Do you know Better Sleep have wonderful benefits for you? A better sleep at night can do even more than helping you to feel rested. It protects the health and immune system, improves cognitive function, betters memory, as well as helps you look younger. To get that great, glowing and healthy facial skin, ensure to get heaps of beauty sleep. Now, as you are aware that how better sleep for a young look is connected. Let me immediately introduce you to one of the most comfortable mattresses – Nolah Mattress. The Nolah mattress is a premium quality mattress, 10 inches high. It offers superior comfort for better sleep and a younger you. Keep reading for the Nolah Mattress Reviews, Construction, Nolah Air Foam and more.

Nolah Mattresses Premium Quality Mattress

Nolah mattress is one of the most comfortable all-foam mattresses available on the market today. It is far superior and comfortable than conventional Memory Foam mattresses in terms of cool better sleep, pressure relief and durability.

About Nolah Mattress

Nolah Mattress contains very special and modern foam that combines the best properties of traditional Memory Foam and Latex into one solution – Nolah Air Foam. Nolah Air Foam has the bouncy support of Latex and gentle body contouring of Memory Foam to provide the perfect feel.

This mattress is firm to the core and soft to the touch. It gives better sleep and a younger you look by making you feel like sleeping on a firm supportive foundation with a soft cushioning top that hugs your body’s shapes and curves.

Nolah Mattress Features

  • Foam – Nolah proprietary Air Foam is fast responsive 100% temperature neutral Memory Foam with the bounce of latex. It doesn’t contain heat-trapping visco-elastic chemicals and sleeps cooler than memory foam. It also stays consistent throughout seasonal temperature changes. Plus, in performance tests it shows to provide 4X times less peak pressure on the sleeper’s hips, shoulders and back compared with high-end Memory Foam mattresses.
  • Firmness – It has a medium firmness that is comfortable for most sleepers. In addition, it can fit any sleep preference, body weight, and shape. It’s not too firm and not too soft, but just right firmness measured at 5.0 on the 10.0 firmness scale.
  • Layers – It is 10″ high mattress composed of 2″ Nolah Air Foam, 1″ Avena foam, and 7″ high-density base foam.
  • Cover – Its cover contains an exclusive blend of luxurious soft Viscose fibers and high-end polyester fibers. These materials wick away moisture and dissipate excess body heat for a cooler, more comfortable and better sleep at night.
  • Size and Price – It is available in various sizes Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and Cal King and prices start from $520.
  • Warranty – It comes with a 15-year warranty that covers product defects not caused by normal wear and tear.
  • Risk-free money back Guarantee – Nolah comes with 120-Night Risk-Free Trial Period. The company gives you 120 nights/ 4 full months to sleep on it before making a final decision.
  • Made in the USA – It is made right here in the USA, in one of their 8 factories across the US. All the materials – both foam and cover is 100% made in the USA.

Why Use Nolah Mattress For Better Sleep And A Younger You?

There are quite a many reasons as mentioned below to use Nolah for better sleep and a younger you. It’s unique Air Foam sleeps better and cooler, provides 4x Better Pressure Relief and is 300% More Durable.

  • Cooler Sleep – It uses better foam than Memory Foam and Latex. It contains no heat-trapping chemicals like in all types of Memory Foam. It is 100% temperature neutral means it won’t store your body heat. In addition, Nolah guarantees to sleep cooler and provide you a much more restorative sleep to feel young and fresh.
  • Performance tested – In performance tests, this mattress provides better pressure relief and improved durability compared to other foams. In heat-mapped performance tests, this mattress relieved pressure on the hips and back 4x times better than Memory Foam. It also proved to be 300% more durable than other high-end Memory Foam mattresses and 26x times more durable than conventional foam mattresses.
  • No Heat-Trapping Chemicals – Nolah proprietary Air Foam contain No heat-sensitive viscoelastic chemicals. Instead, it is made from CertiPUR-US certified foams that are 100% free from harmful chemicals. It contains no elements that can react to your body heat and ensures to retain a cool, low temperature for a more comfortable, restful and better sleep.
  • Superior Heat Dissipation – Its AirFoam doesn’t retain body heat and also dissipates heat 20% faster than ultra high-end memory foam. Even the memory foam mattresses that come with “cooling gels” are unable to match the heat dissipation of Nolah AirFoam.
  • Cooler, Better and More Consistent Sleep Each Night – This mattress is capable to provide a cooler and more consistent sleep each and every night, regardless of the season. This is because of its 100% temperature-neutral status.

These reasons mean you can rely on Nolah Mattress for better sleep and a younger you. It allows you to sleep easily, wake up less often during the night, and wake up feeling relaxed and rested.

Nolah Mattress Layers And Construction

Nolah sleep is a 10″ tall mattress with a 3-layer design, engineered perfectly to provide universal comfort.

  • 2″ Top Comfort Layer – The top is a 2″ cooling and proprietary Nolah AirFoam layer. This cooling layer is not temperature sensitive, allow you to sleep cool, provide comfort and contours better to your body.
  • 1″ Transition Layer – The 1″ Supportive Avena Foam layer is stronger and more durable than Latex. It provides a healthy and responsive bounce to keep you sound asleep all night. It also aids in transitioning motion between the upper and lower layers.
  • 7″ Support Layer – The 7″ High-Density Base layer is poly foam base foam, one of the best available in the U.S. It provides support to the mattress and gives deep compression support for the body. It is more durable than most foam and guaranteed to last long.
  • Natural Viscose Cover – The ultra-soft and luxurious Viscose cover has a nice soft textured pattern and feels to it. It wicks away moisture and keeps you cool and dry all night, providing the most comfortable and pleasant sleep possible.

Nolah Mattress Where To Buy?

You can buy Nolah mattress exclusively online only. And the best place to buy Nolah is from their official website at ⅓ the retail price as it eliminates the Middlemen. You can shop a luxury flagship mattress here and save more than $2,000 when compared to the branded retail mattress store. Plus, it comes with risk-free 120-nights in-home trial period and backed by a 15-year warranty. You can avail free shipping and free return to and from all 48 contiguous United States. It ships in an eco-friendly box for convenience and easy to handle.

Nolah Mattress coupon codes, discounts, and sale offers are also available from time to time. Currently, you can take the benefit of ‘Labor Day Sale. Use code LABOR to get $100 off which ends on 5th September. Also, you can sign up for their newsletter to save $75 today and avail special offers and promo in the future.

Nolah Mattress Customer Reviews

There are impressive Nolah Mattress Reviews from its users. People are very happy with Nolah bed instead of their previous conventional memory foam mattresses. Users say, Nolah mattress sleeps cool, have no sleep holes, and are able to switch positions comfortably. They say to sleep on the mattress and not in it. They have natural and comfortable sleep all night to wake up better and refreshed in the morning. Many users even mention it has helped with their lower back pain issues. Side sleepers are extremely happy with Nolah. Some actual users’ testimonials from its website are

  • Janna was nervous to buy a mattress online. But without the pressure of a salesperson, she could better compare the brands here and select the best product. Her room is hottest in the house but her bed sleeps cool all night long. Even her lower back pain disappeared.
  • Bikramjeet has slept on a foam mattress before, but it wasn’t as comfortable as Nolah. This bed is firm enough and he doesn’t sink in too much making it hard to get out of bed. He now wakes up better without sides hurting as this mattress contours really well to the body.

Nolah Mattress FAQs

Nolah mattress is best suitable for whom?

It is best mattress for side sleepers, people with back pains or shoulder pain, and people simply seeking to sleep cool.

What are the dimensions of Nolah?

Its length and width dimensions are standard US mattress sizes. The height of Nolah is a tall 10”.

  • Twin H: 10” x W: 39” x L: 75”
  • Twin XL H: 10” x W: 39” x L: 80”
  • Full H: 10” x W: 54” x L: 75”
  • Queen H: 10” x W: 60” x L: 80”
  • King H: 10” x W: 76” x L: 80”
  • Cal King H: 10” x W: 72” x L: 84”

What base or foundation work best for this mattress?

You can use the Nolah mattress on any flat surface – box spring or foundation, adjustable base, slats or just place directly on the floor, carpet or another flat supportive surface.


Nolah mattress is a great choice in terms of sleep comfort, refreshing cool and restorative sleep, soothing pressure relief and long-lasting durability. It works best for side sleepers and people having lower back or neck pain. In addition, when you purchase a Nolah Mattress, you’ll also be protecting wildlife. For every mattress sold, the company adopts an animal on your behalf. Thus, Nolah allows Better Sleep and a Younger look along with a noble cause.