Pheromones are naturally occurring chemicals that subconsciously cause certain behaviors or reactions in humans. These chemicals act as a messenger. They are invisible, odorless genetic calling cards responsible for a variety of different purposes. They can act as sexual attractants, social lubricants, trust enhancers, confidence boosters, and much more.

There are many different human pheromone chemicals which are all usually gender specific. This means, a formula of different pheromone chemicals must be crafted carefully so as to cause sexual arousal, for instance, in the right sex, which they are meant to attract. Scientific research shows our reactions to pheromones to be predictable, and capable of duplication. Pheromones are perhaps the most important indicator of human attractiveness. Hence, you will find a large variety of pheromone products on the market. People use synthetic Pheromones to attract the opposite or same sex people. Alpha Dream is a pioneer in producing pheromones products for both men and women. This article includes the Alpha Dream Top 5 Pheromones For Women.

About Alpha Dream Phermones

Alpha Dream is a leading company in offering a fantastic lineup of products containing pheromones. They have elevated the complexity & power of pheromones. It has engineered handmade products in small batches one at a time that has stood the test of time.

The company is also well-known for creating some of the most innovative formulas currently on the market. It believes in offering quality products and has been manufacturing pheromone chemicals since 2005. Based in Orangevale, California, United States, the exclusive pheromone formulas are developed under the leadership of Chris Schraud, C.E.O.

Their product line includes the most powerful and the most advanced colognes and perfumes which all have proven scientific evidence displayed on its website. The company believes in doing a family style company, where customer service and exclusive high-quality products remain at the center.

About Alpha Dream Pheromones Products Features

All Alpha Dream signature blends are one of its kinds. These products have many unique attributes as mentioned below

  • Technology – These products infused with the finest synthetic ingredients and the most powerful human pheromone technology available. Alpha Dream uses licensed and exclusive technology in their products, which are unique and unavailable in any other pheromone products on the market.
  • Research and development – Alpha Dream licensed technology is driven by a severe focus on research and development. 15% of its sales volume is dedicated to funding new research and development. They are constantly working on to advance the current understanding of human pheromone technology.
  • Best Pheromones – All their products include the highest concentrations of pheromones available commercially. They include between 6-10 distinct pheromone chemicals, which are far better.
  • High Quality and Purity – Their product-line is not only superior in terms of concentration, diversity, and technology, but also in purity and quality of components. The company constantly tests all their manufacturing ingredients and uses only the highest purity pheromone components.
  • Choose your scent – All products are available in Unscented, under the rose, tangerine dream, and jasmine nights

Other Features

  • Contains: 1.2 fl oz (36 mL) per bottle
  • Applications: 230 sprays per bottle
  • Enclosure: Italian designer glass bottle
  • Base ingredient: Cyclomethicone, alcohol [4:1]

Alpha Dream Top 5 Pheromones For Women

Alfa Donna

This Women To Men “Alpha Woman” pheromone formula is designed for the “Bad Girl”. This quintessential “Alpha Women” formula attracts men and makes you irresistible. This also makes you very aggressive, confident, unapologetically daring, and very sexy.

Alfa Donna Benefits

  • It is most suitable for energetic women who wish to leave men pleading for her.
  • It enriches your natural pheromone signature with synthetic pheromones. These synthetic pheromones are far more powerful than nature.
  • During close proximity to males, all its pheromones will empower an extremely magnetic aura about you.
  • All men near you will be spellbound by how they feel around you.
  • Currently, avail the benefit of sale price – $59.50

Pheromone content

  • Contains 5 components
  • Contains 17.4 mg per bottle
  • Copulin content per bottle is ~28mg
  • Included are 4 unique pheromones


Decamethylcyclopentasiloxane, ultra-low viscosity dimethylpolysiloxane, Anhydrous Ethanol, human copulins, estratetraenol, dehydroepiandrosterone sodium sulfate, androstenone, epiandrosterone, beta-androstenol and (trace) tetrahydro deoxycorticosterone.


Alpha Dream Achar is a woman to men, “Good Girl” pheromone elixir of love. It is designed for those ladies, who are looking for that special guy. This enchanting product is the best used as long-term relationship love potion.

Achar Benefits

  • It is best suited for younger women who are looking for their soulmate.
  • Achar is for women who are looking for a man who will be sweet and hold them steady.
  • It is of best use for woman seeking for security, commitment, and true love in a man
  • Also, you can try Achar to keep the home fires burning.
  • Currently, avail the benefit of sale price $54.50

Pheromone content

  • Contains 6 components
  • Contains 13.5 mg per bottle:
  • Copulin content per bottle is ~20mg
  • Contains 3 unique pheromones


Cyclomethicone, Dimethicone, Anhydrous Ethanol, human copulins, estratetraenol, alpha-androstenol, beta-androstenol, androstenone, dehydroepiandrosterone sodium sulfate and dehydroisoandrosterone.

Alpha Dream Charme

An alpha Dream Charme woman to men formula is for women in 40s. Happiness comes with experience and this is the most well-rounded pheromone formula for women in forties. This formula combines pheromones that promote both long-term relationships and short term sensuality. It comes with added elements to give women a more youthful aura.

Charme Benefits

  • It is best suitable for an older woman who desires to attract younger men.
  • Wearing this formula will make younger men find older women irresistible.
  • This fountain of youth is the most powerful pheromone to make you more confident and self-assured
  • Currently, it’s on sale price is $69.50

Pheromone content

  • Contains 7 components
  • Contains 21.35 mg per bottle:
  • Copulin content per bottle is ~20mg
  • Contains 5 unique pheromones


Decamethylcyclopentasiloxane, ultra-low viscosity dimethylpolysiloxane, Anhydrous Ethanol, human copulins, estratetraenol, alpha-androstenol, dehydroepiandrosterone sodium sulfate, phenylandrosten-3a-ol, androstenone, dehydroisoandrosterone and beta-androstenol

Donna Amore

This Alpha Dream Donna Amore is Women to Women formula for homosexual. This exclusive pheromone formula is for women only.

Dream Donna Amore Benefits

  • Donna Amore “girl-girl” formula is designed to evoke emotion and bolster intimacy among women.
  • This formula contains advanced synthetic pheromones to promote women to women intimacy. It also promotes feelings in the kin ship and heightened sensuality.
  • On Sale price for this formula is $54.50

Pheromone content

  • Contains 4 components
  • Contains 16 mg per bottle:
  • Copulin content per bottle is ~25mg
  • Contains 3 unique pheromones


Decamethylcyclopentasiloxane, ultra-low viscosity dimethylpolysiloxane, Anhydrous Ethanol, human copulins, alpha-androstenol, estratetraenol, dehydroepiandrosterone sodium sulfate and androstenone.

Alpha Dream Glace

Alpha Dream Glace is a unisex social enhancer to boost your social status. Everyone needs to be accepted, well liked and connected. If you are shy or lack confidence or want to enhance sociability, Glace can help. It allows you to break your barriers and bring out the best in yourself. It also helps make your presence felt in public. Current sale price $39.50.

Pheromone content – It contains 6 components and 18 mg per bottle content

Composition – Decamethylcyclopentasiloxane, ultra-low viscosity dimethylpolysiloxane, Anhydrous Ethanol, Alpha-androstenol, Beta-androstanol (Molecule “A”), Beta-androstenol, Estratetraenol, DHEAS, and Androstenone.

Alpha Dream Pheromones For Women – How To Use?

Apply pheromones as similar to using any cologne or perfume. For all Alpha Dream Pheromones products for women, you can apply 3 or more sprays. Spray the product to clean skin on major pulse-points such as the neck, or the underside of your wrists. Spraying on these areas of skin will generate the most heat. Plus it will enhance the performance of the formulas. Please note that Pheromones are for external use only.

You can notice the best performance of the formula amongst persons within a 10 ft radius. Alpha Dream Pheromones will begin to affect the behavior of other people within 7 seconds post exposure. However, the full effects will take hold within 30 to 60 seconds. After application, Pheromones effects may last for up to 6 hours.

Alpha Dream Pheromones For Women – Return Policy and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

All Pheromones products For Women comes with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. In the case, if you are not satisfied with your product for any reason, you may return or exchange your purchase. You can exchange it for a different formula, or return it for a full refund of the purchase price, within 90 days of the purchase date.

Top 5 Pheromones For Women – Where To Buy?

The best place to buy Alpha Dream Pheromones For Women is from their official website This is because, you can avail the benefit of sale, best discounts, Alpha Dream Coupon codes, special offer, genuine product and more.

Alpha Dream Pheromones For Women Customer Reviews

You will find various forums wherein several positive Alpha Dream Pheromones reviews are available. All products from Alpha Dream are of high-quality. Their research and development team works hard to produce and use higher levels of pheromones than other products on the market. Pheromone chemicals used in all products are synthetic, developed in laboratory settings.

Most women found that the product works best for 3 or more sprays. However, some complain that it won’t last for
more than 4 hours. But, these products do help to boost confidence, appear more attractive and smell the best.


All the above mentioned Alpha Dream Top 5 Pheromones For Women contains typical and sophisticated high-end pheromone for women of all age group.  Backed by 100% money back guarantee for 90 days, it is a must try. Be irresistible with Alpha Dream