“Good things come up to those who sweat out”. With that said, I must say Reva sportswear outfits are just amazing with the pulsating color schemes and breathability.

After being a mom, I thought fashion is not for me and I have to stick to my old clothes until I get back to my old shape. I was kind of lethargic or I would put it like this” work life balance was a perfect imbalance for me”. Moreover, I never had enough time for workouts and nothing ever goaded me to go an extra mile.

Until the other day when I took my son out in the park, I saw a group of women practicing yoga with super fine stylish outfits. Do not get me wrong I dint notice anything except their outfits. Seriously, they looked cute and stunningly beautiful with those outfits. I felt like I want one of those outfits for myself. I directly went and enquired to them about their outfits. Now I have a few picks for myself and you will not believe that I actually make some time out of my busy schedule to undergo exercise routines. You might find it crazy but that is true I am just madly in love with these outfits.

Reva Sportswear, Athletic Wear

It is athletic wear line, which makes quality outfits using high quality fabrics and great color schemes. This brand has a wider choice of gym-wear and the name itself has a unique meaning.

Want to know more about REVA sportswear then keep reading. I included this topic especially in my website because I could not resist myself from letting others know about this wonderful product line.

About The Brand Reva

It is athletic wear line, which makes quality outfits using high quality fabrics and great color schemes. This brand has a wider choice of gym-wear and the name itself has a unique meaning. REVA in Sanskrit means, “To move”. The endeavor of this brand is to keep you moving from your normal self to a healthy body.

It has great picks of active wear for the up-to-the-minute minimalist with basic well-made pieces of fabrics. All their outfits are livable and comfortable. Reva sportswear has a versatile look and aesthetic standards that no brand can match. They are truly designer-quality stuff that forces a change in the one who wears it. This brand aims to inculcate healthy habits and to move individuals constantly for the better tomorrow.

I guess by now you would have got an idea about REVA wear. Well that was all about the brand, so let’s take a look their product range

Active Wears From Reva

EMPOWER ME top has a simple look and features a long sleeve. It has cooling mesh panels that keeps your body supercool during workouts. The hidden zip pocket gives you extra room for keeping your essentials while at pace. This outfit has a vibrant violet color that strikes a chord with my personality. I love elegant colors that do not belong to the brighter category. It is simple and sophisticated which gives you the push to achieve more. In a sense, I would say that wearing this top made me keep moving for more. I love to do yoga, especially sun salutations with this top. It is super comfortable and breathable. It comes in a regular fit and made to follow your form. Various sizes and fits are available for every body type. This top is actually a mix of 92% polyester and 8% spandex fabric.

Run with me black pants are yet another great picks from this product line. It has an excellent make and incredible design. It stands fit to your corresponding sizes. Active wears has a thick fabric that helps to stretch out with ease. I wear these while performing extended stretches. I love these pants because they let me go beyond the limits and to stretch completely without any issues. Whether a cat pose or a bow pose everything can be done with total comfort with this pant on your body.

I have tried many pants but have never felt so full of confidence. These pants have chafe resistant flat seams and do not stretch more than a limit but allow maximum compression. This pant also wards off moisture and keeps sweat away from the body. It is indeed a perfect outfit during workouts. It has a close fit and a hidden pocket waistband. I love to carry my pedometer inside the pocket so that I can count the number of steps taken each day. Very convenient to keep and carry along with losing it. If you want maximum mobility and the stylish look then these pants do justice in every possible way.

Hold on Reva wear has a fabulous list of products for men as well. They have elegant designs, styles and vibrant colors for their outfits even for the men’s section.

Reva Wear Discount Coupons

Reva wear discount coupons are available on most of the online deal sites. I actually got a promo code and received a 25% discount on my purchase. I am looking to buy more from this brand as they reasonable prices and awesome quality outfits. If you sign up with their website, you get exclusive offers through emails. I have done my part and waiting for more deals.

Reva Wear Customer Reviews

At least most of the people whom I know who have tried Reva say that they just love the collections. Another reason to rejoice is that they offer free home-try and total free refunds. They also have free shipping facility within the US. I love the home-trial offer as I can try whether the outfit stands perfect to my size or not. Majority of the customers whom I have spoken with love the vibrant products. I have already recommended this product to all my friend circles and guess what they all loved shopping from Reva.

Reva sportswear Conclusion 

Reva wear is all about style and class. It makes you feel different and keeps you moving. I have started my workout sessions and I love to wear these outfits. I guess I would prefer to stay on these outfits during normal routines also. It is that comfortable and hugging kind of clothes. Right now, I have only two pieces from their collection but I have serious eye on their INSPIRE ME tops. One pair of sportswear looks boring so I guess I need to stock some more colors from Reva.