Minerin Creme- The Therapeutic Moisturizing Cream

Minerin Creme

Minerin Creme

Minerin Creme is mainly used as a therapeutic moisturizing cream. It can also be used for the general dry skin conditions

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Major Minerin Crème is a therapeutic moisturizing cream to help people suffering dry skin as part of a treatment or from medications. Dry skin as it is a great trouble for many. There are different causes for having dry skin and the drugs or medications make one of the major reasons.

Dry skin from medications is an unavoidable situation that can erode the skin moisture to an extreme. It can make the skin dry, flaky, and itchy. Dry skin situations like this need a strong moisturizing cream that has long lasting effects. Minerin Crème is one such product to save you from the trouble of dry skin from these situations.

Major Minerin Crème Benefits

  • Minerin Crème is mainly used as a therapeutic moisturizing cream. It can also be used for the general dry skin conditions.
  • It can be helpful in relieving the irritating skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis etc.
  • Minerin Crème is gentle enough to suit all, especially for those with sensitive skin. People with sensitive skin cannot use all kinds of moisturizing creams, but the Minerin Crème will suit them well and does not cause any allergic reactions.
  • This cream restores the skin moisture naturally and also be a protective barrier against outside elements.
  • The dry and itchy skin can lead to inflammations and later into infections. It even leads to acne formation. It is important to keep the skin moist and hydrated and this cream can do this job effectively.
  • Minerin Crème is made as a fragrance-free formula so that it can be used by one and all.
  • This is a one-stop solution for dry skin that is caused by any reason.

Major Minerin Crème Ingredients & Usage Directions

The ingredients in Minerin Crème are water, mineral oil, DMDM hydantoin, petrolatum, wool wax alcohol, and methyl % propyl parabens. It is available in jars of 16 oz capacity.

As for the usage, Minerin Crème works best when applied on a clean skin, right after the bath. It helps lock the moisture in the body then and there.

If you are applying any skin medication, follow it up with Minerain Crème to prevent drying of the skin.

You may use it as often as needed and generously as you please. Just rub it down gently until it is completely absorbed.

When To Use Minerin Crème

Dry skin is a bane for many. It can come with or without any particular reason. The common reasons for dry skin are cold, winter, or dry weather that draws the moisture away from the body.

Another common reason is taking bath in too hot water. The water takes the moisture away and it is important to have it restored back. Otherwise, it could lead to other problems.

Acne is caused by oily skin, in most cases. The acne medications that are topical can leave the skin dry. You need to follow it up immediately with Minerin Crème that helps prevent the skin getting dried.


You can get Minerin Crème from various online stores. It is available in small jars with no fragrance. It is safe for all and works well with any medication, without sensitivity or allergic reactions.

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