Terrasil Anti-Bacterial Skin Repair Ointment Max From Aidance Skincare

Terrasil Anti-Bacterial Skin Repair Ointment Max

Terrasil anti-bacterial skin repair MAX is a herbal product that uses many herbal extracts and their goodness in healing the skin and repair it. It can work against many microbial infections and bruises.

Skin problems are normal and most common among all the diseases. It is disheartening to see those scrapes, bruises or the most common acne or pimples on the precious skin. no matter what you do they are very tough to get rid of. The skin needs some special agents to heal it completely and make it look healthier and glowing. The Terrasil anti-bacterial skin repair ointment max is an all-in-one solution for most of the skin problems.

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Terrasil anti-bacterial skin repair MAX is a herbal product that uses many herbal extracts and their goodness in healing the skin and repair it. It can work against many microbial infections and bruises.

Aidance Skincare is a company that provides you many solutions for various skin related diseases and disorders. It mainly focuses on skin treatments in a natural way. One of the most noted ingredients for skincare from this company is a silver oxide which is also a part of Terrasil anti-bacterial skin repair ointment MAX.

Uses Of Terrasil Anti-Bacterial Skin Repair MAX

The daily work, especially for women, makes them vulnerable to the small burns, bruises, and skin irritation from the kitchen. This all-in-one ointment helps heal such smaller accidents, ulcers, blisters, skin damage due to sores or by any other method.

  • It basically gets rid of the bacteria and kills it instantly right from the first use. It also reduces further chances of infections on the wounds.
  • This ointment soothes the soreness, irritation, and itching caused by whatever it is.
  • It can repair the skin faster.
  • Terrasil anti-bacterial skin repair MAX calms down the inflammation and the redness around the wound.
  • It promotes faster healing of the damaged skin. The skin repair is also taken care of.
  • If there are chances of scars, you don’t need to worry if you have this Terrasil skin repair MAX. The small scars are completely eliminated and the larger ones are highly reduced.
  • The skin irritation due to dry skin is also taken care of this skin repair ointment as it has a moisturizing formula that prevents drying of the skin.
  • The results of improvement are seen within 24 hours as it starts working right from the application.
  • The Terrasil skin repair MAX is made completely without any chemicals, parabens, artificial scents or anything that comes under the category chemicals.

Apart from these, Terrasil skin repair, MAX is also beneficial to treat the inflammation caused by angular cheilitis, chilblains, and stasis dermatitis. It is also a remedy for acne and scalp folliculitis.

Ingredients For Terrasil Anti-Bacterial Skin Repair MAX

Terrasil anti-bacterial skin repair MAX is available in 2 tube sizes- 14 grams and 50 grams. There are slight changes in the ingredients of these sizes. The smaller sized tube is enough for small bruises and burns and the bigger ones are for larger area skin damage. Depending on the damage, the ingredients also change in the most active ones.

  • 14 gram tube contains allantoin (1%) as a skin protectant and benzethonium chloride (0.2%) as an antiseptic in it.
  • 50 gram tube has Calendula 1 x HPUS as a healing agent, Comfrey (Symphytum officinale) 1xHPUS as anti-inflammatory agent and Thuja occidentalis 6x HPUS for skin eruptions.

The other ingredients are the same in both of these. Let’s see in details what each of these ingredients do in Terrasil anti-bacterial skin repair MAX. It is the collective efforts of all of the ingredients that make this ointment work for the skin repair.

Other Ingredients

  • Allantoin promotes the skin regeneration process and soothes irritated skin and reduces soreness. It is also an excellent remedy for scaling and unpleasant sensation on the skin. it is also capable of thinning the unnecessarily thickened skin and leaves the skin soft.
  • Benzethonium chloride can kill the infection-causing bacteria. This not only kills the bacteria on the skin but also preserves the product from getting spoiled.
  • Calendula has got both anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It can heal the dry and irritated skin. Calendula promotes faster cell regeneration and makes healing process faster. It also restores the dry skin. This is one of the reasons why the Terrasil skin repair ointment MAX is effective as an all-purpose product.
  • Comfrey extract contains a high amount of allantonin. It is ideal for sensitive skin. People who have sensitive skin cannot use any ointment on their body and this ingredient in Terrasil anti-bacterial ointment makes it safe for them. It helps reduce the wrinkles and fine line son the skin.
  • Thuja occidentalis is known as skin tag remover. It also works on to heal the dry skin, eliminate blotches and spots on the skin. It can prevent skin eruptions as well.
  • Bentonite is a universal skin healer that can cure almost everything on the skin. It eliminates toxins from the skin and makes it healthier. It cleans out the pores and prevents blemishes or allergic reactions possible on the skin.


The oils: IN addition to these herbal based and otherwise ingredients there also are some essential oils that improve the quality of the ointment. These oils also have their active properties in enhancing the skin repair process and make it healthier.

  • Peppermint oil is antiseptic in nature. It soothes the irritated skin.
  • Sage oil: to sum up the benefits of sage oil it is antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and disinfectant that reduces and prevents infections.
  • Jojoba seed oil conditions the skin without making it feel greasy.
  • Tea tree oil is anti-bacterial. Bacteria cannot thrive in this oil. It is an excellent remedy for acne and other bacterial infections.

Magnesium oxide is a pH adjuster. pH is a great factor in forming or preventing acne. By balancing this factor the skin is less likely to succumb to future infections.

Silver oxide is useful in delivering the other ingredients directly to the root of the case of the skin problems. It has a high affinity for negative ions. The bacteria are negatively charged and get easily targeted with this mineral.

Zinc oxide is effective for minor skin irritations. It makes a barrier for the skin to prevent any more irritations and promote healing.

Organic beeswax is a natural moisturizer to condition the skin. it also forms a base for this Terrasil skin repair MAX ointment. It is nutrient rich and hypoallergenic. It can protect the skin from damage and also promotes the formation of fresh skin cells.

How Does It Work?

The skin needs moisturization and it all starts from this. The moisturizers added in Terrasil skin repair MAX are the various oils. The Jojoba oil penetrates deeply into the skin. It also helps the other ingredients to reach the deeper layers as well. The sage oil soothes the skin and peppermint give cooling effects along with other benefits. Tea tree oil prevents bacterial growth and promotes skin regeneration. Beeswax conditions the skin.

The mineral combo of the different oxides in the ointment ensures direct delivery of the ingredients that improve the overall effectiveness. The other active ingredients together work on to reduce infection, or irritation soothes the skin and initiates both skin healing and skin regeneration.

Application On Skin

Clean the skin with a mild non-drying soap and pat dry. Apply gently and a thin layer of the ointment on the affected area. After the application, cover the affected area with a thin bandage. Repeat this process 2-3 times a day until you see significant improvement.

Do note that larger and severe skin damage will need the larger tube and prolonged application. Store the ointment tubes at room temperature.

Concluding Notes

Terrasil antibacterial skin repair ointment is FDA registered remedy for skin and backed by years of research. It doesn’t have any harmful chemicals. It comes with a 90-day return guarantee. The product is completely made in USA with all the rules applied.

The success of this product among many comes as a strong backing for the entire claim. If you are looking for an over the counter medicine for your skin damage, Terrasil anti-bacterial skin repair ointment MAX is what you need.

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