AlphaViril is a natural supplement to increase the testosterone amount in the body. IT can improve the energy in the body and also help counter the causes that lead to poor time in bed. There are so many factors that cause the poor performance in bed for both men and women. The AlphaViril helps them both to improve their libido and have a healthy sex life without having to rely on any chemicals or drugs. AlphaViril supplement is safe from any trace of testosterone in it, instead, it works on to trigger the body make its own natural hormones.

HFL Alphaviril Testosterone Booster

Its natural, It’s safe and best of all it gives you a whole lot of energy (not just sexual) to perform your daily task.

About HFL AlphaViril

AlphaViril is a testosterone booster from HFL Solutions. It is made of all natural products and herbal extracts that can naturally increase the hormone production. These components can also balance the other mechanisms in the body to have better blood circulation, hormone balance, energy etc. Since the testosterone is the main focus here that is important for both men and women, most of the herbal extracts here are targeted to have a higher or normal production of this hormone.

HFL AlphaViril benefits

  • Increase testosterone production
  • Improve libido for men and women
  • Increase the luteinizing hormone level
  • Reduce the production of SHBG- sex hormone binding globulin that makes the sex hormones into inactive forms
  • Reduce the conversion of testosterone into DHT- 5-alpha-dihydrotestosterone that regulates the libido
  • Reduces the prolactin and cortisol levels that reduce libido
  • Improves blood flow
  • Increase nitric oxide that dilates the blood vessels and increases blood circulation.

AlphaViril ingredients

AlphaViril ingredients are categorized according to their role. Each of the herbal extract, vitamin, and other nutrients are added for a specific purpose that improves the overall vigor of the body.

Ingredients like fenugreek extract, oat straw, Tongkat Ali extract, and Maca root are testosterone boost ingredients. While fenugreek extract helps women to improve their vitality, oats straw extract works for both men and women. It has aphrodisiac properties. The Tongkat extract can reduce stress and anxiety and also naturally cure the erectile dysfunction. Maca root is another natural aphrodisiac.

The Bulgarian Pro-Tribulus and stinging nettle extracts increase the production of the sex-related luteinizing hormone. Both of these can increase the testosterone production and LH production in the body. The stinging nettle extract can also bind to the SHBG that eliminates the active testosterone from the blood.

L-Arginine alpha-ketoglutarate and ginger extract help improve the blood circulation. The AAKG can increase the nitric oxide in the blood which dilates the blood vessels and relaxes them to increase the blood circulation throughout the body.

Stress has its bad effects on testosterone and the general virility of the body. The Horny goat weed extract will reduce the cortisol level in the blood that reduces stress in the body. The Vitex agnus castus reduces the prolactin in the blood. Increased prolactin levels can negatively affect the sex life and by reducing its level in the blood, AlphaViril naturally improves the sexual situations.

Estrogen is another hormone that controls the sexual desires. When it is low the libido is also at its low. DIM or the Di-Indoly Methane control the estrogen production to balance it. IT will increase the female libido dramatically. Zinmax Zinc picolinate delivers zinc that can dramatically improve the available testosterone in the body. Sometimes it is not the lack of testosterone that slows down the body but the lack of ‘useful’ testosterone that is to be blamed. Zinc will make sure that the testosterone is in the useful form and prevents its conversion to the inactive forms.

Mucuna Pruriens optimizes the dopamine. The body needs an optimal level of dopamine as an engine to the mood. Mucuna extract contains L-dopa, the precursor to this neurotransmitter.

The vitamin complex contains vitamin D3, copper, and selenium in it. Lack of enough vitamin D3 is bad for estrogen production and ‘bedtime’. Copper can act the same way as zinc to the estrogen production and selenium is important for men for sperm production.

AlphaViril dosage instructions

General dosage

Start with 1 or 2 capsules per day in the initial days. The capsules must be taken one I the morning and the other in the evening. Once the body is ok with the pills, take 2-3 pills one hour prior to workout session or sexual activity. Take the increased dose only before such activities.

Otherwise, just take 2 pills per day. The dosage is flexible with the need that can go up or down. The right dosage is decided by YOU. The capsules must be continued for 6-8 weeks to see real changes.

Take 2-3 OFF DAYS, every month. You may skip one or 2 days in between so that the body does not get used to the pills and that it can normalize on its own.

Advanced dosage

Take 4-5 capsules daily for 14 days straight. Then take a complete week off. Again take 2 weeks straight and take one week off. This dosage is for the extra energy. The dosage could be spread evenly throughout the day with 2 pills thrice a day or 3 pills twice a day, or even take the pills all at once before the physical activity.

Dosage for women

For women, take 2 pills once a day. Take the dosage for 4-6 weeks and then take off for 2-3 weeks. It is not good for pregnant women. DO NOT take AlphaViril along with birth control pills, as it can interfere with the contraceptives.

If women prefer to go with the other dosage cycles, take half of what is recommended for men. But be highly careful if you are trying to get pregnant.

AlphaViril reviews

AlphaViril has been proven a successful product. It has worked for both the genders. Many couples have also used it to improve their married life. They state that it made them feel alive, young and happier than in a long time.
The majority f the users say that it has helped them boost their confidence. If the testosterone increase could boost their confidence also, it is not such a bad thing. Many of them compare their state with that with their teenage. They say AlphaViril makes them go back in time.

A user who started at 1 capsule per day says that it didn’t do much for him. He got 6 capsules per day that was way overboard. Finally, he nailed it at 4 capsules a day with the weekends off. He is now feeling completely normal.

Another user says that it has worked for his prostate also. His free testosterone levels have gone up. He feels confident, young and in a better mood.

Why choose ALphaViril?

AlphaViril is a natural product that does not deliver any hormones into the body. It will only urge the body to make its own hormones and make sure that these hormones are in an active state and are available for the body.
Age is a huge factor physically. As much as we feel young, look young or breathe young, our body’s chemical balance can be compromised. Having lower sex life is normal for everyone. It is up to them to make it balanced and feel completely normal again.

AlphaViril will help on this drive to make it all balanced and feel the sexual desires bubbling up once more to make you feel like a teenager. If not a teenager, it can do wonders for your less than average sex life. It will also help in hormone balance and provide general energy to the body.

As an additional benefit, it can help you put on some muscles as well. AlphaViril will work to improve the muscle development with more, free testosterone availability in the body.

The final reason why you should buy AlphaViril is that it can be used by women also. For couples, this can come as a great blessing so that both of them can always be on the same page.

How to increase your testosterone with sex foods?

AlphaVIril is the ultimate or all-in-one solution for having a healthy sex life. You can top it with some sex foods. Foods that can naturally improve the hormone balance, have more free testosterone and basically boost your sexual drive. A few examples of such foods are apples, ginger, banana, oats, watermelon, salmon, tuna fish, pomegranate, beets, spinach, avocado, pumpkin seeds etc.


Are there any side effects of AlphaViril?

No, there are no side effects of using AlphaViril. None has been reported thus far. In fact, people say this is the best product they have had without causing any side effects.

Where do I buy AlphaViril from?

You can buy ALphaViril from the manufacturer’s online store. Just go to to get the product. The AlphaViril is on sale there with various options.

How long does a bottle last and how long before I see any difference?

A single bottle of AlphaViril contains 90 capsules. As for how long it lasts, it is entirely dependent on the dosage.

Were there any clinical studies done of ALphaViril?

Yes, AlphaViril is clinically proven. It is formulated and endorsed by doctors. Medical studies were done in the lab as well as in real life to test for the medical claims.

Can I use AlphaViril for bodybuilding?

Yes, you can. If you have a low testosterone level. AplhaViril is the best solution for how to boost the testosterone naturally.

What is the price of ALphaViril?

A single bottle of Alphaviril costs about $50. You can get discounted prices when buying more than one bottle at a time or while opting for the auto-ship. There also are several coupon codes available online.