Are you looking for a solution for hair loss problem with iGrow Laser Helmet? Well, then you have come to the right page. Hair loss sis something disturbing for both genders. No one would like to see themselves with less hair. And in today’s world of latest technology and innovation, there has been a smart solution for stopping your hair loss problems. Each company has their own unique approach to get rid of hair loss. Some help to stop the hair loss and promote hair growth. There are creams, lotions and serums to get relief from hair loss problems. While there are some group of people who use pills to find the solution. But have you ever known to an approach that uses a laser comb technology for hair growth? That’s what iGrow and Theradome laser caps are meant for. In this article, we shall be discussing about both iGrow and Theradome laser caps for preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth. Before we move on, hers’s a list of contents covered in this article.

iGrow Laser Hair Growth System

It features headphones and an iPod/MP3 interface, making iGrow a convenient and highly effective Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT) significant hair growth device. It also features 4 adjustable fit columns with rotating weight distribution for optimum comfort during treatment. iGrow comes with headphones that extend and retract to custom fit any head size.

Table of contents

  • iGrow laser cap
  • iGrow laser helmet features and benefits
  • iGrow laser cap reviews
  • Theradome laser cap
  • Theradome laser helmet features and benefits
  • Theradome laser cap reviews
  • iGrow Vs Theradome
  • iGrow and Theradome – FAQ

iGrow Laser Cap For Gradual Hair Growth

With iGrow hair growth system, users can expect to see gradual hair growth. The iGrow is a FDA 510 k cleared and approved system for men and women, to treat hair loss. The iGrow results have been published in a reputed medical journal. Igrow laser helmet is a clinically proven and safe to use system at home. It is designed to treat thinning hair and balding in both men and women.

Male pattern hair loss is commonly seen in men after certain age, specifically in older gents. But these days, you can see even young men, who find a bunch of hair on their towel after a shower. Stress and unhealthy lifestyle, with bad eating habits have resulted in hair loss in the early stages. We all have that bald friend who cut their hair most frequently as a result of hair fall. There are a variety of therapies available to target hair fall. Some are partially effective, while some of utter waste. Igrow Laser Helmet, on the other hand is an effective hair fall therapy, that comes with no side effects.

This hi-tech hair re-growth system is fully approved by FDA. The helmet is pretty expensive but, actually worth it, because of the results it provide. It’s been clinically proven that most men prone to hair loss and hair thinning may benefit from Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT). Igrow laser hair treatment is an innovative treatment that can grow hair. The results are just amazing. Following are some of the features and benefits of iGrow laser treatment.

iGrow Laser Hair Helmet Features And Benefits – IGrow Laser Helmet Does It Work?

  • The
  • The iGrow hair laser hair-growing helmet is clinically proven and safe in-home device.
  • Igrow laser hair fall therapy treats hair thinning and balding in both men and women. The
    igrow laser helmet results are pretty good.
  • Igrow laser cap is FDA 510 k cleared for men and women.
  • The iGrow laser hair fall treatment energizes the cellular activity within the follicle. It promotes the proliferation of thick, full and healthier-looking hair.
  • The iGrow laser hair cap for hair fall, comes with high quality headphones to listen to your favorite sound tracks.

Igrow Laser Helmet/Caps- What’s The Science Behind This LLLT Technology?

Low Level Laser Therapy of the LLLT has been used for hair re-growth for quite some time. Low Level Laser Therapy is a form of alternative medicine that ises low level power or lasers. The 2014 review found effective results of LLLT for hair loss. The iGrow hair growth system has been verified by continuous research. Apira Science has conducted separate clinical studies for both men and women.

Igrow Laser Helmet Results – Igrow Laser Helmet Reviews

What the customers have to say about iGrow laser hair therapy excites you in all ways. This is because the results are 100% real and genuine. The official website of iGrow laser helmet comes with before and after images of customers. People have found results after 120 days of use. The iGrow results may vary from person to person. It might take 120 days for some people, while others might notice the difference after 200 days.

The reviews of available on their website and YouTube are largely positive. Overall, the iGrow hair helmet is a relatively new product. The current number of iGrow laser reviews availale online is few. So, even if you are not satisfied with the results, the company offers a 6 month money back guarantee. Take a look at the iGrow laser cap treatment and find your results. You can share with me.

Igrow Hair Laser Hair-Growing Helmet Reviews – IGrow Customer Reviews

“It works. But you have to be consistent” says Tyler Smith.

Tyler was skeptical about hair fall treatments. He noticed very full thickness in the crown after may be 6 months. He even carried the thing with him on vacations. Once he found the results, he stopped using the iGrow laser hair treatment. He found that the hair thinness in the crown came back. And so, he is again on the other day cycle.

“Great product” says Anthony.

I was super excited to buy this product. I didn’t want to see my hair on the towel anymore. It was a friend of mine who suggested me iGrow. I must say, I was really happy with his results. This is one reason, why I thought of buying iGrow laser cap. This thing is super easy to use. I had it out of the box, and on my head in 5 minutes.


Theradome Laser Hair Growth Helmet

Now that you have heard about Low Level Laser Therapy, you would be super excited to know some of the the hair loss treatments using LLLT. If you are one among them, then the Theradome laser helmet for hair growth is one of its kind. Theradome laser hair fall treatment is a LLLT helmet that is clinically proven and approved by FDA.

Theradome Hair Growth Helmet

Theradome Hair Growth Helmet

Theradome LLLT helmet is a wearable laser hair treatment that promotes hair re-growth and rejuvenation. Its a clinical strength restorative hair treatment that gives you results, just by sitting back at your home. Yes, its a safe-in home device.

The Theradome laser helmet hair growth therapy provides the same quality as that of other LLLT helmets, available online. The only downside is that there are only 80 lasers. Many would consider this a red mark, but believe me, it doesn’t matter. The more you use any LLLT, the more benefits your scalp will get.

Theradome LLLT helmet is a wearable laser hair treatment that promotes hair re-growth and rejuvenation. Its a clinical strength restorative hair treatment that gives you results, just by sitting back at your home. Yes, its a safe-in home device.

Theradome Laser Hair Helmet Features And Benefits – Does Theradome Laser Helmet Work

  • Theradome laser helmet is another powerful and effective treatment for hair loss.
  • Theradome restorative laser helmet hair comes with a worldclass advanced technology. Theradome is recommended by 4 out of 5 hair loss experts
  • Theradome hair loss laser helmet is one of the safest and most effective hair loss solutions amongst all other treatments.
  • Theradome laser helmet hair therapy is a portable home device that can be used effectively by women.

How Does Theradome Work?

According to the Theradome laser cap website, the helmet uses ‘low laser light therapy’. This laser light is supposedly absorbed by skin cells on the head. The laser light then repairs the damaged cells and encourages hair regrowth. However according to experts, laser hair restoration does not bring dead hair follicles back to life. Instead, they stimulate the damaged hair follicles and make existing hair thicker and fuller.

The key to hair loss treatments are lasers but you have to understand that they are not all the same. Theradome works differently from iGrow. Theradome works by reversing the miniaturization of the follicles. The damaged hair follicles when getting exposed to lasers, get back to their original state. Theradome also claims that it reduces the impact of protein blocking enzymes. Theradome promotes hair thickening. You get dense hair after using theramdome hair thickening treatment.

Theradome Laser Helmet Results

As an old saying “Good things come to those who wait”. When it comes to hair loss, people expect instant results. But to get that luxurious dense hair, you were dreaming of, you need to have little patience. All it takes is a commitment and dedication. Use your Theradome laser cap twice a week for just 20 minutes.

According to the Theradome website, you can expect reduction in hair loss rate between 4 to 8 weeks. The appearance of fuller and thicker hair can be expected to see within 18-26 weeks, provided the Theradome helmet is used regularly. The final stage of hair growth, ie the hair rejuvenation begins within 26-52 weeks.

Theradome Laser Helmet Review – Customer Reviews Of Theradome Laser Therapy Helmet

The customer reviews of Theradome laser hair helmet show a positive feedback. User have posted their before and after images on the Theradome website. Here are some of the customer reviews of Theradome helmet for hair fall, taken from amazon.

“The best gift ever” says Trailboss.

I love the way Theradome delivers the results. Every morning I take a shower and also for my hair. Seeing hair in the sink was a terrific and sad thing for me in the morning. My husband had taken a picture of me at the shooting range. It was really shocking for me that I could find many bald spots on my head. For Christmas, the following year, my son brought me this theradome laser therapy helmet. I started to use it 2 to 3 times a week. Within a couple of weeks, I saw less hair fall on my towel and sink. I also witnessed hair growth within the first couple of months. What I have to say is that Never Ever Give Up.

“Five Stars” says a verified amazon customer

Theradome absolutely works as it says. I saved my balding scap.

“Does what is professed to do am very happy. Invested in this.”

Theradome is professional and delivers optimal results. I invested in this product recommended by our hair growth expert. I brought this for my wife. She is now super excited and happy with the results.

Theradome Laser Helmet Before And After

Screenshot from 2016-07-04 14_05_38

iGrow Vs Theradome Reviews

Now that you got an idea of two LLLT helmets that work for hair loss, here’s a quick look at the comparison. The below table will give you a clear idea of igrow laser vs theradome



Igrow laser helmet Theradome laser helmet
How does it work? Igrow also works on the LLLT. They come with a combination of red laser and LED diodes. They work in tandem to stimulate and enrgize the cellular activity. Thus, the natural function of hair follicle is enhaned. Theradome works using LLLT. The laser light is absorbed by the skin cells on the head. It then repairs the damged cells and encourages hair regrowth.
How long should I use? The recomended use is 3 to 4 times a week initially. Then 2 times a week for sustained hair re-growth. Use iGrow for 4 to 6 months to see the desired results. Use Theradome helmet twice a week for just 20 minutes. It takes 18 months to see the results. But the manufacturers recommend you to continue using the Theradome for sustained results.
What are the benefits? Igrow promotes hair growth amongst men with Androgenetic Alopecia. Theradome promises to double the follicle size of your existing hair too.
Is it FDA approved? Igrow is also FDA cleared, but not approved. Theradome is FDA cleared, but not approved.
Who can use? Can be used by both men and women. Only used by women.
When can I expect to see the results? You can see the iGrow results within 4-6 months. Theradome results can be seen in 3 different stages. Reduction in hair loss can be seen between 4 to 8 weeks. Appearance of fuller and thicker hair can be seen within 18-26 weeks, the regrowth of hair can be seen within 26-52 weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does eBay offer igrow laser helmet for sale?

You can buy iGrow laser helmet from eBay.

What’s the igrow laser helmet price in India?

The price of iGrow laser helmet in India is a bit expensive.

Can I buy igrow laser helmet from Canada and UK? Is igrow laser helmet available in Australia?

Igrow offers international shipping to most parts of the world. In some areas, the company will refer you to their local distributor.

Are there any reviews of igrow laser helmet on Amazon?

Yes, you can see some customer reviews on iGrow laser helmet, most of which are positive.

Are there any igrow laser helmet side effects reported?

Igrow laser helmet for hair growth is not a supplement that comes with side effects. There are no i Grow laser side effects reported so far. The results may vary from person to person. But the side effects have not been reported.

Can I buy Theradome laser helmet from Amazon?

You can buy Theradome laser helmet from amazon.

Does Theradome laser helmet offer international shipping to UK, Canada and Australia?

Yes, Theradome offers shipment to most of the countries; outside the U.S. please look for the checkout option for details.

Is Theradome laser helmet available for sale in eBay?

Yes, Theradome laser hair helmet is listed in eBay.

From where can I get theradome laser helmet for sale?

You can buy Theradome laser helmet from their official website or amazon.

Is theradome laser helmet FDA approved?

No. Theradome Laser helmet is not FDA approved, but it’s FDA cleared.

Are there any Theradome laser helmet YouTube videos available?

Yes, Theradome laser helmet reviews are available on YouTube. You can check YouTube for more Theradome videos.