Earth Therapeutics Purest Palm body brush is made of natural palm fibers. This is used for the dry brushing that has several benefits in health improvement. What makes this Purest Palm body brush different from others is that it can be used as a dry brush as well as for wet brushing. The natural fibers are safe and durable to be used by anyone.

Earth Therapeutics Purest Palm Body Brush

Dry brushing is to brush the skin when it is dry. It uses very softly bristled brush that does not harm the skin.

This can very well be part of the daily beauty regimen. Beauty is not part of just the external body. This dry body brush can cleanse the body inside out and also makes the internal body beautiful. This can make you feel better big time!

What is dry brushing?

Dry brushing is to brush the skin when it is dry. It uses very softly bristled brush that does not harm the skin. The dry brushing exfoliates the skin to remove dead cells and make it feel smoother. It has many other ‘hidden’ benefits as well. It boosts the overall health in many ways.

Dry brushing is mainly used as an exfoliating product and for detoxification. The gentle bristles of the brush are gentle on the skin but hard on the dead skin cells. It works on the skin surface but can reach even deeper into the skin for the benefits.

Purest Palm body brush is made using 100% Japanese palm fibers. This is a natural material which is soft to touch but firmer on the brush. It is durable and can be used several times, over the years. The brush is 9 inches long handle with the head 3 inches wide and 4 inches long.

Benefits of using Earth Therapeutics Purest Palm body brush

  • The primary benefit of this Purest Palm body brush is exfoliation. It removes the dead skin cells from the surface that leaves the skin smooth and shiny. It is like polishing the skin and leaves the pores opened that allow it to breathe.
  • Purest Palm body brush can be used on all parts of the body. Whether it is your hands, arm, or the legs, this brush is all that you need. This can be used when the skin is dry or when wet.
  • This helps improve the blood circulation. The dry brush is used in a circular manner that stimulates the blood system. This allows better oxygenation of each and every cell in the body.
  • The dry brushing can trigger the lymphatic system. This will improve the blood circulation and also urges the toxins and other waste accumulated in the cells out of them into the circulation. From here it is eliminated from the body.
  • Dry brushing using the natural fibers of the Purest Palm body brush will soften the fat deposits under the skin. The cellulite that is too stubborn, to respond towards many other ways will be vulnerable to this dry brushing. The mobilization of the toxins will reduce the cellulite. This is one important step when someone is trying to lose weight.
  • Purest Palm body brush leaves the body de-stressed. It relieves muscle tension and calms the mind as well.
  • Dry brushing reaches deeper that benefits in the form of better digestion and kidney function. Finally, it can leave the body feeling energized and feel good.

How to use Purest Palm body brush?

Purest Palm body brush has long handles, enough to reach the hard to reach spots on the body. Use the brush when the body is dry. The ideal time is before you take a bath, in the morning.

Dry brushing in the morning can leave you energized. The same happens every time you repeat it. This is why you should NOT use the dry brush closer to bedtime. Use it in the evening but no at night.

You need to brush for a good 10-20 minutes or longer if you can endure. The longer the session, merrier it is. Dry brush the body all over, chest, back, hands, legs and even the soles. This is NOT for face, private parts, or any sensitive areas such as varicose veins.

You can use Purest Palm body brush, daily. It is suitable to use once or twice every day. Though many people prefer it once or twice a day, this can be used daily, if you want.

Do not worry as the skin might look pink or even redder at the end of the brushing session. Finish the session with a warm bath and loads of moisturizer during and after the bath.

NEVER forget to clean the brush after each use. Wash the brush in warm water and a little of mild soap or shampoo and let it dry.

Earth Therapeutics Purest Palm body brush for sale

Earth Therapeutics Purest Palm body brush is available for sale in many online stores. This is one of the comfortable dry brushes that lasts longer and also does not cost much. On Amazon, it is available as single packs and also in packs of 2 brushes in it. The dual pack is highly economical.

Bottom Line

Earth Therapeutics Purest Palm body brush can be used as part of the everyday beauty regime or as part of the treatment for any disease or discomfort. It works in both manners. It will definitely make the health better. One can feel the energy and improvement every single day that they use it. Try it to believe it!