheryl Acetete 7695-91-2 0.2
Black Iron oxide CI. 77499 12.0
Total   100.0%

Blackbeard For Men Side Effects

Blackbeard for men is safe to use. There are no side-effects yet reported. It is purely non-toxic, safety tested by TUV Rheinland. Ideal for people who are sensitive to harsh chemicals present in other dyes.

Blackbeard For Men Reviews

Blackbeard for Men is a 100% certified, mercury free formula created with a leading producer of hair care and cosmetics products. It only uses a blend of finest approved colorants in its products. They are resistant to smudging. So you can rub your mouth with a napkin whenever required.

Fantastic Product

“No words to express. I work in retail and get multiple compliments about Blackbeard for men everyday. Thanks Mateys!!” – Cap’n Tim P

Looks Natural

“Can’t believe, it can do wonders. Really the product is great. I have told many people what I am using and they can’t believe………..Thanks a lot! “ – Patrick S

Great formula

“I love this formula. This version of Blackbeard is flawless. Great work. I will definitely keep on purchasing” – Jimmy R


“My wife suggested me this product. Looks so natural and easy to apply, takes around 45-60 seconds! I am really happy, it passed the wife’s test. Cheers……. I have already ordered my next bottle of Blackbeard. I am excited!! when it will reach” – VH, United Kingdom

Blackbeard For Men Discounts

You can directly buy the products from They offer certain discounts and promo codes for all the products. Sign up with your email address to receive all the latest updates on Blackbeard for Men directly to your mail. Also, there are other options like It has received 4.3 stars out of 5 stars on Amazon. Shop online from this site at an affordable prize.

Blackbeard For Men – Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any money-back guarantee offer?

Yes, there is a 100% risk free guarantee offer on all the products. But it will take around 2 weeks to return the refund. Request must be made within two weeks from the date of the purchase. You may sent the returns to the following address:

  • Blackbeard for Men
  • Coverage Ink
  • 3651 S. La Brea Ave. #522
  • Los Angeles, CA 90016

Generally, how long will a bottle of Blackbeard for men last?

Well, the results will vary according to different users. For a person with goatee beard and well trimmed mustache, it will last for 4 weeks. While persons with long beard need more product than the usual.

How long will it take to put this product?

Application time is around 20 seconds. It goes in seconds. All you have to just brush it on. That’s it!!!

Is this a permanent coloring option?

No, remember this is not a dye. It will last for 8 hours or more with average use. Usually, it won’t fade with face-washing. But it’s good if you carry these smooth rounded edges bottle whenever you visit outside.

What about shipment? Are they confidential?

Yes off-course, shipments within USA are made in plain envelops with BBFM and return address. But for foreign shipments Blackbeard uses a customs form which is attached to the parcel.

Will Blackbeard for Men rub off?

Blackbeard for Men is water resistant. It will stay on the face after mild washing. But if you gave a scrub with soap and water, surely it will come off.


Blackbeard is a blend of user friendly ingredients that have been used for decades in the cosmetic industry. Try these products!! You will surely say “works great, looks great!!!”

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