Are you suffering from migraines with visual sensitivity issues? Then you are definitely going to benefit from this Axon Optics anti migraine glasses. These migraine glasses are special glasses with precision tinted lenses. It can lower the discomfort experienced by migraine sufferers by minimizing the amount of painful light entering the eye.

About Axon Optics anti migraine glasses

These Axon Optics anti migraine glasses are precision tinted, beautifully designed eyewear that works to filter out the harmful light that triggers migraines, eyestrain, headaches and other major conditions.

Axon Optics Tinted Migraine Glasses & Lenses

Read on to know more about this Axon Optics anti migraine glasses. Check out its reviews, types, benefits and other major details…

Axon Optics anti migraine glasses benefits

Firstly, protects your eyes against light sensitivity.

  • Studies have proven that they are effective at managing migraine pain.
  • They work both outdoors and indoors.
  • Comes in fashionable frames to suit any style.
  • Reduces a headache, migraine frequency, and intensity.
  • Lowers stress and anxiety by calming down the light sensitivity.
  • Equally, reduces glare from bright lights.

Features of Axon Optics FL-41 tinted anti migraine glasses

These FL-41 tinted anti migraine glasses are specially designed rose-colored light filter lens to provide relief from migraines, headaches and general light sensitivity. The FL-41 spectra shield lenses work by blocking the light that is known to exacerbate migraines. This allows the users to enjoy maximum time outdoors and be around the bright lights (without suffering any migraine attacks).

  • Works as a natural migraine treatment – Usually, most of the migraine sufferers take preventive measures for treating their migraine concerns. Sometimes, these medications might lead them to worst effects like headaches. However, Axon’s FL-41 tinted anti migraine glasses are one of the most effective methods for people with light sensitivity.
  • Tinted Lenses involves multiple applications – People who have used these glasses have found that FL-41 tinted glasses works for sunlight, bright light, and fluorescent lights.
  • Good for everyday use – FL-41 tinted glasses can be used every day, there is no restriction in wearing them. You can use them at the onset of eye pain or during a migraine attack. Overall this is natural, the non-medical solution to prevent the risk of migraines and headaches.

Types of Axon Optics anti migraine glasses

These Axon FL-41 tinted anti migraine glasses are available in different models. Few of them include:


  • These Axon Jura lenses help people with conditions associated with photophobia such as a migraine and blepharospasm.
  • It comes in both indoor and outdoor lenses with standard UVA and UVB protection.
  • These glasses are ideal for television, computer, smartphone, electronic use, for visiting buildings with bright, broken, fluorescent and irritating light patterns.
  • Equally anti-smudge, anti-moisture and anti-scratch in nature.
  • Affords general light sensitivity relief.
  • Jura is designed in a classic unisex style frame with a lightweight frame and spring hinges.
  • Available in three colors namely brown, red and black.
  • Size: Small to large (54-17-140).
  • The frame is 125 millimeters wide from hinge to hinge and weights about 21g/.74oz. Similarly, it is a good fit for most of the adult faces.
  • Can be worn as much or as little as desired. There’s no personal level of light sensitivity or responsiveness to this treatment.

Jura reviews

Overall this product has received 4 stars out of 5 stars. Further, mentioned below are some honest user reviews for your reference. Just have a look…

  • “I was looking for some indoor glasses and that’s where I came across this Axon Jura anti-migraine glasses. It really works well for me. My headaches have now decreased after wearing them every day. Besides, I am able to work all day without any cats, gloomy light or my computer bothering me…”
  • “Planning to use them during allergy seasons.”
  • “It’s lightweight, comfortable and works well for chronic migraines. But, I prefer to use them in the lighter shades, mainly because of its tint and frame style.”
  • “5 stars! They are so helpful with my headaches.”


  • Maddi is a perfect style for every woman, as it is more feminine in size and shape.
  • Helps relieve migraine attacks.
  • The lightweight frame comes with large lenses and a strong curvature so that the peripheral light is kept to a minimum.
  • Works both as an indoor frame as well as sunglasses frame.
  • Above all, the silicone nose pads and the forgiving arms are something which makes this frame feel comfortable.
  • Available in a medium frame size 57-18-128
  • Weighs about 23 g/.80 oz.

Maddi reviews

The customers who have used this Maddi frame and lens are quite happy with the positive results obtained. Hence, they have rated this FL-41 tinted anti migraine glasses with 5/5 stars.

  • “I recently purchased this Maddi anti-migraine glass and it has given a very positive impact on my eyes. Generally, my eyes get relaxed as soon as I put them on. Thank you, Axon, for making this wonderful product.”
  • “These glasses are great as it allows me to work both indoors and outdoors without any pain. I just love them.”
  • “I could find a big difference in my migraines after using them. Really, I am very lucky that I found Axon Optics. All thanks go to Axon.”

Art Deco Curve

  • This Art Deco Curve is a funky custom frame that works to block the light spectrum, shown to trigger migraines.
  • It is designed in a Greek Pottery-style pattern, with little white crystals and vibrantly colored plastics.
  • Made using finest European materials
  • Comes with some curvature for better peripheral light coverage, opaque details to prevent glare and multiple colors.
  • Involves both indoor and outdoor usage.
  • Available in different colors like red, black and tortoise.
  • The red frame is 53-17-140. While the black and tortoise frames are 53-18-145.
  • Weighs about 36 g/1.27 oz.

Art Deco Curve reviews

Overall these Art Deco lenses have received 4.5 stars out of 5. You could find only positive reviews mentioned for this product. Nothing else than that…

  • “It’s working for me. I wear them every night at work and am feeling better thinking that it has dropped my migraines to a greater extent.”
  • “Overall awesome for light sensitivity and they look cute and stylish. I have received many good comments on wearing these Art Deco glasses.”
  • “Exactly works as promised.”
  • “I never taught that it could be so wonderful at work. I have ordered another pair of prescription lenses for my sister.”
  • “Really I am in love with these glasses. It’s definitely a sound investment and works better than expected.”


  • Dalliance is really crisp, clean and bold. It is a part of the Greek frame collections that are handmade with the finest European materials.
  • It comes in a colorful, stylish cat-eye frame, which provides good light coverage.
  • Equally, options include a premium multilayer coating that reduces moisture, glare, and smudges.
  • Affords migraine relief and light sensitivity.
  • This frame will work for almost all the faces (i.e Medium, Large or Wide).
  • Available in both black and pink colors.
  • Weighs about 62g/.88 oz.

Dalliance reviews

Overall, this product has received 4.5 stars out of 5 on Axon Optics and 4.2 stars out of 5 on Amazon.

  • “I love them a lot. They look pretty and has improved the quality of my life. But I recommend you wear them all the time. Not just when a migraine comes…”
  • “Must say, this is a vestibular migraine relief. I purchased them directly from Amazon and use them while sitting on the computer, driving, watching TV or in stores. Overall, it helps me with light sensitivity. So, try them and you will never feel sorry.”
  • “Awesome product! It looks wonderful and I wear them every day in the office. Seriously, they help me with the glare of my computer lights.”
  • “I have photophobia and these glasses helped me in tolerating bright, artificial lights.”

Flex Curve

  • These glasses are lightweight with no pressure points
  • It looks simple, attractive and comes in a large unisex frame with Axon’s therapeutic FL-41 lenses.
  • Made of titanium memory flex material.
  • Includes a premium multilayer coating that reduces smudges, glare, and moisture.
  • Equally, Flex Curve is light and bendable.
  • The wide curved lenses and the partially rimless frame are something which makes it a great choice for maximum possible visibility and decreased peripheral light.
  • Available in gunmetal color.
  • Size includes – adult large 56-20-135.
  • Weighs about 18 g/0.64 oz, without lenses this frame is just 0.12 ounces.

Flex Curve reviews

Overall, these glasses have been rated 4.5 stars out of 5.

  • “These magical pink glasses are really superb at reducing migraines. On the recommendation of our eye doctor, my son started using these glasses about a year ago. It has helped him in reducing the migraine troubles. Besides, it looks very stylish and he feels more comfortable with wearing them.”
  • “According to me, it’s a perfect stylish tool and I wear them daily for reducing the migraine attacks.”
  • “It’s worth every spent amount. I think they are helpful at preventing migraines.”
  • “Flex Curve has saved our lives. Now my husband and daughter don’t have to live in a cave anymore.”
  • “I like these glasses very much. Thus, I am extremely thankful to the manufacturers of this product.”
  • “Works awesome. Nothing much to express…”

Where to buy these Axon Optics anti migraine glasses? – Axon Optics anti migraine glasses for sale

These Axon Optics anti migraine glasses are available for sale online. It’s best to get them from its official website at You can buy them at an affordable rate with many discounts and special promo and coupon offers. They are widely used by visual development centers, neuro-ophthalmologists, optical shops, migraine and headache specialists and many other places. Further, you may visit their concerned website for more information on these products and other major details.

Axon Optics anti migraine glasses Amazon

Yes, these Axon FL-41 tinted anti migraine glasses are available at third party users like Amazon. They are available at a cheaper price and also you can look into many reviews mentioned at their site. So, you could make a right decision in choosing these glasses for migraine relief.

Discount, Coupon and Promo offers

Axon Optics is a high-tech startup company formed by the neuro-ophthalmologist and photonics researchers. All their products have proven effective in 90% of cases, for people who are suffering from light sensitivity. Axon Optics offers 10% on all the glasses using their coupon or promo codes. Besides, you can avail $25 off on initial sign up for Axon Optics emails, get free shipping on all the domestic orders and $7 off on International shipping orders. So, keep checking this site and try not to miss any offers.

Frequently asked questions

Will these FL-41 tinted anti migraine glasses produce any bad effect on my eyes?

No, these Axon FL-41 tinted glasses are absolutely safe to wear. It acts as a migraine relief and won’t give any negative impressions on your eyes. However, you will find only positive reviews mentioned for these glasses from its users. Further, you can go through many useful testimonials mentioned at different sites.

Are these products shipped internationally?

Yes, all these Axon glasses are shipped internationally using the USPS delivery system. Just note that international shipping times and possible import duties vary from country to country.

What is the return policy of Axon Optics?

Axon Optics offers a generous return policy on all their non-prescription lenses and frames. Thus, if you are not happy with these glasses then you may return them at the earliest. There’s a 30-day return policy available on all the items of Axon Optics.

Which are the different modes of payment available for these anti migraine glasses?

Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal are some of the different modes of payment available at Axon Optics.

I have some doubts to be answered so how to contact the

Well, it’s quite easy. For fastest service, it’s good to contact via email at – or you can call at 779-379-AXON. Just leave a message, mentioning your name, phone number and a brief description of your question. Their customer representative will definitely speak to you within a week.


In conclusion, these tinted lenses and frames are a great option for treating migraines and other light sensitive conditions. Get them today itself and note the difference for yourselves. You will be really amazed by the results obtained on its regular wearing…

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