Classic German Watches is an online shop that offers you distinctive, well-built watches made in Germany. The company is a worldwide retailer of the two popular brands – Theorema and Pionier. These Classic german made watches for men have seem to hit the market globally as well. In this article, we will be taking a review of the online retailer –

Wear your style on your wrist…let it say it all about you!!! No matter how technology evolves, certain things never go out of trend. Watches are one of them. They always make you standout among the crowd.

Now ask anyone and he will say that Swiss watches are the best. But look across the border and you will notice that Germany too has great names when it comes to creating characteristic watches. Classic German Watches are often built for a purpose with innovations both inside and outside the case. This is certainly not surprising as Germany is famous for its excellent engineering and craftsmanship.

Why Should You Buy From Classic German Watches? is an online website that is solely dedicated to the prominent brands that come with state-of-the-art watches with high calibre movement and efficient power reserves.

The company provides you automatic and mechanical watches that are manufactured and assembled in Germany. With multiple designs and excellent options to choose in your style, Classic German Watches offers you many collection to choose from.

The company provides WORLDWIDE FREE SHIPPING. That’s right. With two years warranty on the watches, you are safe to deal with Classic German Watches. If you receive a damaged product or just not satisfied with the purchase, you can even avail of return.

Classic German Watches online currently offers you two brands – Pionier and Theorema. Here are few of the top products of both the brands with their reviews.

Pionier Watches From Classic German Watches

Pionier is a flagsip brand by the German watchmaker family TUFINA. Successfully walking the 10th generation, the innovator is Bahri Tufina who made handmade watches right from scratch – over 300 single parts. With his ever driven passion for the “watchcraft”, he was captured by the communists only to be jailed for some time. Not many know but Tufina watchmakers have been in the craftsmanship for making best swiss watches just like Omega or Longines.

Offering the best german watches, Pionier watches offers you a wide range of collection that are available at a budget friendly price.

Pionier Barbados Automatic Watch – Features And Reviews

Choose between stainless steel wristband or fine leather watch strap for your Pionier barbados automatic watch that comes with fascinating design.

  • Size – 44mm
  • Glass – mineral glass
  • Waterproof – 3ATM
  • Diamonds – NO
  • Movement Clockwork – automatic
  • Jewels – 35
  • Oscillations per hour – 25,600

Pionier Barbados Automatic watch Review

“Happy customer” – Tina Clement

Buying a watch has always been a great deal for me. A good watch is always costly. I am so glad I found this website. They are cheap in delivering amazing quality watches. I do not regret my choice. Even if this watch isn’t your type, you would really appreciate the craftsmanship of Barbados and Pionier.

“Pionier barbados watches are top notch” – JJ

I ordered the silver pionier barbados watch and was sent black barbados. Thankfully Classic German Watches exchanged it. No hassles there. Both were equally stunning but I do prefer the silver. It kinda has a timeless feel.

Pionier Florida Diamonds Automatic Watch – Features And Reviews

Pionier florida diamonds automatic watches arrives in various types based on strap material, base, flute bezel, rim etc.

  • Size – 44 mm
  • Strap material – leather, stainless steel, all leather
  • Diamonds – 12 diamonds of 1-11 mm
  • Jewels – 35
  • Hand winding mode – yes

Pionier Florida Diamonds Automatic Watch Reviews

Currently there are no pionier diamond watch reviews available. However, if you are the first one to receive the product, do not forget to come back and ping it here.

Pionier Acapulco Limited Edition Watch – Features And Reviews

Featuring the “Made in Germany” quality seal, Pionier Acapulco semi-transparent dial delivers a great view of working movements. The Italian leather watch strap comes with strong clasp made out high quality material.

  • Strap material – leather
  • Waterproof – 3ATM
  • Case material – stainless steel
  • Jewels – 20
  • Warranty – 2 years
  • Origin – Made in Germany

Pionier Acapulco Limited Edition Watch Reviews

Pionier Acapulco Limited edition watch at Classic German Watches has received 4 out of 5 star ratings from users. They love the product and feel absolutely comfortable with the decision. Usrs claim that the watch not only looks stunning but adds a confident look while wearing it.

The only con side to be is the shipping that takes a bit longer than mentioned. But that can be easily waved off when the product is delivered at hand.

Pioneer Coppernicus Automatic Watch (skeleton) – Features And Reviews

Inspired by the famous astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus, the Pioneer Coppernicus automatic watch (skeleton) is precise just like the calculations delivered by the wise man. Delivering powerful stability, this skeleton optic displays the inner workings of the watch that was painstakingly created by finest of craftsmen.

  • Strap material – leather
  • Diamonds – Yes
  • Movement – Automatic
  • Jewels – 20
  • Waterproof – 3ATM
  • Origin – Germany
  • Lens – Mineral glass

Pioneer Coppernicus Automatic Watch (skeleton) Reviews

“Loved it” – Leon

Modern watch that comes with hints of classiness, definitely recommended for men.

“Obviously the best coppernicus” – Wyatt

The only coppernicus I can actually stand the look of it. I love it. The colors make it work I guess. I have owned thsi for a while now. Though the product is great the leather has started to give a weird smell. It is hardly noticable. Why I say is because I forgot to take it off during shower which damaged the leather. If only I can replace the leather.

Men’s Pionier Dublin Watch – Features And Reviews

Stainless steel or leather strap? Go with your flow. Of course, then there is the watch. Pionier dublin watch that comes exudes 35 jewel automatic mechanism. The windows of the crystal glass are created in such a design to reveal the month, day of the week. The day display glitters gold.

  • Glass – crystal mineral glass
  • Dimension – 44mm without crown
  • Clasp/Buckle – butterfly buckle
  • Strap – leather or stainless steel
  • Includes – Original pionier box with warranty card

Men’s pionier Automatic Dublin Watch Review

“Great watch” – Killian B

Compared to the black pionier dublin with the stainless steel strap, the leather gives an extra feel of classy look. I love teh idea of golden yellow color in the watch. It is supposed to represent the color of Irish whiskey. I thought it was made out of cheap plastic. However, this was not the case at all. I love the product and give it a 4 star rating.

“Represents my old roots” – Peter Kennedy

I ued to live in Dublin few years ago. I felt an immediate connection to the watch. It stands out from the rest. The colors of the watch are fantastic – gray, black, gold etc. that reminds me of the shades and lights of the streets I used to roam. I give it a top ratings for this watch.

Other top products of Pioneer german watches from Classic German Watches include

  • Pioneer Miami Watches
  • Pionier Malibu Diamonds Watches
  • Pionier Aruba Watches
  • Pionier London Diamonds Watches

Theorema Watches From Classic German Watches

Theorema is also a brand of the German watchmaker “Tufina Uhren” just like Pionier. Though initially from Albania, the family migrated to Germany where they currently reside. The company is in Germany and have more than 35 watchmakers over the last centuries with the first records that dates back to 1828. One famous example is the “Clock of Tirana”.

Theorema Damascus Diamond Watches – Features And Reviews

Choose from

  • All Black Leather
  • All Black
  • All Silver
  • Gold Black Leather
  • Gold Black
  • Silver Black Leather
  • Silver White Leather
  • Silver Black

Theorema damascus diamond inspired from the Damascus, a dream from One Thousand and One Nights offers you framed arc that replicates the Arabian sword. It made out of brushed aluminium that spreads to the engraved dial featuring 8 diamond gems. The pointer marking North resembles the fireworks in a summer sky. Go back in time with Theorema damascus diamond watches to the court of the Sheiks.

  • Strap material – leather/stainless steel
  • Glass type – hardened mineral glass
  • Waterproof – yes with 3ATM
  • Diamonds – yes
  • Jewels – 35
  • Origin – Germany
  • Warranty – 2 years
  • Brand – Theorema

Theorema Damascus Diamond Reviews

“Better than expected” – Louis Dawson

I love watches and own 32 automatic watches from Japan, Switzerland and the US. This is my first order from Classic German Watches. I have to say that the product is excellent and my experience with the company is fantastic.

“Great watch” – John Perfold

Easiest way to buy quality watches at a cheap price online. Fast and safe delivery. Great watch. My colleagues are quite impressed.

Theorema Casablanca Watches For Sale – Features And Reviews

Who can forget the all time romantic and greatest classic film of all time, Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergmann movie, Casablanca!!! Derived from the movie comes Theorema casablanca automatic movie that greets your eyes with excellent complexity. This state-of-the-art model from Classic German Watches comes with skeleton style that clearly states the mechanical movements.

  • Handwinding mode – yes
  • Strap material – stainless steel
  • Glass – mineral glass
  • Waterproof – yes (upto 3 ATM)
  • Diamonds – No
  • Jewels – 17
  • Warranty – 2 years
  • Returns – within 2 weeks from the date of purchase

Theorema Automatic Casablanca Watches For Sale Reviews

“Best german watch ever” – Francis Lester

I love Germany. While I was checking different german watches, I stopped by this site. Impressing design and high manufacturing quality convinced me to get this watch. The automatic watch is just perfect.

Theorema Newton Diamonds Watch – Features And Review

Respecting the scientist – Sir Isaac Newton, Theorema draws this timeless watch that offers the wearer not only an optical but technical masterpiece. The sturdy lever protects the crown credibly. The skeleton offers you the liberty to check out the background mechanisms efficiently.

  • Movement clock – Automatic
  • Jewels – 20
  • Waterproof – 5ATM
  • Warranty – 2 years
  • Returns – within 2 weeks from the date of purchase
  • Strap material – leather/stainless steel
  • Size – 44 mm

Theorema Newton Diamonds Watch Review

Perry Longsheb – “Solid watch with cheap price”

Comparing to other watches in the market this watch is amazing. It comes with great design and fantastic details. I don’t know much about the movements but at such an affordable price I am not sure of its durability.

Lisa Jones – “loved his birthday gift”

I got the Theorema Newton diamond watch online for the 50th birthday of my husband. He loves the watch and was on cloud nine.

Theorema Paragon Automatic Watches – Features And Reviews

Basically a paragon represents a person or thing that serve as a role model of excellence – be it quality or by virtue. The Theorema Paragon represents just that. An elegant watch that adds a classic look, the automatic movements in the slim gold hands add a traditional look. How to maintain Theorema paragon watch instructions are mentioned in the website of Classic German Watches as well with the original box.

  • Size – 43mm
  • Strap material – leather
  • Diamonds – No
  • Movement – automatic
  • Jewels – 35
  • Waterproof – 3ATM
  • Case material – stainless steel

Theorema Paragon Watches Review

Currently there have been no reviews. However, you can help us by sharing your experience if you have ordered the product.

Theorema Toronto Watch (Mechanical And Automatic) – Features And Reviews

Taken from the name of the famous cosmopolitan city in Canada, Theorama toronto stands for progress and innovation. Featuring the oh-so-popular skeleton style that is made out of hardened mienral crystal glass, Theorema toronto watch is available in both mechanical and automatic style. So choose the one deemed fit for you.

  • Case material – stainless steel
  • Movement clockwork – automatic and mechanical (both available)
  • Glass type – hard mineral glass
  • Warranty – 2 years
  • Diamonds – No
  • Returns – available within 2 weeks from the date of delivery

Theorema Toronto Watch Review

There are theorema toronto watch reviews in many forums and websites. Users have loved the product. A classic product, they are available at an ultra-bargain price that is quite competitive online. Though claimed that it is not too much water resistant, few users claim that it has good resistance when it used underwater.

Theorema Tigris Leather Watch – Features And Reviews

The theorema tigris watch comes with fine leather material that can stand durable. These automatic watches come with different types of leather – all silver, gold black or silver black.

This special men’s watch features the 24 jewels that comes with shining gold to ntoe the automatic movements in the mechanical arena. High quality italian leather strap is a feature that syncs correctly with the watch in discussion.

  • Origin – Germany
  • Size – 45 mm
  • Movement – automatic
  • Jewels – 24
  • Includes – box with warranty card and instructions
  • Clasp – butterfly buckle
  • Warranty – 2 years
  • Shipping – FREE

Theorema Tigris Watch Review

A sold out product, theorema tigris watch is still in a great demand. If you order the product, make sure to jot down a quick review.

Classic German Watches Reviews

Overall, Classic German Watches has received good words from users. People claim that the company is best for dealing. Check out pionier/theorema watch forums that say a lot about the watches. The customer support is great while the quality of the product received is phenomenal. That being said, you must know that Classic German Watches offer two week return period if damaged/unhappy.

There are best german watches under $500/$1000 as well that fits in the budget. Watches can seem quite intimidating at times. If you are unsure which watch to choose, simply punch in your taste in the filtering option. It offers you watches that fit in your parameters.

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To conclude, Classic German Watches are undoubtedly the best place to get quality product at an economical rate.

Classic German Watches Discount Codes And Coupon Codes

Currently there are not much discount codes or promo codes available for Classic German Watches. However, there are certain offers at their facebook page ( So make sure to stay updated for their discount offers. You can get theorema and pionier watches at discounted deals.

Warranty and Returns

Classic German Watches come with two year warranty period for replacement or any fault in workmanship.

The company also offers 14 days return policy. If the watch does not meet your expectations (that’s a rare-see) or if you have received a wrong product/damaged product, simply return them within 2 weeks from the date of delivery.

You can claim exchange or refund that will be reimbursed dutifully. The company also ships luxury watches online internationally that too ABSOLUTELY FREE! Now that’s something you don’t hear everyday…at least in the global arena.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does theorema and pioneer watches come with guarantee?

Yes, Classic German Watches offer 2 years warranty on all their watches.

Does Classic German Watches online come with any discount?

Yes, all the watches of Classic German Watches are offered to customers at a discounted price.

Do you ship pioneer watches to UK?

Yes, Classic German Watches ship internationally inclduing UK, Malaysia.

Are pionier watches available in ebay, amazon?

Yes, pionier and theorema watches are available at other marketing sites such as ebay, amazon etc.

Are the pionier watches for sale any good?

Yes, all the watches of Classic German Watches are designed, manufactured and shipped from Germany. So you can be sure that you are receiving the branded product as it is.

Where can I find pionier/theorema watches discount codes?

Sites such as offers pionier watches discount codes to get a cut-off at pioneer watches price.

Where can I find quality pionier pocket watches online?

You can check out pionier pocket watches at websites such as

What is the official site of theorema watches?

The official website of theorema watches is

Are theorema watches available at UAE?

Yes, since Classic German Watches ship worldwide, you should have no problem ordering the product at UAE.


The final verdict!!! Classic German Watches is an excellent website that offers you amazing watches at a budget friendly price. Since all the watches are manufactured and shipped from Germany, carry the “Made In Germany” seal, have 2 years of warranty, you can be assured that watches you order are of top quality. Period!!!