AcnEase is herbal supplements that can be used to treat acne. It can act from the root cause to completely erase it from its existence.

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Acne is the biggest curse that anyone could have. Since it really does not have an age bar, it could happen to anyone at anytime during their lifetime. AcnEase is an herbal remedy to ease acne and also to put a longer stop to it from happening. It is a fact that acne does not have a permanent solution. All you can do is to prevent it from happening and make the body work normal and keep it healthier. AcnEase is just the product you need to have this leverage over acne or pimples or rosacea.

Table of Contents

  • Benefits of Using AcnEase Supplements
  • What is acne?
  • Causes of acne
  • AcnEase helps fight different types of acne
  • Cold sores and pimples
  • AcnEase Ingredients
  • How AcnEase works?
  • AcnEase acne treatments
  • Choosing the right acne treatment from AcnEase
  • Using Acnease for best results
  • AcnEase side effects
  • AcnEase Vs other treatments
  • Acnease Vs Acne clearing gel
  • Other natural remedies for curing acne
  • AcnEase Customer Reviews
  • Dietary and Skin care tips while on AcnEase
  • Frequently Asked Questions about AcnEase

Benefits Of Using Acnease Supplements

AcnEase is herbal supplements that can be used to treat acne. It can act from the root cause to completely erase it from its existence. It can be used as a treatment, maintenance for healthy skin and also as to have the acne scars fade away to eternity. It is any day preferable to the endless chemicals that the prescription medicine bombards the body with. This is completely natural and can also work on both the root cause, as well as on the symptoms to show a better result.

  • AcnEase breaks the entire cycle of acne to put a stop to the never ending saga of acne that most people suffer.
  • It is suitable for all skin types that are prone to acne.
  • All imbalances inside the body that leads to acne are dealt with this herbal supplements.
  • The result is seen within a short time of use.
  • This herbal formulation uses a proprietary extracts that has more bioavailability.
  • Moreover, it is a chemical free formulation that does not supply any unwanted compound into the body that can later cause any problems.
  • In short, it cures, acne, clears the skin and prevents future breakouts.

The other benefits of using Acnease are relief from gastric reflex and heart burn. The hair growth is another benefit. This is high point for those who have had high male hormones that resulted in this condition. AcnEase can correct the hormone imbalance and have the problem solved by promoting hair growth. It is also a remedy for dry or greasy hair texture.

Improvement in skin health is another advantage of AcnEase. This is especially beneficial for smokers who have poor skin health and look.

What Is Acne?

Though acne is considered a disease or trouble in itself, it is more like an indication that all is not working well inside the body. This is also the main reason why people struggle to get rid of them on permanent basis.
Our skin has sebaceous glands underneath that exude oil to keep the skin lubricant and to prevent dryness. Under certain circumstances, these glands produce excess oil that clogs the skin pores. This oil and the dead skin cells together block the skin pores allowing the dirt and bacteria to grow inside. This calls for the body defense that causes an inflammation to kill the bacteria. The result is what we call acne.

In fact the acne has growth stages. The common blackheads and whiteheads that bother us too much are early stages. When the oil clog the pores and the skin is intact and does not give an opening, a small bump is formed which we usually call whiteheads. The blackheads are clogged but open pores that accumulate dirt.

When bacteria spot these areas, they get nourishment and stay there for long that leads to inflammations like pimples, cysts etc. The pimples are relatively milder inflammations and the cysts under the skin are severe cases of acne and inflammation.

Causes Of Acne

The basic reason for acne is clogged pores and over secretion of sebum by the sebaceous glands. As for why these glands are overworking is the real cause for acne. The most common causes for this irregularity are hormone imbalance, excess sebum production- faulty glands, bacteria, and hair follicle changes. There also are minute reasons for these main causes like puberty, menopause, stress, skin dryness etc. These minute causes can happen to anyone and that is exactly why acne has no age bar and could happen to anyone at anytime.

Busting the age old myth that acne is caused by poor hygiene, it is only a reason for the bacteria to thrive there longer. Washing the face often would also not help as it can cause skin dryness, which triggers the sebaceous glands to produce more oil. The basic duty of these glands is to secrete oils to keep the skin lubricant.

Another reason for acne can be the diet. The improper digestive system could show its symptoms on the face, neck, and back. The indigestion can pose many problems and also nourish toxic accumulation which can also be a reason for acne and the likes.

AcnEase Helps Fight Different Types Of Acne

Having said all the causes, there are so many types of acne. It depends on the kind of person affected, the site of acne and the cause of it as well. AcnEase can work on to cure all of these different acne types.

  • Adult acne: Acne that develops after adulthood, from the age of 21 or above is generally referred to as adult acne. This can be mild or severe depending on the cause behind. The causes can be hormone, faulty sebaceous glands, clogged pores, bacteria, or local inflammation. Men and women are equally affected by this adult acne. In most cases it could end up developing into chronic acne condition as well.
  • Teen acne: This is the usual acne at puberty. Teenage is an age of hormone changes. The sudden outburst of androgen in the system triggers the sebaceous glands to over work and produce excess oil. This leads to clogging and acne- the usual course. In most cases such acne should disappear as they age but this can pose a major problem for the teenagers who are more into the beauty and skin health.
  • Hormonal acne: Apart from adult acne, women who pass the menopausal stage can also suffer from acne. The hormone imbalance they suffer at this stage makes them vulnerable to the on slaughter of androgen. This type of acne can be worse in teenage boys when they have excess of male hormones. The acne that appears during the menstrual cycle also comes under hormonal acne. People who use anabolic steroids could also end up having acne. The common places such acne are seen on the face and also on the torso.
  • Cystic acne is the worst acne type of all. All the bad things that could happen with acne end up being cystic acne. The over secretion of oil, bacteria, clogged pores and inflammation together make things worse to have a bigger bump under the skin that is not easy to deal with. AcnEase is one formula that can work on easing h symptoms and also deal with the root cause, whatever that might be.
  • Male hormonal acne is mostly seen in teenage boys. They have more of the male hormones and the teenage acne is worse for them than girls. The intense workouts at gym are another reason for the male acne. Intense workouts can trigger testosterone over production. Men who take steroids to have a better body should also be warned about the impending acne.
  • Body acne is mainly caused by stress. It is seen as pimples on not just the face but also on other parts of the body. The increased perspiration, dirty skin, and clogged pores can all worsen the situation. Diet, clothing types can also cause body acne. It is also one of the toughest acne to be treated. AcnEase is one formula that can be up to this challenge and come out victorious.
  • Stress related acne: The stress can impact by over throwing the hormone balance of the body. This can cause acne in any part of the body. Depending on the stress level the acne problem can be mild to worse. This also a main reason for chronic acne that can go on for years before you get a chance to deal with.
  • Pregnancy acne is another problematic area of acne. Not only is a trouble itself, the double blow is that such acne cannot be treated in the usual way. There are not many medications that can be taken during pregnancy. AcnEase is one of the rarest of supplements that are quite safe during pregnancy and keep a hold on acne during this time.
  • Exercise related acne: Exercise triggers male hormone to be higher in the system that can cause the hormone imbalance to trigger acne formation. The exercises call for sweating. Not wearing comfortable clothes during the workouts can cause the skin pores to be blocked and you know what happens later. The steroids that taken for body building can pose another problem. This type of acne is seen as body acne and most prevalent in males.

Cold Sores And Pimples

There also are the cold sores that are highly confused with pimples and acne. Acne is a bacterial infection and cold sores are viral infection. Acne is seen all over the face and body parts. Cold sores are concentrated on the lip area. Cold sores cause burning, itching and tingling. It takes a week or 2 to get rid of cold sores. There is no real cure for cold sores as it can come and go anytime.

Acne has real cure. It is caused by imbalance in the body which is very much curable. Cold sores are contagious while acne is not. Cold sores can appear when the immune system is down, while during illness, stress etc. Cold sores are cluster of blisters while pimple or acne has a single whitehead or blackhead.

For proper cure of acne one must have proper diagnosis of the problem to ensure if it is acne or cold sore.

AcnEase Ingredients

AcnEase is an herbal formulation that uses herbal extracts from 7 different sources.

  • Gardenia fruit extract is a multi functional natural remedy for acne. The main properties are reduced inflammation and toxin elimination. It has anti-inflammatory property to reduce the acne. It can also reduce the blood heat which is advantageous for the rosacea condition. It has diuretic property and can promote toxin elimination. It has cleansing effects as well. This has been popular in Chinese medicine for long time.
  • Houttuynia is another Chinese medicine that promotes toxin removal and that can drian the pus from the acne. It can address the infection at the affected area and bring the infection down.
  • Scierotium is a mushroom that has positive effects on the digestion. It has active ingredients that can be catalyst for the metabolic activities. It works in many ways to bring down acne and is one of the synergetic ingredients in AcnEase.
  • Dandelion extract helps with the liver and stomach functioning. It works on to reduce the swelling in the case of cystic and severe acne conditions. It can also affect the soreness and relieves it. The anti-inflammatory property of Dandelion reduces the size of the acne.
  • Balsam pear is a fishy smelling fruit that is rich in potassium, antioxidants, and vitamin C and A. it can manage the sugar and carbohydrate metabolism and keep up healthy skin. It has cleansing effects that is enhanced with the presence of Mustard leaf extract, which is the next ingredient in AcnEase.
  • Mustard leaf is a rich source of many nutrients and vitamins. The presence of calcium, zinc, iron etc is also beneficial for the body. The ability to restore the digestive bacteria in the gut is the best advantage of this ingredient. It has diuretic properties that cleanse the inner system. It also has antibiotic property against the harmful bacteria.

How AcnEase Works?

Acne is nothing but a physiological disturbance inside the body. The body needs to be reset in the right areas to cure and prevent acne. AcnEase contains all the necessary weapons to make the body work on this part and to bring positive results. AcnEase can work on the sebaceous glands to reduce the oil secretion by them. The reduction in skin oil would also reduce the dead skin cell formation and thereby put a stop on pimple or acne development.

It also works on the clear the skin by removing the scars that are left behind by severe acne. By having AcnEase for treatment and also for a little longer as maintenance supplement, there is nothing more you can do to your skin to stay healthy and glowing; most importantly devoid of any irritating acne anymore.

The ability of AcnEase to work on the cause, symptoms, and outcome makes it all the more desirable option for acne treatment. It is unique in formulation and unique in the work mechanism as well. No other acne supplement or medication can boast of this. The various customers who have tried it and successfully got rid of their long lasting acne are the clear evidence for this.

Clinical trial shave proven this claim, people have been reported to have reduction in the inflammation from their chronic and severe acne conditions.

AcnEase Acne Treatments

AcnEase can be used for all types of acne varying in its intensity. It is also used for rosacea treatment and for further maintenance against acne formation. The acne treatment methods offered by AcnEase are of 7 types.

Mild acne treatment

Mild acne is the small or minor form of acne that does not grow big or cause inflammation. These small acne formations appear periodically and may even disappear for a while. They do not cause blemishes also. The acne or pimples of this kind may appear on the face, neck, or forehead mainly.

The mild acne treatment by AcnEase is of the smallest duration unless it is chronic that has been running for a while. AcnEase can break this periodic cycle of acne formation without any side effects.

Dosage for women

The dosage for the mild acne treatment differs slightly for men and women. It requires 3 bottles of AcnEase for women and 5 bottles for men. Men must take higher dose. For women the dose depends on the severity or duration of acne.

The recommended dosage for women is 4 tablets twice a day for at least a month. For normal mild acne on the face needs one month treatment of treatment. This basic dosage is for women who are below the weight of 80 kgs or 175 pounds. For those who are heavier than this, the dosage is 4 tablets 3 times a day.

This higher dose is also applicable for the chronic acne condition regardless of the weight of the person. For them, the higher dose is to continue for 2 months and reduce the dose after improvements start showing.

Dosage for men

For men, the dosage is 4 tablets 3 times a day for one or two months. Again, it may prolong for the chronic mild acne that has been there for a while. Either way, the minimal treatment period is one month for women, 1-2 months for men.

For men with chronic and severe acne, the initial dose should be higher at 18 tablets a day, that is, 6 tablets thrice daily until there is improvement. Later it can be reduced to 12 tablets a day or 8 tablets a day.

Moderate Acne Treatment

Moderate acne is the condition where the acne or pimples appear more frequently or too many at a time. Such acne could also be inflamed and can cover larger areas as well. It is mostly seen on face and forehead. This type of acne is much more persistent than mild. This type of acne is seen in individuals that have blackheads, inflammatory diseases, and teens.

AcnEase can easily cure this moderate acne. This treatment regime requires longer period. The moderate acne treatment by AcnEase involves 5 bottles for women and 7 for men. The duration of treatment can be anywhere between 1- 3 months or more depending on the gender of the person and severity of the condition.

Dosage For Women

Women requires at least 2 months of treatment for moderate acne. It might also be extended for a while under conditions. The dosage depends on the weight of the person. The basic dosage for women who are 175 pounds or less is to take12 tablets per day. The dosage is divided into 4 tablets taken 3 times a day. For those who are heavier than 175 pounds should take 18 tablets, divided into 6 tablets 3 times every day.

Under severe conditions, the initial dose itself could be 18 tablets per day which can be continued for a month or 2 until results are seen. The dose can again be reduced to 8 tablets a day when the acne has really come down or as maintenance.

Dosage For Men

Men must take 18 tablets per day that is divided into 6 tablets 3 times, every day. ALL men should take the same dosage regardless of their weight. There is no increase in dosage under severe conditions. The only thing for severe or chronic condition is to continue with the same dosage for 2-3 months, until there is improvement.

Maintenance dose is also recommended for a little longer. That dose would be 8 tablets every day at 4 tablets 2 times. This gives a better stand against acne in future.

Severe Acne Treatment

Severe acne condition is having larger acne and even cysts that are inflamed and painful. Most definitely it can cover larger areas and might even end up having all over the face, neck chest and even back. This is the hardest of all acne types. It has been a while the body is suffering from this problem and that needs more time to deal with. The usual treatment period for severe acne is 3 months.

Dosage Of AcnEase For Severe Acne

The severe acne treatment with AcnEase is the same for men and women except for the duration. The dosage is 18 tablets every day. The dosage is divided into 6 tablets taken 3 times a day. Gender or the weight of the person is no criteria for dosage for severe acne. It needs the highest dose possible for longer, to deal with.

Women must continue this treatment for severe acne for at least 3 months and men needs 4 months, minimum. Whether you find improvement or not, severe acne must continue at this same dosage for 2 months to see any difference. It might well go beyond the 3 months for severe chronic acne.

Either way, once noticeable difference is visible, reduce the dose to next level of 12 tablets every day. Continue with this lower dose for a month or 2 and again reduce it to 4 tablets twice a day for another month or 2.

Body Acne Treatment

Body acne is the development of acne on the chest area, back, shoulders, and neck. The body acne appears to be red, inflamed, and comparatively larger in size. They are persistent, and might need longer duration for treatment, somewhere between 6-12 weeks.

Each AcnEase body acne treatment is of 6 weeks program. Whether you find improvement sooner or not, continue with the recommended dosage for as long as it goes. A single bottle of AcnEase contains 72 tablets and the program consists of 8 bottles in total.

Body acne is seen more among males than in females. But the treatment method is the same for all and AcnEase is safe to be used by one and all regardless of age and gender.


There is no gender discrimination for body acne treatment. The only criteria for dosage are the body weight of the person. The dosage is 12 tablets per day for people who are 80 kgs or below. The dosage is 18 tablets per day for those who are above the weight of 80 kgs or 175 pounds. The dosage is equally divided into 3 times a day.
For severe body acne condition start with the highest dose for a minimum of 6 weeks and continue it for 6 months at least. Body acne is difficult to tackle and takes longer for the severe conditions. Under all acne conditions, when significant improvement is seen, reduce the dose gradually, first to 12 tablets per day and later to 8 tablets per day.

Body Acne For Athletes Treatment

Athletes and those who take intense workouts, especially men suffers from body acne all of sudden. This is because the intense workouts triggers male hormone to be produced higher that cause excessive sebum production by its glands. This would results in body acne formed over the back, chest, shoulders, and other body areas, other than face and neck. This can be persistent and stubborn that needs longer treatment duration.

The minimal time duration is 6-18 weeks for body acne. The basic dose is 18 tablets per day 3 times. This dosage is the same for one and all. Continue the same dosage until improvement is seen. For moderate to severe body acne the treatment might need to be continued for 18 weeks minimum. Once improvement is seen reduce the dosage to 12 tablets per day.

Rosacea Symptoms Treatment

Rosacea is a skin condition which is similar to acne. There will be reddened ski with red bumps on it. These bumps looks similar to acne and will be inflamed, pus filled and painful. They are most likely to occur as skin sensitivity to heat, alcohol etc. it is mostly affected by people who have lighter skin tone. They might appear to have dilated blood vessels with lots of red blotches over the facial skin.

AcnEase can be used for treating rosacea also. The treatment method is similar to the acne with minimum dose according to body weight and gender. The minimal treatment period is 1-2 months, depending on the severity. It also calls for a maintenance dose for longer as there is no permanent solution for rosacea, it might come again later.


Women and men are to take 12 tablets per day at 4 tablets taken 3 times. The dosage is the same for all. The increase is dose is applicable for those who have severe conditions, where the recommended dosage is 18 tablets per day. The higher dose is to continue until there is significant improvement. Later, bring down the dose to 12 tablets and then to 8 tablets gradually with improvement. The 8 tablets per day is also the maintenance dose.

For women the treatment package has 5 bottles of AcnEase that has 72 tablets in each bottle. For men, there would be 7 bottles in the package. The treatment method is 2 months of higher dose and later reduced to the maintenance dose for a long while.

Maintenance Treatment

Acne is a result of long term fault inside the body. AcnEase might be able to treat it completely but a maintenance treatment or dose is always recommended, especially if you have had severe or chronic acne or rosacea. The maintenance treatment consists of single bottle of AcnEase and is available for the repeat users.

The maintenance dose is 4 tablets 2 times every day. This maintenance may be continued for as long as required. If nothing, keep a bottle handy and take the tablets whenever you happen to notice acne in future.
Switch to maintenance only after you have completed all the treatment phase. Do note that the treatment dose minimum is 12 tablets per day.

Choosing The Right Acne Treatment From AcnEase

AcnEase provides an easy platform for you to decide which type of treatment you need to get rid of the acne. There you will find 3 criteria or women, men and teens. It is only to simplify the categories and makes it easy for choosing.

While the acne treatment categories for adult women and men are the same, teens have lesser options to choose from. Adult men and women may decide between mild, moderate, severe, body, body and face, chronic mild, chronic moderate or severe acne and treatment for athletes options. Due explanations or symptoms of each condition is also given, so it may not be difficult to choose the right treatment.

Teens will have the options of mild to moderate, moderate to severe, body and body & face acne treatment.

Do note that the treatment methods for many of these options might be the one and same. The different options are provided for the benefit of the customer to choose the right treatment method. Choose the category and click on the acne condition to reach the right destination. It is as simple as 1-2-3. You can also send queries to the resident doctor, who is also the CEO of the manufacturing company Herborium.

Using Acnease For Best Results

AcnEase can benefit by reducing the acne and all its symptoms. It also prevents the recurrence of the same. To get the complete benefits one must complete the single treatment cycle to get improvement if not the full benefit. It can work well for acne and rosacea equally. The reduction in black and whiteheads, acne scars are also significant with improvement in acne.

One must strictly follow all the instructions carefully to get these results. There are no short cuts and the only way is to complete the cycle, no matter how many cycles one may have to endure. There are also some diet instructions that can speed up the process, which will be detailed later.

  • For the best results of AcnEase one must stick to the instructions and most probably the results would show up within a week or 10 days.
  • No matter what the acne type is, the minimal period for treatment is one month. Some people might take as long as a month to see the results.
  • Some acne treatment is of longer duration. Even of you don’t see major difference do complete the full course to see the improvement. Moderate, severe, or chronic acne conditions might need longer time to have any reduction so sticking to the full cycle is mandatory.
  • Never switch to the maintenance dose until you finish the full cycle of the treatment for any acne type. The minimal dosage with the treatment cycle is 12 tablets per day. It would be better to have a separate purchase for the maintenance dose.
  • Stick to a particular time every single day. It would be best to take the tablets at least 10 minutes before the meals or best along with the meals. It is not a good idea to wait and finish the meals to have AcnEase.
  • Also make sure that you drink plenty of water.
  • Do not mix AcnEase with other acne treatment methods except the natural remedies.

Knowing how many bottles are required for each treatment type is also important.

  • Mild acne for teens and women: 3 bottles for 1 month. The dose is 8 tablets or 12 tablets depending on the body weight, 3 times a day.
  • Mild acne in men and moderate acne in teens and women: 5 bottles for 1 month. The dosage is 12 tablets per day, thrice daily. The dosage is same for all.
  • Severe acne in teens and adults need 7 bottles of AcnEase for a month. The dosage here is 18 tablets daily divided into 3 times.
  • Body acne is 6 weeks treatment that needs 8 bottles of AcnEase. The dosage is 12 or 18 tablets per day according to body weight.
  • Severe body acne is a long term treatment. The 6 weeks minimal treatment needs 10 bottles with a dosage of 18 tablets in 3 times a day.

The final tips for best results for AcnEase are to truly involve with the treatment with dedication. If it is one month, stick to it.

Even after the complete cycle keep a bottle of AcnEase handy for emergency use if there is acne. Also know that AcnEase is no miracle. Some may have faster results while others have delayed.

AcnEase Side Effects

The best feature of AcnEase is that it does not have any side effects. Unlike other acne treatment methods which have one or many side effects, AcnEase is made to erase all those negative effects on the system as well as on the skin. It does not have the skin irritation, sensitivity issues or cause skin rashes. There also is no chance of skin dryness which is common with topical medications for acne.

Other medications might cause premature skin ageing, while AcnEase prevents this condition and makes the skin look healthier. AcnEase is also safe to use by all skin types and skin tones.

AcnEase Vs Other Treatments

It is also safe to have you exposed to sun; some other methods restrict the sun exposure while on the treatment. AcnEase is not only safe for stomach but can also remedy some digestive issues. It is also safe to use during pregnancy. There is NO other acne treatment that is completely safe during pregnancy. It is also best to cure the pregnancy related acne.

No other acne treatment can assure the prevention of re-occurrence, while AcnEase can assure the same. As long as you are on AcnEase maintenance there are less chances of re-occurrence.

The other treatment methods like topical applications, antibiotics and other drugs are all useful only after the acne has appeared. They are never any preventive measure against acne. AcnEase can be used as a treatment method and also for prevention of cane formation in future.

Acnease Vs Acne Clearing Gel

The acne clearing gel is a topical application can only target the acne and in no way can act on the root cause, mainly the sebaceous glands. The fluctuating hormones are the reason why the sebaceous glands acting faulty and the acne clearing gel has no control over this fact. If you are using acne clearing gel you will have to use it on every single pimple or acne that you have developed now or in future, whereas, AcnEase is a onetime solution for acne and all its hidden causes.

The acne clearing gel is known to make the skin dry. If you have severe and widely affected acne, applying this gel can cause skin dryness faster that can also trigger the excess sebum production to make things worse.

Other Natural Remedies For Curing Acne

  • Natural remedies: Using natural remedies along with AcnEase does not hurt. You can use natural face mask, olive oil massage, honey packs etc, while on AcnEase.
  • No cosmetics: As far as possible stay away from any kind of chemical cosmetics.
  • Face wash: Wash the face with mild soap and use cold water to cleanse it. Do not wash face for more than 2 times a day otherwise it could cause dryness that triggers the sebum production.
  • Sex and acne: Sex can help with hormone imbalance and improve the blood circulation. It is one natural way to detox the body. Sex improves the immune system that can fight the inflammation naturally.

AcnEase Customer Reviews

Matthew had very bad body acne vouch that AcnEase works wonder. All those painful cyst was gone within 6 months. Results started showing within 6 weeks. He is also happy with the customer service that helped him assure that there are no ingredients that can cause him allergies.

Samantha has got rid of her acne but she had to continue using Acnease to keep the acne off. She also had a minor problem with headache when she used it for longer time. So she takes a gap of one week in between.

Brandy is another customer who got faster results. She had her acne reducing in number in no time. She also got the acne scars lightening and slowly disappearing. The only problem she faces is to void her bladder due to the diuretic property of the ingredients.

Sophia who tried the moderate acne treatment got results within 6 weeks. She is also quite happy with the customer service, who were ready to answer all her queries. She admits that she has a huge lot of them.

Beth who has sensitive skin had trouble with the prescription medication that caused her skin burning when exposed to sun which only caused her acne getting worse. AcnEase came as a savior and now has none of the problems.

Dietary & Skin Care Tips While On AcnEase

Diet has huge significance for the skin. it being the largest organ in the body makes it even more important. A well balanced diet and plenty of water is all you need in your arsenal when you are taking Acnease. The diet must have a few essentials like vitamins, minerals, a few macronutrients and you are done. Most of these essential nutrients are available from the nature.

Most important of them all are the vitamins that are antioxidants and are also needed for so many other activities inside. You need not look for vitamin supplements; you can get it from the diet itself. Choose one source for each of these nutrients in the daily diet.

  • Vitamin A is abundant in dairy products, fish oils etc. The fruits and vegetables in yellow or orange has lots of this vitamin. So load your diet with carrots, orange, cantaloupe, apricots, yams etc. green veggies like spinach, kale and parsley also has this nutrient. Choose one of these veggies in the daily diet. Overdose is no simple even with this minute nutrient.
  • Vitamin E: Vitamin E is one of the most powerful antioxidants of all. It can protect the skin cells from damage and also influence the immune system. It has special role in repair processes also. Almonds, peanuts, vegetable oils like olive oil, wheat germ, and broccoli are the most common sources for this vitamin.
  • Vitamin B2: Stress is one of the reasons why our body succumbs to acne causes. Vitamin B2 is a stress buster that reduces the stress impact and supports immune system as well. The vitamin B2 rich foods are milk, avocados, eggs, peanuts, lean meat etc.
  • Vitamin B3 is helpful for improving the blood circulation and for healthy looking skin. It can reduce the cholesterol in blood and helps in metabolism. Have some peanuts, avocados, lean meat etc for the daily dose of this vitamin.
  • Zinc deficiency is found to be one of the reasons for acne. It has antioxidant properties. Zinc is a clean-up enzyme that can remove the damaged tissues from its site. It is also needed for the repair process. It can inhibit the sebum production. Zinc can prevent the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone that stimulates the sebum.
  • Folate has a bigger role in blood circulation, RBC production, and faster skin cell regeneration. The dark leafy vegetables, legumes, beans, cereals, citrus fruits etc are the easy way to have folate in the system.
  • Pantothenic acid can break down the fat and excess oil secretion from the sebaceous glands. This nutrient can reduce the pore size and better the skin tone. Red meat, omega-3, yeast, wheat bran etc are natural sources of pantothenic acid.

Apart from these supplements there also are a few superfoods that strengthen the body’s immune system and have better health. The important superfoods for acne are that containing

  • Omega-3 fatty acids from sardines
  • Super veggies broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, brussel sprouts
  • Dark green including lettuce, beets and red cabbage
  • A glass of wine that has antioxidants
  • Legumes, peas, lentils
  • Berries of all kinds
  • Flaxseed
  • Garlic
  • Green tea
  • Tomatoes

Frequently Asked Questions about AcnEase

How long should I stay on maintenance dose?

There is no mandatory period to continue on maintenance dose. It can continue for as long as you are comfortable with. Some people can stop the maintenance dose faster but some people require more time to get the body adjusted.

What if I get breakouts soon after the course of AcnEase?

Not to worry, body of each individual is different. It all depends on the way each body responds to the remedy. If you get breakouts sooner, get back to the maintenance dose as early as possible, the acne would soon go away. In this case you might have to continue the maintenance dose for a while longer.

Is it true that AcnEase can help with hair loss?

One of the causes for hair loss is hormone imbalance which is also the cause for acne. While curing acne, this hormone balance is restored, this would also promote healthy hair growth.

How long would I have to wait, when does acne go away?

Usually, the results should start showing within a week. But one must give a time of one month in case the acne is moderate, severe, or chronic. In these cases it might take that much or longer.

Should I take AcnEase on an empty stomach?

It is not mandatory to take AcnEase on empty stomach. But it is recommended to take the tablets before meals and allow some 10 minutes time to process it. For those take fatty food need more time between the tablets and meals. Fatty food triggers many enzymes that can break down the active ingredients in AcnEase and nullify the effects.

Can I take AcnEase along with oral contraceptives?

There have not been any problems so far with AcnEase and oral contraceptives. So yes, it should be safe to use them together. On safer side, consult with the doctor.

At what age can a teen start AcnEase to cure the acne?

The minimal age for teens to start AcnEase is 14 years. Start with smaller dose and increase gradually.

Can AcnEase cure blackheads, whiteheads, and oily skin with very less acne?

Yes, AcnEase can cure the blackheads and whiteheads, as they are different stages of acne. The ingredients in AcnEase can control the oil production by the sebaceous glands so yes; oily skin can also be controlled.

How to use AcnEase for rosacea?

Rosacea and acne are almost similar and AcnEase works the same for both. The treatment method is the same as for the acne, depending on the severity. The only difference is that the maintenance period is for extended period than that is for acne. While acne can be cured, rosacea can only be controlled.

Does AcnEase have any counter indication with prescription medicines?

No, AcnEase is safe to use with other prescription medicines as long as they are not for acne. But caution is called for while using antibiotics.

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