When it is all about hair loss people think that it’s only for men and not for the women folk. But the plain truth is that hair loss is a common problem suffered by men, women and children alike. The reasons may be different from person to person and it is something that everyone hates to deal with. According to statistics women account around 40% of the hair loss sufferers in America. Isn’t it alarming?

Thinning of the hair and hair loss are the most common complaints heard from women around the world. These problems cause a lot of emotional issues in women making them feel less confident and in certain situations it is unsettling.

Vivisical Extra Strength

Viviscal extra strength is designed to prevent hair fall and hair thinning along with promoting hair growth from within. This product is something new and different from the normal ones available for the same purpose.

What Causes Hair Loss & Hair Thinning?

The reasons may be simple and treatable in most of the cases like vitamin deficiencies, medical conditions, pregnancy, hormonal changes and stress. In other cases the reasons may be complex like hereditary and in such cases it is possible to maintain the existing hair and prevent hair loss. Do not worry as in majority of the cases the problem can be treated with the right treatment method.

In this article we will be discussing about viviscal extra strength hair loss supplement a special treatment method designed to treat hair loss and hair thinning.

To know more about this wonderful product that has brought a revolutionary change for those who are battling with hair loss problems read further and know yourself.

  • About viviscal extra strength
  • Highlights of viviscal extra strength
  • Ingredients
  • How does it work?
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Side effects of viviscal
  • Where to buy
  • Shipping and returns
  • Customer reviews
  • Conclusion

About Viviscal Extra Strength

Viviscal extra strength is designed to prevent hair fall and hair thinning along with promoting hair growth from within. This product is something new and different from the normal ones available for the same purpose. Viviscal tackles all hair problems from the roots. This supplement can prevent hair fall which is caused by numerous factors like stress, hormonal changes, medications, menopause, pregnancy, over styling, aging and improper diets.

This product is fully drug free and is a result of 25 years of ground research along with clinical trials to back. Viviscal is manufactured by Lifes2good Inc based at USA. This company manufactures health and beauty products for its customers worldwide.

Viviscal Man hair growth vitamins

Highlights Of Viviscal Extra Strength

  • Complete drug free dietary supplement
  • Number one selling product in the category of hair growth supplements
  • Formulated with compounds like aminoMarTM and Biotin
  • Supported by research and clinical trials

Viviscal Extra Strength Ingredients List

Here is a brief list that you can find printed on the pack based on amount preserving/ percentage daily values

  • Total Carbs < 1g <1% DV
  • Vitamin C 59 mg 98% DV
  • AminoMar Marine Complex 450 mg N/A
  • Horsetail Extract 36.7 mg N/A
  • Niacinamide (Niacin) 12 mg 60% DV
  • Biotin 120 micrograms 40% DV
  • Iron 10 micrograms 56% DV
  • Millet Seed Extract 7.5 mg N/A
  • Zinc 11 mg 73% DV

Now let us get into the details of each ingredients and how they help to promote hair growth. So stay tight and know more about this unique product.

  • AminoMar Marine Complex: This compound is made from sustainable marine sources like shark powder and mollusk powder. Now the shark powder is a bit of controversy creating aspect as it might upset the vegans. There is no real info about how this powder is extracted or from where it is procured. It is not a vegan product and does include some fishy taste but with a promise of real tangible hair growth.
  • Horsetail Extract Or Equisetum Arvense: This extract is taken from the stem of the horsetail plant after drying them. It contains high levels of silica and other essential minerals that promote the growth of hair and nails. This herb is used since the ancient period for it offers many health benefits. Consuming this herb will help to improve blood circulation in the hair follicles thereby promoting hair growth and preventing hair loss.
  • Millet Seed Extract Or Sorghum Bicolor: This helps to improve blood circulation and supply essential proteins to the hair follicles. Keratin is a form of protein that is essential for maintaining the quality of the hair. In addition to these millet seed contains minerals like iron and phosphorus that helps to grow hair faster. Millet seeds have been used in Asian countries to promote hair and skin health since centuries.
  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C is an essential compound that helps to promote healthy skin and hair. If you are looking for something that will help to promote hair growth as well as strengthen the hair then this is the one thing that you shouldn’t exclude from your diet. It helps to maintain healthy hair follicles, removes inflammatory compounds from the scalp and increase blood circulation. It also helps to build collagen and delay signs of aging.
  • Niacinamide: Niacinamide is a very important compound that is necessary to improve skin and hair health. It helps to revitalize the scalp and stimulate the hair follicles to grow quickly. It also reduces itchy skin and prevents hair loss.
  • Biotin: Biotin is a commonly used form of B vitamin which is found in shampoos and many other hair products. Lack of this vitamin can lead to hair loss and hair thinning. Consuming this vitamin as a single supplement or by combining with other vitamins is very helpful for people suffering from hair loss. It can also help to improve hair texture and thicken the nails.
  • Iron and Zinc: These minerals are of great help to hair and skin. If you want to cut down hair loss and thinning then include them in your diet or consume as supplements. They are the best remedies ever known to mankind to prevent hair loss especially for the women folks.

Other Ingredients that go into the making of viviscal are as follows:

Microcrystalline cellulose,Maltodextrin, Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, Silicon dioxide, Magnesium stearate,Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose,Glycerol, Artificial orange flavoring and Modified starch

How Viviscal Extra Strength Works?

Hair needs as much as care you give for other parts of the body. They are composed of dead cells but inadequate supply of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and proteins can affect the quality and strength. To promote hair growth and prevent hair fall it is very important to supply these essential compounds from the outside and it is done by viviscal extra strength. Viviscal extra strength contains essential nutrients and unique compounds like AminoMarTM that stimulate hair follicles to grow by prolonging the growing phase commonly called as anagen. This product also promotes the growth of existing hair and can be used as dietary supplement

If you are looking for instant results then don’t even bother to buy or look at this product. It is not meant for instant maniacs but for those who look for serious results. It takes a few a months to show results as it is regarding hair growth. You can’t expect overnight results but by taking the doses rightly as administered will help you grow hair eventually with less hair thinning.

Viviscal extra strength works by nourishing the hair follicles from inside and strengthens the existing hair. It slowly promotes new hair growth and improves the growth of hair that has stopped growing. In a matter a few months you will start feeling the changes and you will love the way it has worked for you.

Viviscal Extra Strength Side Effects

There are no reported effects till date and nothing has been reported yet. Since it is a 100% drug free product it is safe to use and free from any negative effects.

Where To Buy Viviscal Extra Strength

You can buy these 4 pack viviscal man hair growth supplement program 60 tablets each products from viviscal website and are shipped world- wide. They are also available in major drug stores, supermarkets, retailers and cosmetic suppliers inside the US. Viviscal products are also available at Amazon.com.

Viviscal Extra Strength Coupons & Discounts

If you wish to receive discounts and low prices then sign up with viviscal elite. You will avail free gifts, free shipping and exclusively low prices ahead. After signing up you will receive coupons and promo codes via email at the viviscal coupons page from time to time.

Shipping Policy

Viviscal offers free shipping for online orders over $120 and minimal shipping charges are levied on orders less than that.

Once you place an order you will receive a conformation email with an order number. You can use this order number to track the status of the product. All the products are shipping in business days and will arrive with 10 business days.

Auto Shipments With Viviscal

For those who are busy you have an option of auto shipment program at viviscal. Your viviscal supply will be delivered to your door step every 90 days without fail. You can sign up at the elite auto shipment program or make a call to 888-444-9037. In case if you want to cancel the program you can call to the same number and request for the same.

Money Back Guarantee Offer

If you are not satisfied with a product then you can return the product within 90 days to avail total cash back. You can place a call to the customer care and for returning instructions. Return the unused portion for a full refund minus shipping charges. This facility is available only for online customers who have directly ordered through viviscal website.

Viviscal Extra Strength Reviews

Hair fall and thinning is a common problem and people are constantly looking for solutions. If you are still looking for a solution then look no more and just trust this product. There are many customers who were skeptical about using this product only to find this product effective later.

You can also find many customers who have posted their images before and after using this product. They love using this product and are recommending the same to others. A few had an opinion that it caused acne breakouts and interfered with their sleep. But majority of those who used this product reported no such issues. When this issue was taken up and studied it was found that there was no evidence to claim such issues. All the clinical trials conducted on participants showed no such effects. Viviscal extra strength has helped to promote hair growth and reduce hair fall in majority of them. You can find loads of positive reviews at amazon.com to have an idea about its effectiveness. If you have doubts regarding your hair problems and want to know more about their products you can talk to their customer care or email at info@viviscal.com .

Here are a few viviscal amazon reviews from customers themselves taken from Amazon…

“No doubt this is the very best of hair stimulation growth. It really works. After the third month your hairline is restored. Great for women over 50, like me.”

“I’ve been using it for about 1.5 months and my hair feels so much healthier. I can’t tell yet if my hair on my hairline is growing back or if it just seems fuller. I love it either way and have actually received comments on my hair a lot! “

“This is magic! I was getting it directly from Viviscal and paid more for it from them. I started out a little over a year ago with thinning spots and my hair was just under my ears and wouldn’t grow! Tried all kinds of special shampoos and supplements from my doctor, nothing worked! This product is amazing. I now have hair past the middle of my back! All the thin spots are gone and it’s so thick, it’s unbelievable!! I have turned on many of my friends to this product and it works great for absolutely everyone!! They say to give it at least 4 months to start working…I noticed an improvement after the first month!! This is the very best!! “

Expert Opinion About Viviscal

Dr. Grant Stevens, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon says he has not seen a brilliant product like viviscal that provides the right combination of nutrients for both men and women. It actually does the work from inside out.

Kim Kimble, Celebrity Hairstylist says that she takes this dietary supplement every day to make her hair healthy and happy. It has worked for her and she recommends the same to all her clients and stylists in her saloon.

Dr. Glynis Ablon, Board-Certified Dermatologist says “viviscal supplements are an additional remedy while treating hair thinning. It is a drug free option that works effectively and promotes hair growth and hair shedding. According to him it is an innovative breakthrough.”

Beware Of Fake Products

Since viviscal products are a hit and customers love buying them there are many copycats who are selling fake products with same labels. Make sure that you buy genuine products by checking the label and if possible buy from the online site directly. This is because I found few reviews at Amazon and other forums where people were complaining about fake products. Better be safe rather than regretting later.

Frequently asked questions

What is Viviscal?

It is a brand with a line of products that works with a dual action

  • To promote hair growth from the inside
  • To make the hair to look shiner, lustrous and thick from the outside

They have a range of scientifically formulated products meant for healthy hair growth. They include dietary supplements like viviscal extra strength capsules, densifying shampoos, conditioners, volumizers and elixirs. Their products are liked by customers around the world and they have a large customer base to serve. All the products are backed by 25 years of scientific research and clinical trials. It is one of the brands that are sold in over 43 countries and no 1 brand recommended by celebs and top media outlets.

Most of the branded hair stylists recommend these products due to their effectiveness and proven results.

Will Viviscal extra strength dietary supplements work for me?

This dietary supplement promotes healthy growth of existing hair and promotes new hair growth. This is done by nourishing the scalp from within and revitalizing the hair follicles. It takes time to show results and it is always better to have an idea about the reason behind your hair loss. If you find hair loss and thinning it is better to consult a doctor to find out the root cause. Once you know the cause then it will be easy to treat the problem. Viviscal extra strength is effective and majority of the people who used it had progressive hair growth in a matter of few months.

If not instant results how long will it take to show actual results?

Viviscal dietary supplements work in four stages and take over a period of six months to show results. But most of the customers say that they have got results in a matter of three or four months. Initially the hair follicles are nourished by supplying essential nutrients. Later with each passing day breaking and thinning of hair decreases and hair growth is increased. When there is constant supply of nutrients hair becomes stronger and thicker. By the end of six months you will feel good for what you have done with your hair. Viviscal dietary supplements have given amazing results for those who were battling with hair loss problems.

I have heard some customers telling that if you stop taking viviscal then hair loss will resume?

This is not true!! Hair loss will not resume when you stop taking viviscal extra strength but only when your body is unable to supply the essential nutrients. Once you stop using viviscal and over the time if your body isn’t able to supply essential compounds for hair growth then there are chances for hair fall and thinning.

Since viviscal does not have any side effects most of the customers continue taking the dietary supplements to maintain thick and lustrous hair. But if you can maintain your hair with balanced diet and supplying essential nutrients then you choose the other way too.

What about Viviscal acne? Do ingredients in Viviscal cause acne breakouts?

No not at all! Ingredients in viviscal do not contribute to any acne breakouts. In general acne breakouts happen due to hormonal changes, menstruation and other skin problems. Using viviscal extra strength does not cause any skin problems and it has come clean in many clinical trials.

Will it cause nail growth?

If it causes hair growth then it is sure to cause nail growth too. In a clinical trial it was found that participants reported to have had improvement in the rate of nail growth and strength. It not only helps to promote hair growth but also gives thicker and strong nails.

Does the fish ingredients safe for people with allergies?

If you have an allergy towards fish then this product is not suitable for you.

Does it cause any allergies?

Basically viviscal extra strength is free from dairy, gluten, soya and other allergens. So it is safe for use and does not cause any side effects. if you have allergy towards millets then do not use this product as it contains millet seed extract.

Can a pregnant or nursing women take viviscal extra strength?

When you are pregnant or nursing it is best not to run behind any dietary supplements. It is not advisable to take viviscal extra strength during these situations as they contain marine extracts. Moreover hair loss is common during such occasions due to hormonal changes which will subside after sometime.

Is it safe to consume viviscal supplements when taking other medications?

Since viviscal is a drug free supplement it is safe to consume and does not interfere with other medications. But as a precaution it is always better to have a word with your health expert before going for the same.

Is Viviscal FDA-approved?

Viviscal Extra Strength is a clinically proven remedy which is a drug free nutraceutical that falls in to the category of dietary supplements confirmed by FDA.

How many Viviscal supplements can I find in one pack?

One pack contains around 60 tablets which is enough for a month. Three months pack contains 180 tablets and comes with a price discount.

How to use this product and what are the dosages?

Consume two tablets on a daily basis for 3 to 6 months for better results. You can take one in the morning and the other in the evening. Later if you wish to maintain the quality of hair you can continue taking one tablet daily after the six month duration.

Are there any Precautions to be followed while using this product?

This product is not meant for people under the age of 18 and strictly not for kids. If you are pregnant and nursing then stay away from this product. Also if you are suffering from chronic illness then kindly consult with your doctor before taking this supplement. Never exceed the recommended intake value.

Conclusion: Viviscal extra strength is a wonder remedy for preventing hair thinning and promoting hair growth. There is no other product that is backed by so many clinically proven results and positive customer opinions. This product is truly a boon for those who are battling with hair loss problems. If you want to have lustrous and gorgeous hair over the time then start using this product and find yourself amazed with stunning results. Viviscal extra strength is worth buying and a must try for those having hair fall issues.